Top 14 Smartphone Accessories for this Holiday

Smartphone Accessories

Are you looking for smartphone accessories for this holiday? The holidays are the best time to give the Android enthusiast in your life accessories that reflect your personality. There are numerous phone covers, headphones, battery chargers, and other phone accessories available on the market. But not all devices have the same configuration and classification. If you’re looking to purchase holiday gifts for your smartphone-obsessed friend then this blog is for you. We provide you a complete list of awesome Android phone accessories. Let’s dive into the detail.

Top 14 Smartphone Accessories for this Holiday:

  1. Reader for Square Cards: Smartphone Accessories

In this digital world, everyone requires a method to process credit card payments. However, if you do, the square card is an excellent solution. As you know that mobile payment systems are rapidly evolving. Even if the systems are available in fully operational mode. But, there will be a large number of people who do not have payment-capable devices. Square offers a straightforward solution in the form of a device that plugs directly into your phone. Set your price, scan a credit card with this handy device, and make the payment.

  1. Samsung Screen Protector: Smartphone Accessories

Many people don’t think about screen protectors while purchasing. Smartphone and tablet users should use these screen protectors that help them to prevent more costly damage. The mirror guards for your precious device are a stylish protector that provides benefits to save your eyes.

  1. Stylus Bamboo Solo:

If you’re going a stylus for your Android device this stylus is used for cutting-edge. You can use it for drawing pads and desktop apps. The company’s style matches the configuration of the rest of its devices. You can choose the best one between the solo styluses, which includes only the essentials.

  1. Armband for Smartphone Accessories

This gadget is helpful when you like to do work out with your phone nearby. As you know that holding the phone while running is very difficult for you and your gadget is at risk. These days we all are using large-screen phones for reading blogs or e-books and watching videos. So there is a simple solution for holding larger phones while still allowing easy access to the touch screen. The armband is an inexpensive smartphone accessory and will give basic protection from the elements.

  1. Wireless Headphones:

These headphones aren’t the only wireless option but these also have good reviews and are also in everyone’s budget. You can use these wireless headphones for a variety of purposes. If you want to do exercise and also listen to music on your phone, they are best to use. As you know how uncomfortable it is to have wires hanging and getting caught in your clothes. In addition, using a wireless setup, a built-in microphone, will allow you to answer the phone and change your configuration. Furthermore, headphones are also computer compatible, but they can only sync with one device at a time.

  1. External Power Supply:

If you travel frequently, then you better know about the value of battery backup. You know that not always you finding an outlet for charging your phone. But don’t worry by using an external power pack you can easily do charging wherever and at any time. External Power Supply has two USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone and tablet at the same time. This device is compatible with your add-ons and has a 7000mAh battery that is relevant to charge your gadgets.

  1. Motorola Wireless Trackpad Keyboard:

If you are using tablets for long hours then you should use Keyboards these days. The Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad is a Bluetooth gadget for any Android device. This keyboard has a multi-touch trackpad that dock in front of the keyboard. It also allows you to use the keyboard without it if there is no space. You can always use a phone keyboard as well.

  1. Speaker Dock by SONR Labs:

This Speaker Dock is compatible with all Android devices, allowing you to align your phone in landscape or portrait mode. This speaker comes with a subwoofer and two other speakers that offer you the best sound.

  1. Series 2 Bluetooth Headset: Smartphone Accessories

Series 2 Bluetooth headsets have incredible sound quality. It is made by Bose Company. One thing you should know is that you can order it for either the left or right ear.

  1. Otter box Defender:

You know that your phone is expensive. Even if we talk about insurance also replacing a phone is an expensive and inconvenient process. So, you should use Otter box Defender for your gadget for tough protection. Furthermore, Otter box makes cases for all of the major mobile series.

  1. MicroSD cards that work well:

Today we all want to store high-quality pictures and videos on our mobiles. These high-quality pictures need MicroSD cards for storage. You can easily expand the storage on your smartphone if it has a microSD card slot.

  1. Wireless Power Bank:

If you’re looking for a power bank then you should be aware of all the aspects properly. The Hokonui 10,000mAh power bank is a good option. The size of this power bank is like a modern smartphone and houses a massive battery. It offers you 18W Power Delivery via the USB-C port both output and input. You can also do a quick Charge via USB-A port. This power bank can able to charge up to four phones at the same time.

  1. Lenses for Smartphone Cameras:

No doubt, cameras on modern Smartphones have enhanced dramatically, mostly flagship models. But when we want to take high graphical pictures then you can use smartphone lenses, for your memorable pictures. There are numerous smartphone lenses available in the market that can provide you with a fresh perspective on photography.

  1. Completely Wireless Earphones:

If you despise wires and want to purchase a pair of fully wireless earbuds. They have a really good battery life, and sound quality.  These gadgets can be extremely useful while you enjoy running or working out. They have no wires so they can be useful in almost any situation.

Final Thoughts Smartphone Accessories

In conclusion, all the above gadgets are really worth purchasing. We hope that now you are able to decide the best gadget for this holiday. Your phone becomes a smart device after using these phone accessories. No doubt, before you buy the accessory you have to consider all aspects properly. If we talk about phone cover there are numerous ranges of products available but you should check all factors.

Thank you for reading!

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