4 Important Things to Check Before You Buy Second Hand Smartphone


Are you looking for a good deal to buy a smartphone? Well, you can choose to go for second hand smartphones. They are a viable option if you check all the essential boxes before you buy second hand smartphones.

Whether you are going to buy a second hand iPhone 11 Pro Max or any other second-hand phone brand, you need to ensure that the product is everything that you’ve hoped for. Since there are many instances where customers don’t often get value for money products.

Nevertheless, buying a second-hand smartphone is a good idea as it gives you certain perks. For instance, buyers going for a second hand option will have an upper hand to negotiate the actual set price for the phone. Also, you’ll be reducing the load of e-waste and making a contribution to save our environment.

But before you jump on the opportunity to buy and own a second-hand smartphone, you need to check for certain important things. Continue to read till the end to find out.

  1.   Content of the box, warranty and invoice

Before you hit the buy button, see everything that the seller is offering within the deal. Just because the price is low, doesn’t mean you are getting a good deal. You need to check what is being offered to you within the box.

The smartphone box should contain all the essential accessories along with the smartphone. The charger, USB cable and proper warranty card should be inside the contents of the box.

You must also see if the deal also offers the original invoice of the smartphone. The original invoice is pretty important when buying a second hand smartphone as it is a valid proof for the purchase of the device.

Also, make sure the smartphone has an active warranty period so that if you run into any problem then you can have it fixed without any cost.

  1.   Thorough visual inspection Smartphone

If you are buying a second-hand smartphone from an online store then you must check if the product images are visually clear. Also, you must make sure that the product images on the site are of the actual second-hand device that is up for selling.

If the pictures are not clear or if the pictures are just a representation of the actual product, then don’t make the mistake of buying it without seeing the smartphone. Whereas, if you are buying from an in-store then you make sure to run a thorough visual inspection first things first.

Anything that appears to look broken when conducting visual inspection must be avoided in order to get the best purchase.

  1.   Careful display check Smartphone

The seller must provide buyers the opportunity to see the product and do a careful check before actually buying the second hand smartphone. The next thing you need to check is the display of the phone.

It is one of the most expensive and important components of the phone and you need to cross-check thoroughly. Visual inspection is not enough and you need to definitely check the display of the smartphone before buying.

Check for scratches, dents or cracks on the display. Even the smallest fault should be inspected. Also, carefully check the overall display panel and its quality in order to confirm the authenticity of the product.

If the smartphone has any screen protector on it make sure to ask the seller to remove it so that you can inspect the display thoroughly and make your decision to purchase.

  1.   Test the SIM card slot, USB ports and other elements

Once you are done checking the display of the second-hand phone, the next thing you need to check is the Sim card slot, USB ports and other elements of the phone. You need to ensure that your smartphone will be working in a good condition when you purchase it.

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