Men are mostly not considered much when it comes to gifting or rather I would say they are more of a giver than a receiver. Thus the options of gifts for men are also much less than for women. If you look into the market you will find a variety of options for women but very few for men. Valentine’s day is as special for men as women. They need to be given equal importance and should be taken under consideration as a receiver also not just the giver. So this valentine’s day I would like to ask all the women out there to make your man feel special by giving them wonderful valentine’s day gifts. 

We are there to help you in finding the perfect gift for your partner. There are a lot of blogs available which will suggest gift options for men but we have only selected options that will not confuse you. You can check them out below. 

Personalized gifts-

To make your man feel special you can get him personalized gifts that are specially curated for him. Personalised gifts are really special and can make the recipient feel loved as well. These days personalised gifts are trending and people are choosing them more over all other gift options. Personalisation is the art of customising gifts according to that one person to whom it has been gifted. This can be done by engraving names or printing pictures of that person on the gift. These days you can get every item personalized. You can get a wallet, belt, handkerchief, photo frame, cushion, lamp, perfume, pen drive holder, keyring etc personalised according to your needs. By giving these gifts you can remind your man that he is special to you. 


It is said that the way to man’s heart goes through his stomach. If you want to make him feel special then the valentine gifts can be another best option for you to choose as a gift. If your man has a sweet tooth then it is the best thing to do for him on valentine’s day. You can either bake a cake for him or you can order a cake for him. These days personalized cakes are available in which you can get your partner’s photo printed on the cake. You can also customize the cake’s flavours and toppings according to your preferences. It would be very special for him if you choose to bake the cake yourself. You will need to put in a little extra effort but that will be worth it if you will see him smiling. You can also accompany flowers along with the cake. You can order flowers online.

Hobby related stuff-

With the increase in age and responsibilities, we become too engrossed in our work that we forget to take out time for our hobbies. Since this pandemic stuck and everyone was forced to stay at home and they got ample amount of leisure time they started going back to their hobbies. This valentine’s day you can give your partner something related to his hobbies. For example, if he loves gardening then you can get a shovel and plants or a gardening kit. If he loves to bake then a microwave or baking kit would be a great option. If his hobby is to read books then a kindle or audio-book subscription can be a good option. 

Memory album-

Who doesn’t love to go back and relive memories? A memory album is one of the best gifts you can give your partner. You just need to collect all his pictures from his childhood with his friends and family and make it into an album. If you find making a memory album a bit daunting then you can make a video out of those pictures. You can show your creativity by adding animations and music along with it. On top of it, you can send him his favourite flowers. Online valentine’s flower delivery is available which is way more convenient than picking them from the store.

Book a game show for him-

In this busy hustling life he might don’t find time to watch his favourite game in the sports club. So to surprise him this valentine’s day you can book his favourite game show in a nearby sports club so that he can enjoy his time there. He will appreciate your gesture. 

I hope you liked and find this article useful. You can do much more or give the most expensive gift to your male counterpart to make him feel special but make sure you express your love and care. Because it is more important than any gift. 

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