Unique Ideas For Car Decoration

Owning a car is an immense pleasure in itself but personalizing a car according to your taste and preferences is rightfully called a desire of many. It is very true that you don’t own a car until it defines you and your style. Your car décor speaks volumes about you and your vibes so decorating it can be a fun experiment.

Check out this blog to find innovative ideas for car decoration that you can use to modify/customize your car interior or exterior.

6 Indigenous and unique ideas for car decoration

it is a myth prevalent among the Indian minds that car decoration hurls unnecessary expenses on you that are huge. Well, it is a myth for a reason because decoration can be bought within trivial grands, it’s almost like spending nothing.

In this blog, we are going to talk about such cost-effective decorative ideas for cars that look stunning, accentuate the visuals of your car and cost you the bare minimum price.

Let us jump into our creative zone right away with these 6 unique ideas that will enhance your car décor.

  1. Personify your car interior with pretty trinkets to hang on the rear view mirror.

These trinkets will be the epitome of your beliefs and persona so make it symbolic. Think of something that speaks volumes about your personality. Perhaps an object that can define you like customized dolls or things that amplify your vision for future like a toy mountain if you are a mountain climber for instance. Think of something that interests you, it could be merchandise of your favorite artist or jewellery pieces.

The only rule is that there are no rules. So choose something dynamic, random and anything that makes sense or no sense. It is totally up to you.

  1. Make a bold statement with your presence,  be a street racer.

If you are a petrol head and race car enthusiast then why are you still driving that dumb, dull car? You can get those car stripes printed on your own car anytime you want. Now you can drive on the regular roads with the confidence of a racer, just something you always wanted. This is profitable in another way that it is one of the cheaper modifications of the car and it will help you save a lot of money.

  1. Drive swiftly and look stylish at the same time with wind deflectors.

Addition of wind deflectors to your car is a dual profit at the cost of one. These wind deflectors will help remove the extra drag on the car as they modify the shape in such a way that it cuts through the air and makes easy passage for it.

At the same time, these wind deflectors make a classy statement as they highlight the windows in a much defined manner and make them stand out.

  1. Use decals and stickers to have a distinctive identity.

We know most of the decals and sticker customizations that we see on the road are either cringe or cliché. But once we know how to own our identity and wear it as a badge proudly, we are convinced enough to get one right away.

Personalization is an art and you are not obliged to impress or convince anyone for that. Use a sticker of your favorite baseball team or the emblem of your university. Use your name or that of your favorite actor, but don’t hesitate unless it is offensive and involves dark, shady humor.

  1. Buy new wheels/rims with your pet styles and designs.

We don’t see many wheels/rims on the road with customization but is that fact enough to stop us from getting one?

We can choose our characteristic design/style from a thousand different options available with the designers. Amalgamizing one or two different styles can help define your own in a totally different genre. So make sure to try one for your car.

  1. Make a choice for a hood emblem for your car and redefine royalty.

Hood emblems were very prominent in Latin America in the early 90s but then they disappeared for almost about a decade until they recently resurfaced back into the trend.

You can funk up your car’s hood with a customized emblem that could be symbolic of almost anything and everything. As long as you can imagine it, the designers can create it. So, go make your move because you know it better than anyone else that you get one life, make it iconic.


Now when you think of car decoration, you don’t think big but you think cost effectiveness and satisfaction. It is no sin to jazz up the interior or exterior of your car with little decorative items, especially when the decoration is easily affordable and accessible. Your wheels, hood, windows, mirrors, hood or any other part of the car, don’t hesitate to add a personal touch to it because you have yearned to own it.

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