8 Surprising Ways How Social Media Change The World

Social Media

Have you ever wondered how social media changes everyone’s lives? It is evident that people are becoming obsessed with it since the majority of online users spend too much of their time on social media platforms. This becomes a leisure activity if someone gets bored or even shares his or her opinions and pictures as a symbol of expression. Well, there is too much freedom given to them so sometimes, overusing social media tools including the inappropriate online demeanor are quite alarming.  Here are the 8 surprising ways how social media changed the way people live.

  1. Social Media can be used in Educational Purposes

As you can notice, there are numerous digital devices and gadgets on the market. Not only adults have laptops, tablets and mobile phones but also the children. They are active in using Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram. Hence, most professors and experts found out that using social media, they can keep their students connected and updated. This is one of the most accessible platforms that students use to socialize thus, it is easier for them to communicate and learn. Especially those families who cannot afford good quality education. They often rely on searching information in Google and watching educational and tutorial videos on Youtube.

  1. Selfies connote various meanings

Selfies are around social media regardless whether it is appropriate to post or not. In just simply taking pictures using mobile phones, selfies are generated. But like other things, selfies have created its own hashtags or unique selfie names. Such as an OOTD selfie that shows the current “Outfit Of The Day” of someone. Thus, it clearly establishes its own selfie purposes that many users utilized to get along with the trend. The selfies theme will also depend on what type of event or occasion a user wants to convey.

  1. People drive the content not the App Developers

Social Media was meant for socializing before but due to creativity of multiple users, it became a source of information, announcement, entertainment and so on. But the content drivers are those people who use social media platforms, not the developers. Since these apps are open in public, numerous content creators discover multiple uses that viewers find entertaining and helpful. Yet, the main idea why the said apps were created is to solve limited communication problems across borders.

  1. Prevalence of Conservatism

Whenever you post on social media, it becomes public that can be seen by all your followers or friends. Unless, you made your account private. If not, everyone will be able to see it. Take note that we differ in terms of our preferences, beliefs, insights, morals and practices. It is possible for other people to either like or dislike your content if it goes against their principles. For instance, if you posted a picture of yours wearing revealing clothes like a spaghetti dress, some people will give you a wrong judgement due to your outfit. This is not right for as long as your dress is not unveiling your private parts. 

  1. Talking through pictures and emoji’s

From the usual medium of communication through text and voice, people find ways to express themselves using photos. Even without any captions or comments, the way they look like and act on the photo will indicate sentiment. Moreover, a plain text will be boring so people use emoji’s to clearly show how they will react. The main benefits from these changes, it provides chances to those people with low confidence and self-esteem to express themselves using photos, images and emoji’s. It boosts the way they perceive themselves from others.

  1. Boost Personal Commerce 

Since social media is created primarily for socializing, the creation of more personal commerce has occurred. It develops peer to peer and personal networks that can be beneficial when conducting online business. This boosts trust and lets people build connections through personal interest like for business purposes or even personal. In social media, you cannot only form personal friendships but also conduct business transactions with great individuals. The connections you will gain online will become your edge among others. For instance, you have posted a query to some active forums. Since you’re looking to sell your house fast in Charleston, some of your peers  can recommend trusted home buyers in your local town.

  1. Memes Become The Internet Moral Police

Memes are everywhere in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. This might look funny to most users and the audience. Yet, there is a hidden meaning behind every meme that some groups may be impacted.  The meme might be inspired from humorous satire, jokes and parodies made by certain people and it is being published on a social media page. Its purpose is to criticize others who have unlikable practices. Usually, memes are created by those people who cannot bluntly express their inner thoughts on the public. Thus, using memes will hide their identity while freely stating their ideas. But sometimes, memes are being abused as they go beyond social media’s guidelines. It must not contain sensitive and vulgar words.

  1. Social Media become part of your life

Admit it or not, social media is not a platform meant only for communication and entertainment but also a virtual tool that makes you feel at home. Selected people who are residing alone use social media to stay updated with their loved ones. As well as to entertain and comfort themselves whenever they feel lonely. This provides them a sense of relief and alternative options to reduce their boredom and even stress from work or study. 

Final thoughts…

We are absolutely living in a digital age and no one knows what will happen next. Whether a new form of technology will be invented or a new way of interacting online might become a trend. Nevertheless, we must not take for granted the benefits we can attain from these powerful social media tools as it changed the way people live no matter what country we belong to. People must appreciate and value how accessible the things they need and want, through the internet and digital applications. Hence, they can freely enjoy the lives they have in this digital era.

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