Why do delivery services offer branded tracking?

delivery services

From the time they visit on your eCommerce site to the moment shipments arrive at their doorsteps, modern customers demand a simplified, user-friendly experience. They anticipate easy navigation and a smooth checkout procedure with branded tracking.

They anticipate quick, low-cost (or no-cost) deliveries. They also expect to be able to monitor their orders easily.

A branded tracking page improves the post-purchase experience by consolidating the information that customers desire into a single, easy-to-understand page. Your clients will no longer have to struggle with a DHL tracking page or a FedEx tracking page, and they will no longer have to look for a suitable UPS tracking detail page.

How a Customised Tracking Page Can Help Your Company

Branded monitoring pages may give your eCommerce firm a feeling of scale and professionalism, regardless of how big or small it is. In summary, an appealing tracking page with useful information makes your organisation appear world-class. You can also benefit from a branded tracking page if you:

Extend Your Shopping Adventure

The majority of customers’ brand experiences terminate once they place an order. You continue that experience through the fulfilment process when you build a branded tracking page.

Provide a variety of tracking options

A branded tracking page provides useful data in a variety of formats. Customers may use a map or table to follow their orders, or they can click to go to the carrier’s tracking page.

  • Produces a Responsive User Interface
  • Your consumers may utilise branded tracking pages on PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices since they are totally responsive. More than half of all emails are now opened and read on mobile devices, and those consumers want mobile-friendly websites.
  • Reactivate your customers’ interest in your store.
  • A branded tracking page allows you to re-engage clients by providing links to your site’s specials or your social media presence. Returning clients to your site will enhance the likelihood of repeat purchases.

What Should You Include on Your Tracking Page?

Include these features on your tracking page!


The Logo of a Company

Including your company’s logo on your tracking page can help you achieve a number of goals. But the question is whether you can accomplish this with your current logistics partner.

The majority of courier businesses provide tracking on their websites without providing any options to the seller. As a result, the supplier is unable to give the buyer with a high degree of satisfaction.

Status of the Order

One of the most important pieces of information you can give your consumer is the status of their order. It’s also essential for keeping your consumer informed about the status of their purchase, no matter where it’s at.

Banners for Products

What if your monitoring page also served as a marketing tool for your products? If you still believe it’s a dream, it’s time to change couriers.


With the market getting more competitive by the day, merchants must seize every chance to reach out to their consumers in the most effective way possible. Adding product links and advertisements to tracking pages, which are already popular with customers, might be beneficial.

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