Learn how to build your freelancing career step by step

The popularity of freelancing is growing in our country as well as around the world. According to a report published by PayPal in early 2016, the average annual income of freelancers in India is around Rs 20 lakh and 2 per cent of the freelancers participating in their survey have an annual income of Rs 30 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. It is estimated that by 2025, the market size of Indian freelancers will be between 2,000 billion and 3,000 billion.

The biggest advantage of freelancing is that you have your own boss here. You decide for yourself who you will work with or how much you will work with. No duty from 10am to 5pm, no crowd in the office every day, no overtime work to satisfy the boss.

But while seemingly simple and quite tempting, freelancing, like the other five businesses, has its own challenges, as well as uncertainties. However, the above statistics show that once the business is started, it is possible to earn more easily than many other full-time jobs in freelancing sitting at home.

How to get started as a new freelancer, or how to get your business up and running successfully? Here is a complete guide. Learn how to build your freelancing career step by step.

  1. Identify your area of ​​expertise:

The first step in starting a freelancing career is to accurately identify your areas of expertise. Your skills are your capital in this business, so having the right skills and training is the primary condition for success. Areas where freelancers are most in demand-

Graphic designing

Web development

  • App development

লেখা Content writing

  • Translation

Virtual support

  • Data penetration

Accounting and financial assistance

Press release and script writing

  • Video editing

If you have expertise in these multiple fields, work on all of those types of projects. However, don’t do everything at once, you can choose two or three fields.

  1. Understand the market:

It is possible to earn income only if you have the ability to meet the demand of the market. So after identifying areas or fields of expertise, you need to understand whether you are solving a problem with that skill, such as whether there is a suitable market for your skill. Whether companies hire freelancers based on these skills. No matter how skilled you are at something, you will never succeed if there is no demand in the market. As a result, your overall business plan will depend on the market.

  1. Take freelancing training if needed:

After identifying your skills areas, try looking at different projects based on those skills to see if your skills and experience are sufficient to complete those projects, if you think you need to learn more freelancing work then take training.

You can do any course online or take freelancing training from an established institution. Degrees and diplomas from reputable institutions increase the burden of biodata and facilitate freelancing work.

You can improve your skills by buying freelancing learning books, watching various videos on platforms like YouTube or UDME.

  1. Create a portfolio:

A smart and informative portfolio is very important in any freelancing business. On the one hand, there will be details about your educational qualifications, training, etc., as well as your work experience and sample. This portfolio needs to be updated regularly by adding a list of new notable experiences.

Nowadays it is possible to create a website for free and easily on various platforms like Weeks, Weebli etc. However, your own website may not be large enough in the beginning, in which case you may want to consider creating a website later. Gain some experience.

  1. Rate your service:

The decision of how much you will pay for your service is entirely yours, but it has to be realistic. You will determine the value of your service based on a good idea of ​​what the market value is.

It is true that you cannot pay too much in the beginning, as experience and skills increase, the quality of service should not be neglected. On the one hand, as you are being deprived of a fair price, the overall market price is also declining.

  1. Register in the online marketplace:

An easy and effective way to start working as a freelancer is to create a profile in the online marketplace. These freelancing marketplaces act as a bridge between freelancers and clients. The client posts with details of his needs, or contacts the freelancer directly.

In many cases, there is no cost to open a freelancing account or create a freelancing profile on these websites. These platforms deduct a portion of the remuneration when getting a job. In most cases, all the money is transacted through this platform, so there is a guarantee of getting money at the end of the work.

However, since these platforms deduct a portion of the fee, one should not rely on these websites on a long-term basis alone.

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