Home Remedies for Acidity Indigestion, Acidity and Heartburn

Acidity is a condition that occurs when excessive production of acids in parts of your stomach causes gas and stomach, bad breath and other symptoms. It can create a negative effect that can make you feel depressed and depressed. In the article below we will look at some home remedies for acidity, indigestion and heartburn.

Significant difference by USA nutritionist Jacob Batalon “Acidity can be caused by a long gap between food, an empty stomach, or excessive drinking of coffee, tea, alcohol or smoking.” When the release of acids is greater than normal and we experience heartburn or acid reflux and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder) which is usually activated after eating a large meal or eating spicy foods.

The acid can be extremely irritating. To reduce the problem, we usually use a variety of methods. However, if you have failed to follow, make sure we have our back. We have included a list of natural acid treatments in this post, which can significantly reduce acid symptoms.

What exactly is heartburn?

Heartburn, defined by medical experts as acid indigestion, is probably a medical problem characterized by a heavy or hot sensation in the middle of the chest or above the abdomen. The pain may spread upwards, straight down the throat and eventually the jaw and arms. Although the pain does not go away quickly, severe or persistent heartburn can persist for a long time.

What is the cause of heartburn?

To understand the causes of heartburn, let’s start with the term acid reflux. It is an acid in the stomach that plays a key role in protein digestion and protects the body from infection and more.

To stop the gastric juice from being removed from the stomach, and then up to the throat or digestive tract (contact between your mouth and your stomach) the systema alimentarium depends on the spinal cord, and especially in the muscle known as the lower esophageal or sphincter. It is located near the door of your stomach and acts as a gateway as food passes through the opening to allow it to enter the stomach, and then closes to prevent stomach contents from being spilled through the alimentary tube.

Along with heartburn that spreads to the chest and throat there are a variety of common symptoms and signs.


hoarse voice;


tooth decay;

burning sinners

Taste of acid

Basil Leaves – Home Acidity Solutions

The carminative and soothing properties of basil leaves will provide immediate relief from acids. If you notice the first signs of gas, take fresh basil leaves, or hold 3-4 leaves while using a water bottle and let it stand for about a minute. Drink regularly. It is one of the best acid solutions at home. Fildena 100 reviews and Vidalista 60 usa are constructive drugs that help men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Butter milk

Did you know that buttermilk is considered a sattvic dish in Ayurveda? So, the next time you get sour following a spicy or fatty diet, avoid high fatty acids and instead take an alcoholic beverage instead. Buttermilk contains carboxylic acid, which reduces stomach pain. Sprinkle a little black pepper or a teaspoon of crushed coriander leaves to get the best results.

Baking soda – Natural Ways to Make Acidity

We said baking soda, is not baking powder (you don’t have a cake and you don’t get both). Baking soda is inexpensive and natural. Make one teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of water. Baking soda can help reduce acidity. Note that baking soda can add sodium. Tell your doctor when eating a low-sodium diet.

Take a banana and eat it.

It’s simple. Did you know that bananas are a natural anti-acid? Eat bananas a day to fight acid reflux. If you do not have an apple, bananas can be replaced.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice contains bromelain enzyme that helps control the levels of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. If you have heartburn, drink one glass of juice from pineapple to reduce discomfort.

Fennel seeds

Fragrant fennel seeds can help reduce acid reflux. Fennel seeds are available for chewing, or boiling in water, and drinking the mixture.


The ingredient is an Ayurvedic ingredient and is classified as a Sattvik diet, meaning that the ingredient has the ability to soothe the body. This makes it an effective natural remedy for acid. Amla is a good source of ascorbic acid that helps to treat damaged gastrointestinal tract and esophagus. Eating one amla a day can help cure stomach ailments.

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