Advantages of a wooden double Sleigh Beds

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh Beds It should be convenient and environmentally friendly so that a person can get enough sleep and gain strength. Despite the emergence of new technologies and materials, a wooden double bed enjoys popularity, such a model can be chosen for any interior style, it is spacious and spacious. In addition, furniture made of natural materials is safe for health and provides homeliness. In addition, it is so durable that it can be used for decades without losing a presentable appearance.


In any design, this is the best solution for the bedroom, because such furniture has undeniable advantages:

  1. Environmentally friendly – there are no harmful impurities, formaldehydes, solvents in the tree, therefore it is 100% safe for health and does not cause allergies.
  2. High durability – the solid perfectly retains its shape, the product has a service life of several decades.
  3. Attractive appearance – the texture of natural wood is unique, as are its natural natural shades.
  4. Harmonious combination with other materials.
  5. Creating a special atmosphere in the bedroom.

Even without additional decorations,  Sleigh Beds made of solid wood look noble and elegant. Adding wire, forged elements makes them even more spectacular. If you hang a canopy – a canopy of fabric, a romantic atmosphere is created in the bedroom.

So during operation it is possible:

  1. The appearances of spots. The solution to this problem is varnish colored in a suitable tone.
  2. Cracking of slats, legs or other structural elements.
  3. Damage from moisture or insects. To avoid problems in the future, make sure that the wood is covered with protective impregnation, or process it independently.

Since solid wood Sleigh Beds are bulky, they cannot be installed on poorly reinforced floors. So, the surface layer of concrete screed is not very durable and can begin to crumble


Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the wood from which the furniture is made. Usually it can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Soft varieties – cedar, spruce, aspen, alder, linden. Such varieties are easy to process, they can be given any shape. But at high mechanical loads, they can crack. Pine with pine are especially popular. The material looks aesthetically pleasing, retains the aroma even after processing, but is easily scratched.
  2. Hardwoods – beech, birch, maple, walnut. Oak perfectly tolerates high humidity and temperature changes, and ash is the most resistant to deformation under mechanical stress.
  3. The service life is estimated in hundreds of years, although there is a significant drawback – cumbersome.

It is much stronger and more durable than soft, more resistant to scratches and deformation. In addition, the profile in oak or beech is no less attractive than in boxwood or yew.


There are smaller models – 150-160 wide and 190 cm long, and larger ones – 200 x 220 cm, they are also called “royal”. Standard height is 50 cm.

To choose a bed in length, you need to add 10 cm to the growth of the largest of the spouses. The optimal width can be determined as follows: lie down, bend your arms and place your elbows – in this position it should not be crowded.

However, depending on the model and the material used, it can increase to 300 kg. The following factors are crucial:

  1. The density of wood. Softwood is the lightest.

Therefore, you need to understand that choosing a “generous” bed: it is more spacious and convenient, but due to its size it is more difficult to transport and install. Yes, and rearranging if necessary will be problematic.

  1. Number and size of parts. The high head of the range significantly increases the weight of the structure. It gets even heavier when footboards, balusters, forged elements are added.

In addition to classic models, a wooden bed with a soft back and a headboard is also available. They perform an aesthetic function, provide comfort in the room. It’s helpful to rely on these elements for bedtime reading or watching a movie.

In addition, the products are equipped with shelves at the head, drawers, where you can place bed linen and things. This is especially true for small apartments. This solution allows you to free up space in dressers and cabinets. Boxes can be stationary, located on one or more sides of the bed, including at the foot, or rolled out on wheels, castors, telescopic rails. Models are available with a built-in storage compartment, which is accessed through a mechanism that lifts the base with a mattress.


Sleigh Beds come in various shapes and colors, are decorated with all kinds of decorative elements. Therefore, you can harmoniously fit them into any interior. The main thing is to observe the following rules:

  1. Classic – suggests the presence of forged metal inserts, balusters, curled legs, foot. The hood fits perfectly into this concept. However, the main element is a high wooden headboard with carvings.
  2. Provence – a white wooden double bed made of light rocks (ash, birch) is best suited for this style of interior. The surface can be artificially aged to give the furniture authenticity. Also, the design is characterized by curved legs
  3. Oriental style – includes a spacious model of furniture on a high podium. The rich carved decor of the supports and headboard, the canopy, the luxurious upholstery of rich colors – burgundy, purple, terracotta are welcome.

Art Nouveau is a strict, laconic style, which implies a smooth line of furniture without sharp corners. Shades should be light. Preferably a soft headboard covered with pastel colored material – plain or with a delicate print.

  1. Minimalism – a double bed without a foot and other decorative elements is welcome. It is a style in which simple designs with strict shapes are valued. You can choose a model on low legs with a small back or in the form of a pedestal on which the mattress is placed.
  2. Hi-tech – this modern style requires unusual solutions, although minimalist furniture decorated with lighting is also suitable. Often a design with deep legs is used, which creates a rising effect.
  3. Loft – involves strict forms. A common version of the bed is in the form of a pedestal with a niche for storing linen. The texture of the tree fits perfectly into the style and is often combined with forged metal elements.

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, which takes up a lot of space. Therefore, they choose and install it first, and only after that a closet, chest of drawers, bedside tables, poufs and accessories in the same style.


Italian furniture is known worldwide for its high quality. She has an exquisite design, in most cases a classic style. Among the Sleigh beds manufacturers from a range of the best recognized:

  1. Selva – produces models with a graceful silhouette, complemented by luxurious textiles, from which you can choose from more than 100 options. The range includes models with a high headboard and refined décor – carving, painting, inlay, as well as with a soft back and a compartment for linen. The frame is made of red alder, linden, cherry, legs and slats – beech. Available sizes: from 180 x 200 to 200 x 220 cm.
  2. Carvelli – offers classic wooden Sleigh Beds with hard or soft luxury leather headboards. The frame is made of solid birch, the finish is made of olive root veneer. The size of the berth is standard: 180 x 200 cm.
  3. Villa Nova – mainly offers beech, walnut and cherry products. Wooden elements in the final stage are treated with water-based wax or varnish, made according to an old Italian recipe. Most models are equipped with a high bedside table, a solid carved headboard, but there are products with a soft leather back. Sizes: from 160 x 200 to 180 x 210 cm.

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