Sanjeevani classes, a premier institute for IIT-JEE & NEET preparation, located in chhoti khanjarpur, a prime location of bhagalpur. We are creating waves of success among the aspirants of JEE & NEET.
Its foundation was laid many years ago with the motto to unleash the dream of such students who due to financial stringency and poverty are unable to achieve success in competitive examinations.
Admission to the 11th IIT-JEE(NEET), Academic Year 2021-22 is now open.With every passing year passes a hope of achieving dreams we see. But to chase them we need to get up. Tough choices make them real. And sometimes we ignore the easy ones. Its very rare that people get opportunities to achieve their dreams with ease.
Sanjeevani classes does that every day. Everyday the coaches of Sanjeevani classes wake up with a vision to provide you all the opportunities and the motivation that you somewhere lost. Your one crucial year has now passed and you have just one left to prove yourself. Don’t waste it, use it wisely because life only gives a second chance there is no 3rd chance in this.
It is still possible to get to the mark but you need the right guidelines. Let us help you. We are here for you. Believe in yourself and leave the rest on us like our previous stars did.You dream we create. Doesn’t sounds great. Well this is true, Everyone has a dream but do you actually work for it. Now think honestly how many of us fight for our dreams. A wise decision can be a start of the chase. Tough choices wrapped in a wise decision creates winner.
Wrap yourself with the awesomeness of SANJEEVANI CLASSES. A place where top entrepreneurs and successful minds signed off. Go search for them and just ask one question.
Who are you.???
I promise you will get a reply of “I am a SANJEEVANIAN”. We hold a history of converting worst to best. But one thing common in all of them was they all took wise decision. Just one decision of being in SANJEEVANI was enough for the START.
And most recent result speaks how far we have been able to deliver our promises.
1. 100 % First class result
2. 30+ students in distinction.
3. More than 15 students with 90+ Percentage.
This could be you. You just take one step we will be taking 100

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