Payment Gateway UK Solution for Online Merchants

Non 3D Payment Gateways in UK has tremendously facilitated merchants to escalate their sale numbers. In a survey it was noted that approximately 70% of total transactions over online was with these gateways.

High-Risk Merchants are increasing in UK looking into the tremendous scope of business online. Merchants who are already having a business are gaining huge. With the advancement of the internet, doing business online has never been easier.

In industries that conduct business online, there has been a substantial uptick. E-commerce, forex trading, online gaming, and online gambling are just a few of the businesses that have seen tremendous growth in recent years.

This business would be no business if there were no Payment Gateways to transfer money online. They have facilitated merchants the power to accept amount for their high-risk business.

What are Payment Gateways UK?

A payment gateway is a piece of software that uses web servers to send money from one location to another. These are the locations where funds are transferred from the consumer’s account to the merchant’s account.

There are businesses or organizations that provide their services or products not only in their local area or country, but also around the world, and they may require the safest payment option. As a result, online payment gateways play a critical role in transferring funds from customers to merchant accounts.

Online Payment gateways act as a conduit for payment transactions between consumers and merchants. It collects payment credentials from a buyer’s credit and debit cards and frequently authenticates them in order to send payments to the merchant’s accounts. It removes the need for a physical location because transactions may be completed anywhere in the world.

In order to receive payments, merchants integrate payment gateways into their business websites, applications, or web stores.

Understanding the technology of Non-3D Payment Gateway UK

The whole environment of Payment service comprises of Acquirers as processors, consumers as payment makers and merchant account as settling or collection agent.

Now in this technology the security authentication like OTP, MPIN, and thumb Impression is skipped while other means of authentication like security questions at the time of setting up of accounts is already stored in the system.

Whenever the user makes the payment this gateway does not demand of authentication as this is already in the systems of Banks or Acquirers. They may be asked in the case of wrong credentials or replacement or updating of payee account.

The entered details during payment are passed on to processors through gateways where the amount is debited after cross check with user bank and settled to merchant account. This process is quick and safe as compared to other means.

Benefits of having Non-3D Payment Gateway UK

Online merchants primarily prefer offering their customers with 2D payment gateway. There are several benefits of having a Non-3D payment gateway which is listed below

  1. No Authentication: Does not require any authentication in order to process payment unlike 3D payment gateway that requires authentication before every payment
  2. Quicker to process: Due to the skip of the authentication process the procedure becomes simple and the amount is debited without any hassle. This hardly takes a minute to complete.
  3. Offer recurring cycles to consumers: It is comparatively easier to offer recurring billing of payments with Non-3D Payment Gateway
  4. Safer to use: It is comparatively safer with the security filter in the process.
  5. User-Friendly: Paying this way is a hassle-free experience for users which encourages them to repeat the payment and hence benefit merchants.

Non-3D Payment Gateway for High-Risk Merchants

High-Risk Merchants prefer using Non-3D payment gateway extensively with some of the most prominent reasons already discussed above.

There are various platforms or say businesses like gambling, casino, and gaming where the consumer becomes the active part of the game and requires a payment option that does not demand any authentication; the amount is debited as soon as the customer enters the user details.

The authentication for every transaction can sometimes annoy users as it may take too much time and the customer might change his mind to carry on with the game.

Almost every high-risk merchant encourage payment with Credit Cards so that he can offer recurring cycle without worrying much about the availability of funds as in the case of other payment methods

Processing back refunds to users in their accounts is easier for international customers.

Similarly, there are several other reasons why high-risk merchants always prefer prompting 2D payment gateway

Eskaypay 2D Payment Gateway for Popular Regions

Eskaypay has been marking its presence in various parts of the world that is why we also offer region specific payment gateways like 2D Payment Gateway Brazil, 2D Payment Gateway Ghana, 2D Payment Gateway Japanese, etc.

We always believed in expanding our services so that we can facilitate the merchants in order to grow or build their business with 2D Payment Gateway Brazil, 2D Payment Gateway Ghana, 2D Payment Gateway Japanese, etc.

These help merchants to accept online payment from International Customers over their high-risk business.


Non-3Ds payment gateways UK is specially designed payments gateways for enterprises of the United Kingdom. Capable of processing high volume transactions and with multicurrency support can escalate high-risk merchant’s business in the most advanced manner.

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