6 Things To Do While Sightseeing in Edinburgh


Traveling is a fun activity when you have everything figured out. In the UK, Edinburgh is among the best places to enjoy versatile attractions while sightseeing. There are many Things to do in Edinburgh, and it can be difficult to choose, so we have prepared a list of fun things you can do while visiting there.

6 Fun Activities to Try When You’re in Edinburgh

Scotland is a festive place and Edinburgh is where all the buzz happens. Amongst the fun things to try out first while visiting there, you can try the famous castle on the rock.

Edinburgh Castle

Serving as the home of royals and a military encampment for over a century, the Castle on the Rock is a great place to start your fun exploration of Scotland. Within the castle lies Scotland’s famous National War Museum and the many historic relics within it. There are also displays of the crown jewels and the famous chapel of St. Margaret’s. Edinburgh Castle holds key information about the Scottish monarchy and its military. So, if you want to learn about history while having fun, it’s a great place to start.

Mary King’s Close

If you’re looking for versatile fun, then this closed-off alleyway is a great start. Mary King’s Close is the home of urban ghost legends and murder stories in Edinburgh. Located on the Royal Mile, opposite the famous St. Giles Cathedral, this place houses an underground network that was once home to a toxic swamp; this fact was used to explain the ghost sightings. However, if you’re a fan of the supernatural or just a good sport about ghosts and murder, then it’s a nice place to visit.

Underground Vaults

In Parliament Square, there are over 100 underground rooms to explore. These famous vaults are underneath the South Bridge and offer interesting structural and “supernatural” fun. The rooms all differ in size from small 2-meter vaults to sizes of almost 40 meters. These spaces are believed to be haunted, and you might even catch a ghost or two if you look hard enough.

Hiking at Arthur’s Seat

Located at the peak of a group of hills in Holyrood Park, Arthur’s seat is the home of a volcano. This mountain offers a refreshing yet breathtaking view that is a must-see for every traveler in Edinburgh.

Princes Street Garden

Urban parks are a great place to relax in the presence of controlled nature. Princes Street is an early 1800s structure formed from two parks that are adjacent to each other. The park lies near Edinburgh Castle and is a good place to relax before or after exploring the wonders of history.

Boat Trips on The Firth of Forth

As a centralized location, Edinburgh offers easy access to many other places in Scotland. So, if you’re a fan of exploring or you get bored of the hustle and bustle of city life, you can take a boar from the famous Firth of Forth to many other places in Scotland. It is an estuary that connects Scotland’s waterways, allowing you access to many locations in the country.

As far as sightseeing locations go, Edinburgh not only offers many fun places to visit and opportunities to learn about Scotland’s rich culture, but, it also provides an accessible network for tourists to visit many other locations in Scotland Sightseeing.

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