Why is Winter the Perfect Time for Tree Pruning?

Winter is a great time to trim trees. If you are not sure why, here are some reasons. Trees need attention all year round, but winter is the perfect time because it does less harm to your trees and hedges. 


This is because, in winter, we all wish to enjoy the break from the outdoor maintenance work. Here’s how winter is beneficial for pruning the trees!


1. Winter Pruning Is Less Harmful to Trees


Pruning in winter causes far less damage to your trees than tree pruning Sydney in summer or autumn. During the cold months, most living cells are protected by a layer of chilled cells just underneath the bark. 


This makes things less delicately balanced inside the plant, so it is much harder for you to do damage while pruning around its branches. 


You can cut off large chunks of deadwood, all of the branches you find a crossing, rubbing against each other or are growing in the wrong direction without worrying about killing your tree. 


On the contrary, in summer and especially in autumn many trees lose their leaves which makes them more vulnerable to any injury they sustain.


2. Winter Pruning Is Cheaper


It is quite logical that trees in winter lose fewer leaves than trees in summer. This means that the tree is not putting all its energy into making new leaves, but it still needs to be trimmed. 


However, you will do less damage while pruning and spend less on tools because there are fewer leaves that need removing.


3. Winter Pruning Is Safer for Your Trees


Whilst almost any type of tree will benefit from being trimmed in winter, some trees must be pruned during this time. Evergreens keep their leaves through the winter, but they still need to be trimmed because dead branches pose a serious threat. 


Branches might break due to increased weight and fall on buildings or other trees which can cause damage or injuries. 


While deciduous trees are dormant in winter they become susceptible to diseases brought on by increased humidity, which is another good reason to prune them this time of year.


4. If You Have A Tree That’s Damaging Your Home


Some trees make their way towards buildings because these spots offer warmth and shelter during harsh weather conditions. However, these trees pose a serious threat to your home because they might break or fall through the roof. 


You can protect yourself from this by cutting away dead wood and branches that are near the house during winter to lighten the load on your tree without causing too much damage.


5. Winter Is A Good Time For Pruning Hedges Too


Just like trees, hedges also require your undivided attention all year round. However, winter is a good time to trim and prune them because they are less sensitive to damage this time of the season. You can safely get rid of dead branches and cut away any invading plants without worrying about killing the whole hedge.


6. Winter Pruning Prevents Damage


Even though hedges and trees are more protected during the colder months, it is still a good idea to remove deadwood before it can pose a danger to your plants. This way you will prevent damage instead of fixing the problem.


7. Winter Pruning Is Less Expensive


Similar to trees, hedging in winter costs less because you will be doing less damage. There is no need to use expensive machinery and disinfect the tools after every use as deadwood poses little threat to healthy plants.


8. Winter Pruning Prevents Diseases


Just like trees, hedges benefit from being trimmed in winter because they are free of pests and diseases during this time of year. You can trim and clean your hedges without fear of getting any bugs on them.


9. Winter Pruning Is Less Stressful For Your Hedge


If you have a sick or weak hedge, winter is a good time to trim it because it will be less stressed out by the cold weather. Some hedging plants might lose their leaves during the winter which means they need more pruning than usual.


10. Winter Pruning Protects Your Hedges From The Cold


Hedges kept inside an enclosure are protected from harsh weather conditions, but they still need to be trimmed because branches can damage fences and walls if left unattended. 


Winter is a good time to prune your hedges because you will do less damage, spend less on tools, and your hedges will be in good health when the spring comes.


Bottom Lines:


When you think about it, winter tree pruning Sydney is not just an advantage for homeowners who need to save money on their bills, but they also benefit from having safer homes and healthy trees which are great for everybody. 

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