Why Is Personal CRM A Perfect Solution For Effective Networking?

In the world of business, networking has a huge impact on the growth and success of every business. It has been said time and again that your network is your net worth.

Networking is an act of maintaining personal and professional contact lists, which you can use to boost your career or business. Networking gives you access to many opportunities which otherwise you may not have to find on your own. In addition, networking provides insights and information about different fields, potential customers and helps you improve professionally.

If you wish to form and maintain a relationship, a single contact can get you meetings with several prospective without you to form connections at each one.

Networking is more than trading information. It is an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits. Effective networking saves time, effort, and stress, and it is a powerful tool for growth and development.

The growing network is not only about connecting with new and new people. Critical importance is following through with follow-ups for gaining contact’s trust.

Meeting and interacting with people is a regular thing to do. However, often it becomes difficult to keep track of all interactions. Many times we forget and have to think deeply to figure out where and when we connected.

Often have to ponder about whether they are in contact on the phone, whether we are connected on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, or did we connect via emails?

It can be quite confusing, and often you become disorganized. And there might be a chance where you might miss an opportunity for business growth, professional growth, or personal because you forgot to follow up.

This is where PRM is critical, and you will find solace in the technology where your mind might forget to remind you of follow-ups. Management always helps to become effective and efficient. PRM stands for Personal Relationship Management tool.

Like CRM Customer Relationship Management that focuses on Customers and business and their relationship PRM too focuses on the Relationships of an individual. CRM is used by companies as a customer relationship management platform that helps with improved messaging with automation, proactive service, efficiency workflow enhancement by automation, simplifying collaboration, and dashboards showcasing data with easy accessibility.

The Auro CRM provides huge benefits for businesses by increasing productivity, increasing customer retention, gathering customer interactions in one central place, improving customer experience, and detailed analytics. Auro CRM is a centralized and organized platform enabling consistent communication with customers. Its importance has increased in multitude since many companies started remote work for their employees.

Like CRM, which has huge benefits, PRM too is very important. However, CRM is for the company, and PRM is for the individual.

Personal relationship management helps organize our contacts from various channels or places into one place. It can co-related and tie contacts with history of communication, synchronize upcoming events with your calendar, and prepare for meetings.

PRM is crucial as it provides a complete picture of your relationships, and you are aware of what has been said and done with the individual and what the next step is.

Personal CRM allows the organization of contacts by tags. It helps to immediately pull information about a group of people you will need and take actions like sending a group message to them.


What is Personal CRM?


A personal CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software/system used for personal or business matters.

In today’s life, there is such a blurred line between business and hobby. For example, if you earn as an Instagram blogger, you do what you like but make moolahs with it.

Another example is of mom. With two or three kids and a wife of a working husband, your schedule is the busiest, but you don’t make money out of it. Or if you work as a volunteer but don’t make money out of it.

In these digital nomads and remote working times, the lines between hobby, freelance, volunteering, and solo entrepreneurship are unclear.

The point made from the above examples is that the Personal Customer Relationship Management system is a broad term that describes software for single users who want to be organized, keep contacts stored in a safe and accessible manner, and manage and schedule calendar, meetings, and events.

Features of Personal CRM


Personal CRM is a tool to keep track of personal relationships that allows you to save important details and facts about family, friends, and close contacts. It acts as an address book, notebook, smart reminder, calendar, and so much more.

The fundamental function of personal CRM is contact management. It provides features like automatic enriched contact profiles on the web, internet, inbox, and social media. Moreover, it supports with SaaS solution.

Major Features of Personal CRM:

  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation and tracking of Email Marketing
  • Calendar: scheduling and reminder setting module
  • Deal management
  • Pipeline management
  • Task management
  • Social media integrations
  • Insights
  • Reporting
  • Analytics

What problems does Personal CRM solve for an individual?


This is the one-stop solution for business needs at the individual level. Personal CRM solution is a complete solution that covers all needs of individual entrepreneurs and businesses.

  • Unify contacts from different places into one place
  • Automate and link contacts with email and calendar
  • Auto enrich contacts with social and data to save time on data entry
  • Replace spreadsheets or post-it notes and ineffective ways of contact-organization

Who can benefit from Personal CRM?

Well, everyone! But to name, a few are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancer
  • Side Hustlers
  • Passionate Networkers
  • Anyone who want to have organized contacts and scheduling

Main benefits of Personal CRM




CRM can track every conversation that you had with every contact or person. The CRM system can track and tab on when you had the last conversation, what it is about, and where the discussion was conducted. What was the medium of conversation like email, Twitter DM, or phone?

Everything is at your fingertips. No more searching through sticky notes or files or spreadsheets.

Stay Top of Mind:


Real connections are established with a human touch. When people know that you have made efforts to know them, people warm up personally. For example, when you remember someone’s birthday, acknowledge major life moments, and recall previous conversations, you are more likely to make lasting connections.

The CRM gathers all details about the person what matters to them most and for your company. It helps to set contacts as important. It schedules meetings and reminders of follow-ups.

Cloud-based CRM solutions help you to be top of mind on the go. It is the platform that automates and updates. It has up-to-date information about all contacts.

Like Personal CRM, retail CRM is effective in handling sales processes, marketing automation, and customer relationships. It is most effective for in-store sales and online stores sales. It offers the best collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer support teams. Retail CRM is effective in helping customers in the customer lifecycle.

Be more insightful:


Maintaining a relationship is essential, but it is also important to expand networking based on these contacts that you have formed. Best marketing tactics is when your customers recommend your brand, products, and services. This marketing is best and shows the best result for the company.

You will have a 360-degree view of people. CRM provides insights that will help to further your networking and connections. CRM can track social streams and provides you a better chance to provide relatable information. It centralizes social media profiles of contacts, provides better opportunities to engage and track interactions over time.


Auro CRM is an excellent choice as it provides expertise in integration with your system. Businesses of all sizes like solo freelancers, enterprise-level corporations, solo entrepreneurs use Auro CRM effectively. Auro CRM assists in every important aspect of business success such as organization, centralized task management, communication, marketing automation, relationship management to provide the best customer experience.

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