Are Bath Bombs Safe for Eczema?

Are you a fan of using bath bombs but you have eczema? You will probably be worried to know that bath bombs are not safe for eczema. There is a lot of hype around bath bombs but it depends on if it suits you or not. Bath bombs are colorful and make your bath a lot more delightful. If you are exposing your skin to a lot of bath bombs, it can create problems. Some bath bombs contain a lot of chemicals and additives that can cause skin irritation. If you already suffer from eczema try to avoid using a bath bomb altogether.

Brighten up bath time for your child with eczema

As a parent, you will be worried if your child has eczema. It will be challenging to handle the bathing activities of your fussy child. Most bubble baths and even shower gels contain very harsh ingredients. However, it is unfair if your child cannot enjoy the colorful bath bombs during their bath. In this situation, you can try out homemade or natural bath bombs. The natural bath bombs don’t contain any harmful ingredients.
They are generally considered safe. If your child has eczema you can let them use a natural bath bomb a few times. Honey oatmeal bath bomb is an ideal choice. It offers a lot of moisture to dry and dead skin. The best thing is that it will wash away the dead skin cells making your skin feel brand new. So the next time you are in a retail store, don’t forget to check the ingredients of your bath bomb. Top brands print all the information on packaging for bath bombs, you need to read them well.

Are Lush bath bombs fine for eczema?

Lush bath bombs offer a gentle texture like soap. It is a mild bath bomb that may not be unsafe for eczema. However, it must not contain any bubbles as they can irritate your skin a lot more than before. You must not take a chance if your eczema is severe though. Most bath bombs contain citric acid and it can affect the PH level of your skin. In case you have dry, damaged, or irritated skin, using bath bombs can bring some bad effects.
If your bath bomb contains coconut oil, it can soothe the dry skin quite easily. You will smell nice and it will be easy to wash away all the germs and bacteria. Many bath bombs offer a subtle texture and a visually appealing look. If you want to use a bath bomb even if you suffer from eczema you can try using a homemade bath bomb. Here are some ingredients you can use:
• Take 0.7 ounces of oatmeal
• 0.6 ounces of honey fragrance oil
• One ounce of oatmeal
• You can add coconut oils
You can simply stir all these ingredients together in one bowl. Once the powder mixture is formed, try adding some essential oils inside. Gently mix all the ingredients properly. Let it dry and make sure that the bath bomb stays intact for some time.

What are the dangers of bath bombs?

Bath bombs fizzle out in the water and if you stay in the bathtub for a long time it can be dangerous. If you suffer from eczema or any other skin condition it is best not to use them. The dyes and fragrances used in the bath bombs can irritate your skin further. It can even irritate the eyes. If the bath bomb goes into your eyes, rinse them thoroughly with warm water.
There are some other dangers involved in using bath bombs. If you or your child digest it unintentionally it can cause oral irritation. You may even have to suffer from nausea and diarrhea. According to many studies an oatmeal bath can be soothing for treating eczema. You don’t need to put in much effort as oatmeal is available in the market. It is easy to find a bath bomb that contains oatmeal too.

Dangerous chemical in bath bombs

There are plenty of dangerous chemicals in bath bombs. You should restrict yourself from using it frequently. In case you know your skin is allergic or you have eczema it is better not to use it all. Brands use custom boxes that are aesthetically designed and contain all the relevant product information. The fragrances in a bath bomb can be bad for people with eczema. There is a wide range of fragrances that include exotic flowers and peppermint. Manufactures use fragrance and natural oils but they both can harm your skin. Sometimes the product description is missing and you may not know which chemicals you will fall into.
A bath bomb contains many natural and artificial dyes that give color to it. If you are impressed to see the colors of various bath bombs think deeply. Many people with skin diseases get irritation after getting in contact with chemicals. Talc is another dangerous chemical used in bath bombs. If you already have some skin issues, they will go bad further. You will be surprised to know that talc can even cause ovarian cancer in women. It is important to play safe and use a bath bomb that doesn’t contain talc.
If this isn’t enough other additives make these bath bombs dangerous for many. The glitter in the bath bomb can irritate your skin deeply. Some microbeads contain plastic that is also unsafe for the environment.

Safe ways to a beautiful and fun bath

If you want to enjoy a fun bath there are a lot of ways to do so:
• Check the ingredient list of the bath bomb first, it is always good to be safe
• Avoid those bath bombs that have talc, dyes, artificial dyes, and other such chemicals
• Another good tip is to rub the bath bomb around your elbow, wait for 48 hours and analyze if it causes itching or redness
• If you are using bath bombs, limit the time of your bath to 15 minutes

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