4 Impactful TikTok Marketing Tactics to Amplify Business Growth

TikTok Marketing

TikTok is a social media platform that allows people to watch, create, and share videos. The platform has been in existence since 2016 and is now available in more than 150+ countries. Despite political pressure, TikTok is still active in so many countries and helped brands and businesses grow. Over the past few years, TikTok has become an integral part of the digital marketing world.

The platform has always been shown as a lip-syncing platform; however, TikTok is a great business booster.  Brands have now started displaying the TikTok widget on their business website. They love to flaunt their products and services on the platform. This has helped them to establish a deeper connection with their customers.

According to Investopedia, Chipotle’s Halloween “Boorito” discount offer promotion convinced the users of TikTok to dress up for the occasion and upload pictures. The campaign scored four billion views.

So, you can imagine the boost TikTok widget will provide your business with. Therefore, in this blog, we will talk about how to use TikTok Widget to boost your small business.

Smart & Manageable Tricks to Use TikTok Widget Marketing for Business

There are so many ways to use TikTok to boost your business. Some of the best tactics are given below. Apart from using the TikTok widget on a website, there are three other ways to boost your business.

A). Use TikTok Marketing for Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a boon to the digital marketing industry. They are discoverable and trappable.

They help your target audience find you easily. Your target audience is looking for your business 24 hours. It is your job to be discoverable. But, you can use any random hashtags just because it is trending. The hashtags you use must be relevant to the videos you are posting. Otherwise, it will not help the content you are posting, and it might not reach your target audience.

Make sure that the videos you are posting are amusing, as TikTok is a fun platform. As a brand or business, you must not sound way too promotional on the platform. This will push your audience away.

B). Curate User-Generated Content TikTok Widget

You can use the content created by the customers in addition to your own, which is an excellent method to advertise your company and build brand awareness on TikTok. This is where hashtags are useful once more. When posting on TikTok about your products and services, encourage your customers to utilize the hashtags you’ve created for your company. A hashtags challenge is another option that can use for brand awareness.

When you use this approach, your potential customers hear about your business from others, which is the most effective kind of promotion. For example, suppose a potential customer views a TikTok video in which a user is wearing your designer dress. In that case, they will want to follow your company’s hashtags to find out more information about those clothes.

C). Prepare A TikTok Widget Content Calendar

There is undoubtedly something special about a post that is written on the spot when the inspiration strikes, but for a busy social media manager, planning social media content in advance is always a good idea.

Using a social media content schedule, you can avoid missing important occasions and provide ample time for creative output. Find ways to profit from occasions like holidays or festivals, or create themes or series that can inspire your imagination.

Your posts should go live when your TikTok audience is online and eager to see new videos.

Apart from that, you should also schedule your videos in advance using the analytical feature of the app.

D). Embed TikTok Widget on Website

As a brand or business owner, you can display your TikTok widget on your website. This will add a fun side to your website. Moreover, visitors love to see entertaining content on the website. This helps them to stay on the website for a longer time. Apart from that, they do not have to leave the webpage to scroll through your TikTok account.

You can aggregate the videos under your hashtags and embed them on your website. You can avail all of these facilities using any social media aggregator tool. These tools will also help you to customize your TikTok widget. This means you can change the layout and template of the TikTok Widget according to your need.

Using these tools, you can also analyze the engagement of your TikTok widget on website. When you know the timing of the maximum engagement, you can plan your content accordingly.

Wrapping Up

People love to be active on TikTok. It is fun and entertaining. It is a great way to show the human side of your business. This helps the customers to shorten their purchasing decision period. You can show the creative and enjoyable side to your target and existing customers.

Undoubtedly, it helps you to reach the right audience. Small businesses can run ads, use hashtags strategy, and also display the TikTok widget on their website.

TikTok is expanding and your small business should too.

So don’t wait, try these tactics to grow your business.

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