All you need to know about kodachadri trek

Located in the western Ghats and in the district of Shimoga, Kodachadri is home to lush green jungle paths through dense rainforests, scenic waterfalls, and stunning scenery. The Moola Mookambique Temple, thought to be the original place of Goddess Mookambique, also provides a wonderful backdrop amid the Mookambique Wildlife Sanctuary. A glimpse of the evening sunset in the Arab Sea from its height is a pleasant experience, with a mix of a few summits in the country, mountain, and ocean. In addition to a lot of others, it consists of three trails to the summit. The most popular and the most arduous one is via Sampekatte or Marakuttaka, the Hidlumane Falls. This is a quite steep and difficult track, where you may go through deep woods, mild streams, and a very literal waterfall, which during peak monsoons becomes a whole new ball game. In spite of the efforts, the journey to the sky has been one of which you will remember and be glad, as you are taken to another world.

Kodachadri trek

Since time immemorial the splendor of the Kodachadri Trek in the heart of Mookambique’s National Park. The hill is nicknamed “The hills of the hills.” It is named after a blossoming plant. This is a picturesque summit covered by lush forest. It is the 10th highest peak in Karnataka with an altitude of 1,343m above sea level. One of the lovely pinnacles in Karnataka Mountain is Kodachadri Peak. It lies at an altitude of approximately 1,343 (4,406 ft.) meters above sea level in the west of Shimoga district. It is also known by the Karnataka government as a natural heritage site. Kodachadri Trek 13 KMs offers the necessary adrenaline rush and the ultimate view of the backwaters of the Sharavathi, luxurious green waddling areas, a jeep path, and dense forest. If you’re fortunate enough, you can see the breathtaking view from Kodachadri to the Arabic sea horizon. In the indigenous language of Karnataka, the exact meaning of Kodachadri is “Jasmine of Hills.” The square is well renowned for the many cascades and peaks and is one of the most prestigious waterfalls – “Hildumane Falls” in the middle of the Kodachadri Trek valley. When you bathe in this lovely waterfall, all tension and fatigue are washed away. Here you can see double Rainbow if you are lucky.

Best time to reach Kodachadri

The Kodachadri Tour may be done throughout the year and has its unique appeal every season. But the monsoon or the post-monsoon season is favored since the scenery here is extremely lush. But heavy rains and unpredictable Kodachadri weather can make it considerably more difficult to traverse the waterfalls and trekking is relatively difficult here. Kodachadri Trek, declared a heritage site by the Karnataka government, is one of India’s top treks to go. You must be aware of the optimal time to visit Karnataka for a soul-friendly trekking experience. The optimum months to go on a journey are from September to January, according to trekkers who have already ascended the Kodachadr Mountain top. The magnificence of the Kodachadr mountain top in these months can be witnessed, from nice weather to the best in flora and fauna.

Places to visit in Kodachadri

Kodachadri Trek is famous for its spacious, luxuriant green slopes. The mountains are covered with exuberant foliage and extend to the eye. The meadows with the woodland of Shola emerge at an altitude of 5735 feet on the Kodachadri Trek. The Humane Waterfall is made up of a cascade or a sequence of seven waterfalls. The gushing falls, which you see over your head, are a wondering sight and something you can’t experience during other walks. You can see other pilgrims and visitors arriving at the Kodachadri Summit, save for hikers. The Goddess Mookambique was built of stones, and the demon Mookasura is reported to have fought and killed. At the top, in the morning and evening, the temple is typically covered with fog and nebula. The Kodachadri walk will lead you through some of Western Ghat’s lush Shola forests. A spectacular experience for every walker who wants to go through the heavy canopy of a forest and the correct exposure.

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