5 tricks about pillow boxes implemented for powerful branding

Brands are making a different style of boxes to attract customers and survive in the competitive market. A new innovative shape that is trending these days and its demand is increasing day by day is kraft pillow boxes. These boxes look so cute, and when anything is packed in them, they enhance the beauty of that good. These boxes also come in various sizes and are easy to carry, hold and unbox. Even though these boxes are so fun to open that surely everyone will love them. Brands can use various color patterns on these boxes to make them appealing to human eyes. Here you will know the five tricks about pillow boxes implemented for powerful branding.

Open choices of materials:

When brands make packaging boxes for their goods, they have a variety of options in packaging material. Some of the top materials are:

  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. Corrugated boxes
  3. Kraft board material
  4. Plastic boxes
  5. Paper bags

All these materials are suitable in their own way. As mentioned earlier, one can create custom pillow boxes from any of these materials and win customers’ hearts. The most recommended is cardboard, Kraft board, or corrugated boxes, as they are the most durable and flexible boxes. Brands can wrap their goods in these boxes and transport them anywhere they want. These kraft pillow boxes provide extra protection and ensure the safe transportation of brands goods to the customers. So that our beloved customers can receive their order securely and fall in love with their ordered goods, hence a good image will be created in customers’ minds about your brand that is beneficial for your firm in many ways. On the other hand, if any brand wants to use any other packaging material, then it is also totally Ok. The selection of material depends on you as the brand has to choose packaging material while considering its product type.

Convenience and less material used:

While making containers for shipment, any brand has to use packaging material to make boxes. The more any organization will use the material, the more the cost of the packages will increase rapidly. Plus, there will be maximum chances that any firm can exceed its budget limit. Contrary to this, the less material any firm will use, the less the cost of the boxes will be. Now the question arises which packages can help any firm to reduce the cost of its expenses. So, the answer is printed pillow boxes as they are the ones in which less material is used, and any brands worker can make these boxes in large quantities within less time. Therefore, these are the boxes that any business organization can easily afford, either that business is of small or large scale.

Customization options in minimal packaging margin:

The kraft pillow boxes can be designed in multiple ways. But the best option is to keep the design minimum so that containers don’t look fishy and clumsy. Choose a design for the pillow boxes wholesale wisely, and try that your specific design can communicate to your audience and build a friendly relationship with them. Then color your boxes with light, bold, hue, and cheeky colors that can add beauty to your parcels. Besides this, these custom pillow boxes are customizable. So, give your customers this golden opportunity in which they can get the packages designed as per their demand and willingness for any special occasion and for someone special. Like Valentine’s Day or Birthdays. In addition to this, a brand can do inner designing on the kraft pillow boxes to impress the audience like:

  1. Open with a big smile
  2. Thank You

Even customers can also demand to print a message on these boxes like:

  1. I love You
  2. Thank you for being part of my life
  3. Happy Birthday

The words that you cannot confess to someone special you can get printed on these boxes. It means the printed pillow boxes are helpful for the brands, but they are also beneficial for the respected public.

Suitable for a wide variety of products:

The kraft pillow boxes are suitable for a wide variety of products like food items. The bakeries can use this beautiful shape of boxes to grab customers’ attention and enhance the sales of your bakery shop. Plus, any cosmetic industry can also utilize pillow boxes wholesale for wrapping makeup or skincare items efficiently and effectively. Girls are very picky when they see a lot of makeup options. To insist girls, buy makeup of your brand is not an easy task for you. So, you can try to use fantastic shapes that girls cannot ignore and end up buying your cosmetic goods at whatever price. The most important thing is custom pillow boxes are used for gift wrapping. When someone has to give a present to their special one, they want the best gift with top class packaging. Therefore, kraft pillow boxes are the best option for them, and indeed, these boxes have the power to impress people in a fraction of seconds.

Brand’s promotion:

Brands can adequately utilize their printed pillow boxes to publicize their firm and its products. All they have to do is print the firm’s name on plain kraft pillow boxes that the name becomes the center of attraction for the customers. Choose the font size and style sensibly according to box size. The type and size should be standard that one can read the brand name with naked eyes. But don’t use an extra-large font that the pillow boxes wholesale is fully covered only by the brand’s name. It looks so bad that you don’t even have any idea about it. Similarly, label your boxes with instructions and details to tell the customers about your product and brands by using custom pillow boxes.


If any brand uses pillow boxes wholesale to wrap their products, then it is wise to help you grab customers’ attention and insist them buy your goods packed in these pillow boxes. It means the sales of your items can enhance only because of this creative packaging boxes design. Hence it is proved that these boxes are best from a business point of view if you are willing to earn more profit margin.

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