Mobile App Marketing: Strategies for Acquiring, Engaging, and Retaining Users

In a world where hoards of exciting and new apps are launched every month, it has become essential for app marketers to work on acquiring, engaging, and retaining users effectively. For companies and individuals working on designing and launching new apps in the market, it is no secret that you are bound to face some seriously tough competition.  


However, much like in any business like the escape room businesses or online clothing brands, with the use of efficient marketing skills, you can still bolster your way to success. Knowing and utilizing the right mobile app marketing strategies will allow you to take better and more informed decisions on marketing your app judiciously in the market.  


In this article, we have compiled some of the best and most effective strategies to help you acquire, engage and retain your users integrally. So, check it out:  

  • Influencer marketing  

Today, the world is almost incessantly driven by influencers. Collaborating with top influencers in your industry can act as a useful channel to promote and market your brand effectively in no time.  


To make your influencer marketing tactics work for your company, you need to start by properly understanding your audience. Once you have a good knowledge of your target audience, you can then work on finding out influencers who can efficiently reach out to your target audience. 


You can use different filters based on the geographical location of your audience, their demographics and other metrics to find your audience. Following this, you can then shortlist and approach the right influencers to work for your company.  

  • SEO and Content marketing 

Working on building and using SEO strategies to enhance your content and drive audience is a long-term process. Thus, it requires you to remain patient and dedicated to the process.  


You need to start at the basics by finding out the challenges and desires your target audience may be facing and what they may be searching for on the web. In this way, you can gradually move towards conducting a detailed keyword research, since you will have a grip over what your users desire.  


Now, once you have the list of keywords integral to your brand, work with content creators to generate high-quality content while incorporating these keywords. You may even take outside help and hire content writers on a contractual or freelancing basis to generate content for your company.  


Content marketing will allow you to build up backlinks to your brand and facilitate the generation of better conversion rates than earlier. Slowly, you will notice your app downloads climbing up the scale! 

  • Reach all kinds of users and cover all platforms.  

When you are launching an app, you cannot just restrict yourself by launching it only on Android or on the iOS platform. To maximize the reach of your app across diverse users, you need to launch it instead on both the platforms.  


Research has revealed how while android holds about 87% of the share in the global markets, Apple iOS holds only 13% of the share. Now, if you still wish to launch your app only on one platform, choosing the right one becomes essential.  


It largely depends on the region where you stay and which kind of audience you wish to target. So, in case you wish to target users in Southeast Asian countries like India, Japan, and South Korea, you can launch your app on Android. On the contrary, if you wish to target US audience, launch your app on the iOS platform.  


Furthermore, developing and maintaining your app on the iOS platform will be more cost-friendly and easier to do than in case of Android. It is mainly the case because Android apps usually need to be optimized for different devices and thus require you to focus on various intricacies.  

  • Design your app landing page.  

While you may not think much about it, but designing your app landing page in an engaging format is as important as the rest of your app launching process. Designing an innovative app landing page will help you create a lasting impression in the minds of your users and help you make a mark in their minds.  


You need to ensure your app landing page is clean, intuitive, mobile responsive and user-friendly for prospective users to utilize. At same time, you will also need to incorporate a call-to-action section on your landing page to drive organic traffic to your website.  


Creating an engaging and compelling landing page will help you ensure that your users find it interesting to check out the features in your app, without uninstalling it. When you design an intuitive and creative landing page for your app, it itself acts as a promotional and marketing channel for your company.  

  • In-app marketing strategies. 

In-app marketing strategies are one of the most vital aspects of mobile app marketing. It allows prospective app owners to engage, convert and retain their already acquired users for a long time.  


Some of the most common ways that you can draw advantage of in-app marketing strategies includes delivering new updates, and highlighting the recent features. Further, you can offer your users personalized recommendations and send them notifications for different discounts and offers to integrally engage with your users.  


Many top companies use in-app marketing to push their users to take specific actions in the app or remind them to complete pending tasks. You may also use in-app marketing to act as a promotional funnel by advertising your upcoming product launches and create a hype amongst users.  


The best way to work on in-app marketing strategies is by using A/B testing on your banners to find out the marketing tactics that will work best for your company. In this way, you can utilize your app itself to trigger your customers to make a purchase or take actions and thus boost your sales in no time! 


Given the sheer variety and highly increasing numbers of mobile apps today, users are always on the lookout for better experiences. It has consequently made it difficult for companies to integrally engage and retain their users. So, if you are still struggling with finding the right ways to get users to use your app, try out the strategies we mentioned above, and see if it works for you!  


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