15 Best Budget-Friendly Himalayan Trek

Here are 15 budget-friendly treks for you to embark on such a journey and to explore the rich flora and fauna along with taking “me time”. Plan for these exclusive budget-friendly treks and enjoy the laps of the Himalayan range. 

  1. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is a hiking destination that has its base camp at Garhwal in sank, it presents you with a view of about 13 peaks of the Himalayas. Located at an altitude of 12500ft above sea level, the entire trek is about 20 km and is ranked as a moderately easy trek. The best time to go for this trek is during the peak of winter,  when the entire place is covered with shimmering white snow, enchanting its beauty to the next level. The trek unfolds its hidden beauties as you hike up through the snow-laden pine forest. The 360° view of the summit is just jaw-dropping and you get to witness the grand Himalayas from the peak. This trek is beginner-friendly. Any beginners and novice trekkers can take up this eye-pleasing trek.


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  1. Sandakphu Trek

Being a  famous trek among all mountaineers, the Sandakphu trek is rated as a moderately difficult trail. Raised to an altitude of 11,929ft on the singalila ridge, this trek can be taken around two times in a year, both times will leave you mesmerized with unique experiences. This trail is located in Darjeeling along with the Bengal- Nepal border, having its peak in Ilam.

While on the trek, you’ll cross some seasonal wildflowers, forests, rhododendrons, and magnolias. You’ll also get to witness the peaks of Everest,  Kanchenjunga,  Lhotse, and Makalu all from the top of the sandakphu summit.

  1. Valley of Flowers Trek

Famous for its rioting colorful blooming flowers,  trek to the valley is a budget-friendly trek. Located at about 15000ft above sea level, this trek is marked as an easy to moderate level trek, and also beginner-friendly. This range is located near the western region of Uttarakhand and also 20km northwest of the Nanda Devi national park. 

This trail takes you through the path filled with wildflowers like sedans, lilies, poppy, daisies, geranium, and petunia.  trekking during the months of July and August offers you the best experience in that monsoon time. Along the enchanting hemkund lake lies at an altitude of 4300m and has a river meddling through the middle of the valley with snow-covered mountains on the slides and the flowers spreading in between. 

  1. Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Having a maximum elevation of 4000 mts above sea level, this trek is ranked as one of the easiest treks and a beginner-friendly trek. A mere walk of some km will take up the trail, however, the climb to Chandrashila peak from the shrine can test your legs. This trek can be taken during the months of April-June and from October-December, but the snowfalls make it a little tricky.  This trek can be taken from Haridwar or ultimate.  Chandrashila means moon rock and many mythological stories revolve around this. This trek will present you with a  panoramic view of the great Himalayas, Along with that, you’ll also get to see the Nanda Devi Kedarnath, nilkanth, and panchachuli.  This trek will give you pure bliss and stunning views. 

  1. Kheerganga Trek 

Raised at an altitude of almost 10000 ft, Kheerganga has its base camp at barshaini. It has 2-3 ways to hike up to the peak but most people prefer the way through Nathan village. The locals believe that Lord Shiva’s son Shanmugan meditated here for almost 1000s of years.  Camping at the top of Parvati valley under the starlit sky is a sample of inner peace. this trek can be taken up anytime during the year, but winters make it a little thrilling to fulfill the expectations of a tremendous trekking experience. 

Walking up the forests, along the beach rivers, you’ll pass various waterfalls and shrines.  Once reaching the top.

you’ll be gifted with a tremendous view of the great Himalayas along with the bath in the Parvati kund

  1. Petals Trek

Raised to  13,846 feet high above sea level in Solang Valley, Manali, this Trek is a moderately difficult trekking experience.

Having its base camp at Solang Nallah near Manali it goes through the Alpine grasslands to narrow ridges and then to the moraine paths and finally through the densely packed oak and Pine forest. On the way to the peak, you will come across birds and some spot species like Monals and pheasants.

At the peak, you will be astonished by the panoramic view of the Kullu valley and the peaks of Hanuman Tibba and Friendship Peak towering above all other peaks. This trek surpasses all your expectations.

  1. Triund Trek

Having its base camp at  McLeodGanj this trek is considered one of the easiest treks. Located at an altitude of 9760 feet above sea level this trek is popular amongst novice trekkers. With its stunning views of dhauladhar range on one side and  Kangra valley on the other side, climbing up the mesmerizing trail hardly takes 3-4 hours for beginners. comfortable terrains and the high ranges welcome you. On climbing up you’ll pass the bags nag waterfall from where the trail gets steeper. The sun going down behind the mountains and rising up again from behind is a  view  which can’t be missed out. 

  1. Kareri Lake Trek 

The trek states a moderate level of difficulty, the karri lake trek starts from Dharamsala.  It takes you to the glacial karri lake, formed by the water running down the minkiani peak. It will take a 25kms walk from Dharamshala to Kareri village and an extra 6 more km to Liyoti village for a night stay. Early the next day you’ll go through the densely packed forests and then climb the step that accents along the kareri nallah and nyund nallah. from there you will go through the Alpine fields, wooden bridges, and cross rivulets to reach the Karachi lake in minkiani pass. In absolute emptiness and silence, the lake reflects its beauty with an ancient Shiva shrine beside it.

  1. Dayara Bugyal Trek

Having a difficulty level of easy to moderate, this trek is located in the region of Raithal, daycare bugyal trek is a lovely and easy climbing experience. The place is filled with an abundance of Snow that relaxes your eyes. Flaunting its Meadows with shimmering  white snow it stands tall, bold, and flawless. 

This trek is tireless and completely beginners and family-friendly.

  1. Brahmatal Trek 

Having its camp in Raithal, this trekking experience is marked  as easy to moderate.  The breathtaking view of  Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda unit will make you feel motionless. Most of the trekkers rave about this snowy experience from the trek. Though It is claimed to be easy it also tests you physically with some of its good climbs.

  1. Har Ki Dun Trek

Having its base camp situated at Sankara, a mythical story revolves around the trail where it is believed that this is the  path that Pandavas followed in their way to heaven according to the Mahabharata. Har ki dun literally means the “valley of gods’, thus giving it a sacred feel. While going through this trial, you’ll get to witness the swargarohini, Bandar Poonch, and black peak altogether. 

  1. Kuari Pass Trek

Located next to the mount. Nanda devi, kuari pass trek has its base camp at auli. This striking trek is located in the most remarkable regions of Garhwal. It  also presents you with the view of mount Nanda Devi, which redefines the meaning of grandeur. 

  1. Tarsar Marsar Trek

Based in Aru, this trek  goes on to  your bucket list without any second thought, not just because it presents you with the  mesmerizing experience of camping right beside the three alpine lakes but it’s also Kashmir. One way up the trail is not enough to feel filled. 

  1. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Breaking the image of honeymooners roaming hand in hand through the roads in Manali, this  trek in Manali is a different level of delight. Located just 24 km away from the main town, it has its base camp in Guyana. Camping amidst the wilderness You get to witness the drastically changing scenery that will feel like you are in a totally different universe.

  1. Nag Tibba Trek

Rated as one of the easy to moderately difficult trek nag tibia starts from Dehradun. Resting at an altitude of almost 9914ft this trek offers you an apt amount of thrill. Hiking up and down the trail will take you through different landscapes. You will also get to walk through the densely packed forests,  ridges, and more. This trek is a beginner-friendly and less crowded trek compared to the other treks. It also offers you the best sunset view amongst the snow-capped mountains. 

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