Vivo Y70 Two Minute Review – Performance & Battery

The Vivo Y70 is a less-high-priced cellular cell phone that paperwork a part of the brand’s first-day experience into European territory.

Its stand-out feature is a massive and vibrant 6. Forty-4-inch FHD AMOLED show, which we determined to be very well satisfied to apply, even in the absence of a modern-day 90Hz or 120Hz refresh price.

We have been additionally fond of (or unperturbed with the aid of, at least) Vivo’s Funtouch UI, it’s way a whole lot much less fussy on this Western-centered guise. These two elements, blended with an exceptionally lightweight and unassuming layout, bring about a telephone that’s easy to apply each day.

Vivo Y70

Also extraordinary is the Vivo Y70’s potential to charge up speedily. Gaining sixty-five% in a half-hour is something we would count on from flagships.

Unfortunately, the Vivo Y70 is a hint missing someplace else. Its Snapdragon 665 CPU can’t quite beat a number of the chips located in rival phones for comparable coins, mainly due to the pretty mediocre usual performance.

Unfortunately, the Vivo Y70 is a bit lacking elsewhere. It’s Snapdragon 665 CPU can’t quite match some of the chips observed in rival telephones for similar cash, mainly due to fairly mediocre overall performance.

Its digicam, too, lacks flexibility and consistency, with just a single meaningful sensor and photograph nicely that’s punchy but fallacious.

Elsewhere, the phone’s single speaker represents a bit of an earache, even supposing there is a 3.5mm headphone jack to fall back on.

Specs and overall performance

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665

8GB of RAM

Android 10 with Funtouch eleven

There are quite a few distinct chip configurations out there in the sub-£300 telephone territory, this means that overall performance can vary quite dramatically between apparently similar handsets.

In the case of the Vivo Y70, you’re searching for a substitute creaky, if reliable, setup. The Snapdragon 665 CPU at its coronary heart has been around for a while, having powered numerous 2019 and 2020 phones including the Xiaomi Mi A3 and, greater currently, the Moto G Pro.

With a Geekbench five multi-core score of 1,309, the Vivo Y70 doesn’t stand up properly to slightly pricier opposition consisting of the OnePlus Nord N10 with its newer Snapdragon 690, which scored 1,847. But it’s even more high-quality that it trails at the back of the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC (1,699) with its Snapdragon 732G, in addition to the Realme 7 (1,625) with its MediaTek Helio G95. Both of these latter telephones may be had for much less than £two hundred.

In  terms, we were not able to run stalwart PUBG Mobile in HD graphical settings – at most effective Smooth or Balanced, which are the 2 lowest alternatives. 2D action recreation Juicy Realm ran on better body fee and determination settings but activating put up-processing delivered about a body rate warning.

Still, the attempted-and-tested Snapdragon 665 does result in a strong performance for all the basics, no doubt aided via an ample 8GB of RAM. On the internal storage front, 128GB has to see to all your app and photograph needs, and also you additionally get a microSDXC slot.

The telephone’s fluid home display and menu navigation are probably helped by using Vivo’s fantastically fuss-free Funtouch 11 UI, which sits gently on the pinnacle of Android 10. This specific tackle Funtouch is a miles slimmed down and wiped clean-up take at the brand’s custom interface, without the bloatware that we’ve visible in Vivo telephones from other markets.

There are a handful of Vivo provisions from the off, along with an Albums app that isn’t strictly essential with Google Photos onboard. And we ought to take or depart the prominently placed iManager tool, that’s intended to preserve your telephone clean and cozy. We without a doubt don’t want an everlasting link to the Vivo internet site on our home screen both, thank you, and we’d as an alternative determine for ourselves whether to install Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Essentially, Funtouch leaves the basics in location. The menus and icons experience first-class and stock, and the useful Google Feed sits to the left of the home screen in place of the cheesy custom aggregation equipment supplied by using some of Vivo’s competitors.

Battery lifestyles

4,100mAh battery

33W speedy charging

The 4,100mAh battery packed into the Vivo Y70 is some distance from the most important we’ve seen in an inexpensive telephone. Several rival efforts incorporate a five,000mAh unit, which includes the Vivo Y30.

But it’s nonetheless easily up to the undertaking of getting you through a complete day of moderate utilization. Around 4 hours of display-on time throughout complete days (with Airplane mode activated in a single day) got us right down to around 20%, which is affordable – if a long way from wonderful – end result. It will stand up to a day of extra intensive use without trouble.

The Vivo Y70 handles media obligations pretty well, too, with an hour of Netflix streaming at full-display brightness draining 8%. That’s a reasonably robust end result for a budget phone.

Far extra brilliant than the Vivo Y70’s stamina, however, is its recharging abilities. The cell phone comes with the precise equal 33W fast-charging system because of the tons more expensive Vivo X51.

Vivo claims that it is able to benefit you sixty-five% in just half-hour here, and we are able to corroborate this parent from sensible use. After a precise half-hour of charging, we had been capable of powering up our Y70 from 30% to 93% – an increase of sixty-three%. What’s more, we had been right lower back as much as a hundred% inside forty-five minutes.

Of direction, the Poco X3 NFC – which seems to be haunting this evaluation – offers you very comparable 33W fast-charging for a great deal much less cash.

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