Reasons for failure of Air Conditioning Units

Most people do not take frequent care of their HVAC units after installation. They just buy one and fix it on the wall and consider their part to be done. But the proper duty does not lie in the hands of the professional who installs the unit but with the user that uses it. This is true for both home air conditioning and commercial air conditioning units, even though the processes differ.

Now AC failure has two meanings; one being the common physical and functional faults that develop with time. The second is that the AC is not functioning to its full potential. Here we analyse both these issues side by side.

Not giving the Best Results

There are multiple reasons your air conditioning in London is not functioning as it was supposed to. The common symptoms of this are that you might feel the room is not cool enough, or it is too humid at times. Some of the several reasons for this issue are the wrong kind of AC, lack of proper ventilation, direct sunlight exposure, and improper placement of the air conditioning unit.

You have to spend enough time and effort in planning as you do for installation to get air conditioning in London. The first choice is to find the best model for your application and the area to be regulated. For single-room home usage, mini-split air conditioning units are ideal. These offer better cooling of individual rooms and are highly efficient as well. The cost of the unit may vary depending on its cooling capacity.

A technician from a good air conditioning installation london will help you find the best place to keep your air conditioner. There are many air conditioning services in London that can help you with adequate resources on how to clean the unit; both indoor and outdoor ones.

Get in contact with them once the AC gives signals like noises and leakage. These experts will check everything from coolant levels, structural damage to pipes and other parts.

Choose the Right Size Furnace or AC for Your Home

The Air Conditioning Companies will do an electronic load calculation to ensure that the unit you choose is the right size. We don’t replace your existing unit with a smaller unit.

These calculations consider the home’s size, exposure to sunlight and wind, number of windows and insulation, and other factors. This is crucial to ensure that the unit doesn’t waste either too much or too little energy.

Installation of Air Conditioning for Every Type of Unit

Are you familiar with a summer that was without an air conditioner? Are you familiar with the heat and humidity of summer?

An A/C unit that is fully functional is essential, especially when temperatures rise. We can replace and install inefficient central air conditioning units. This will give you peace of mind and provide reliable air conditioning systems.

You don’t have to continue expensive repairs on your old system. And you won’t know when it might stop working again. Consider installing an air conditioner system from air conditioning installation London.

Common Damage to Air conditioning Units

Dirty Air Filters

This is definitely one of the most common and easiest problems to resolve. For a normal household with little commotion or pets, the air filters must be replaced once a month. But if there are chances for more pollutants to enter the interior of homes, then these filters must be changed more frequently. Reusable air filters are available in the market, which can be cleaned and used multiple times.

Leaking Refrigerant

The refrigerant does the duty of removing the heat from the interior and carrying it to the outdoor unit. If the lines carrying these are damaged, then this will spill and cause damage not only to the device but to the occupants of the house if they inhale it. The air conditioning maintenance in London can check whether the levels of refrigerant are proper and fix the leaks too.

Air Conditioning the Commercial spaces

When you are running shops and other commercial establishments, the comfort of the customer’s needs to be given first priority. Especially during the summer heat, the interior of these spaces must be made cooler for better customer satisfaction. It takes more effort and money to design and install an AC with the help of a commercial air conditioning service.

But you can get more pointers on how to install a commercial air conditioner from a professional air conditioning service. It usually requires installing ductwork on the ceiling with the HVAC unit placed on the roofs. Mostly centralised air conditioning london units are used for this particular application and sometimes when separate rooms need more care, standalone split ACs are also employed.

Just like the home application, the area to be regulated needs to find out to decide on the capacity of the commercial unit to put into use. In some cases, more than one HVAC unit must be used to satisfy the building’s needs. An air conditioning professional from London can easily calculate the cooling capacity of the HVAC unit that you need after proper measurement.

Apart from the factors like the amount of sunlight and weather, internal appliances can also generate heat. For example, shops that have kitchens or other similar manufacturing areas produce a significant amount of interior heat. This also needs to be assessed while calculating the cooling capacity of the commercial air conditioning units.

Another factor is arriving at a decision regarding the duct system. You can go for good ductwork or a ductless system, even though the latter is preferred. Before installing your commercial air conditioning unit, ask the AC professional to do a thorough check of the building’s ductwork, i.e.; if you have one. The ductwork plays a major role in taking the cool air from the centralised systems to all parts of the building. A poorly optimised duct system can cause leakage of this cool air, which makes the air conditioning unit work under more load.


Most of these mistakes are made by new air conditioning owners. A good annual checkup will help the air conditioning unit stay durable and avoid any big repairs. If you are living in a place that has erratic weather conditions, it will be better to have over one visit from an expert from a good air conditioning service from London.

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