What is Manav sampada portal?

The Manav Sampada portal was created to assist government departments in monitoring all activities related to employee retirements, pensions, leave management, fund allocation to various departments, recruitment, workforce planning, posting and transfer, and so on using a Human Resource Management product-based solution.

The key feature of the Manav Sampada eHRMS software is that it is designed as a product that can be installed by any state that wishes to use all of the Manav Sampada portal’s features and services. Currently, 20 Indian states have established the Manav Sampada portal and effectively managed their people.

Interested candidates should go to the portal and take advantage of the various services offered on the official website. After customising the eHRMS solution to meet their needs, any government entity can utilise it.

States of Manav Sampada Implementation

Currently, the states listed below have implemented the Manav Sampada portal:

  • GOA

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eHRMS Features:

Some of the most vital aspects of the eHRMS portal are listed below.

User management

For user-related operations such as creating and deleting new users, assigning roles to users, and so on, a user management module has been incorporated.

E-Service Book

An E-service book is a digital record of an employee’s service during the course of his career. Employees in government departments formerly saved documents in offline registers. The Service Book module has now been added to the eHRMS interface, allowing all data and tasks to be kept online. This is quite handy for tracking data and making it available to many departments.

Dynamic ACR

The acronym ACR stands for Annual Confidential Report. The portal comes with a dynamic ACR module. The Dynamic ACR can be submitted by any employee and sent to a higher authority for verification. Employees will receive a score each year after verification and other inputs, which will aid them in assessments and promotions.

Online Tour

Employees can access Tour-related information through online Tour modules. They can apply for the tour if they are interested. All staff will be informed about the Tour by the department administrator.

Online Leave

Employees benefit significantly from the online leave module. Through the eHRMS platform, all employees may now apply for leave online. There are several options for requesting leave.

Employees can request time off via the web portal or the mobile app. The Uttar Pradesh Manav Sampada portal has also created an M-Sthapna app designed mainly for Uttar Pradesh government employees’ online leave management.

Annual Property Return

Another essential aspect incorporated with the Manav Sampada platform is annual property return. All employees can use this site to access information about their property.

Online Service Request

Department administrators can use the online service request module to add any service to their eHRMS module that is currently unavailable.

Online Transfer/Promotion

Another crucial duty that has gotten much easier since the Online Transfer Promotion module was implemented in the eHRMS portal is online transfer and promotion. Everything can now be done using the internet. Employees can check the order online, and department supervisors can share transfer-related facts with them.

Recruitment by Department

The eHRMS application now handles recruitment as well. All department administrators can advise the higher authority about the number of vacant posts in their department based on the classification. The recruiting notice will be issued by the higher authority based on the number of open vacancies.

DPC Management

DCP management is a module that aids in employee evaluations based on performance and direct feedback from the department head. It’s a group of people who analyse employees and agree to a conclusion where the employees are given a score.

Master Reports

The master record is a system that securely stores all information relevant to all departments. This master record database is highly beneficial since it allows department officials to access critical information at any moment for a specific assignment.

eHRMS services for employees

All government personnel can take advantage of the services listed below via the internet.

  • GIS
  • Bill TA
  • Make an application for a GPF advance withdrawal.
  • Apply for a Vehicle
  • Apply for Computer Advancement
  • Fees for instruction
  • Fill out an application for EL Encashment.
  • Request an LTC Advance
  • Use HBA.
  • Make a Request for Accommodation (House Allotment )
  • NOC for Postgraduate Studies
  • No Objection Certificate for a Foreign Visit
  • Fill out an application for a Briefcase / Ladies Bag.
  • Consumables Requisition
  • Reimbursement for telephone calls
  • Reimbursement for Medical Expenses
  • Reimbursement for Newspapers
  • Education of Children
  • Request for a Transfer


What is the primary goal of the Manav Sampada Portal Online in Uttar Pradesh?

The Manav Sampada portal’s primary goal is to bring together all of Uttar Pradesh’s personnel management services and make the employees’ hectic work schedules simpler.

Is it possible to submit a leave request through the UP HRMS’s official website?

On the UP HRMS Portal, employees can begin requesting leave.

Is there anything else on the official website that I may use besides the Personnel Management Services?

We can use G2G, G2C, and G2E services in addition to Personnel Management Services on the website.

Do applicants have access to the Manav Sampada Portal, where they can view and download the Service Book?

The Service Book is available on the official website for applicants to see and download.

Wrapping Up

The portal’s introduction is intended to make it easier for state teachers and government employees to work online. If a teacher or non-teaching staff member wants to apply for leave, they must do so online through the Manav Sampada Portal. Hence, they are no longer required to visit any government offices. They can apply for leave and complete other relevant tasks from home using this portal. After logging in, only government personnel are allowed to use the platform. 

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