How to promote your business on Facebook

Facebook is today the most popular social network in the world. More than 1.5 billion users use it every month, for an average usage time of 20 minutes per day.

With the constant evolution of the platform and the influx of news published on Facebook Profiles and Business Pages, it is clear that posts on Business Pages are less and less seen by people who like these pages. This forces organizations that want to gain more visibility to use paid advertising on Facebook, or to use other strategies.

Did you know that there is an effective and very inexpensive way to promote your organization on Facebook?

It’s about sharing your posts in Facebook groups and it’s free! On the other hand, this means must be used in accordance with a Publication Plan previously defined according to your business objectives and your target clienteles, which must be executed according to good practices. The most interesting benefit to take from using this method is the increase in the organic reach of your news, allowing your organization to increase its visibility.

What is organic promotion?

Organic promotion refers to news feed posts that are automatically generated when users perform actions on your Facebook Page or its posts. For example, when someone likes one of your Page posts, their friends can see it as news in their own news feed. Of course, you can expand the spread of this news through ads, but also by sharing your Page’s posts in Facebook Groups.

To use this method, here is the information you’ll need

Distinguish personal profile from business page

First, it’s important to understand the difference between your Personal Profile and a Facebook Business Page. It may sound simple, but it is important to understand this distinction.

Personal profile

The first step to using Facebook is to create an account. This account allows you to create your Personal Profile (your photo and personal information) and make posts that appear on your news feed and can be seen by your friends on their own news feed depending on the audience you have chosen. By default, it is in Publicmode, which means that everyone can see it.

Your Personal Profile allows you to share posts in Facebook groups.

Business page

Business Pages allow companies, organizations, and brands to share their news and communicate with people. As with profiles, you can customize Pages by posting news, hosting events, adding apps, and so on. People who love your Page and their friends can see in their news feed what your Page posts. You can manage your Business Page from your personal profile.

A Page doesn’t allow you to share posts in Facebook groups on its own behalf.

Join Facebook groups

Once your Business Page and Personal Profile are completed, the next step is to select Facebook groups and become a member of them. Be sure to select groups with at least 1000 members that match your target audiences and read the group’s rules. To find Groups, search with the Facebook search tool by typing keywords related to the activity sectors that match the Group styles you are looking for.

What is very interesting is that group members are notified of any new publication on a Group,unless they have chosen to change their notification settings for that group.

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