How To Impress Her With Your Casual Attire?

There is a rare breed of men that do not want to impress girls. That said, an average young lad longs for nothing more than his girl crush’s approval. If you happen to fall into the latter category, be glad, for we know how to transform you into your dream girl’s dreamboat!

Since the first thing, a girl notices is a guy’s attire, this blog will entail everything you need to dress up to impress a girl.

  1. Refrain from overdressing

Be it impressing a girl or a boy, there is one rule of thumb, i.e. do not try too hard!

Similarly, when it comes to dressing up, you are strongly suggested against layering yourself in fancy fabric.

Being overdressed usually overwhelms females. Most women like to feel fancier than the guy they are hanging out with. Thus wearing something too fancy or formal will make her feel as though she is underdressed.

Wearing something that seems casual but is not too casual can surely make you noticeable by girls. That is because you are bound to stand out in a sea of boys wearing torn jeans.

To achieve a casual-yet-not-so-casual look, you are required to go for relaxed but smart dressing. In situations like these, jumpers are usually the most popular picks. That is because they are the kind of garments that can make you look effortlessly dressed up.

  1. Understand the colour psychology 

Given, men do not have many colours to play with, it is crucial to understand the colour contrast. It might surprise you, but a good colour never fails to seize a woman’s attention. That is predominantly because colours impact psychology more strongly than you might think.

Thus, give special attention to the colour coordination and overall aesthetics of your dress. We recommend you to go for colours like blue and grey. Blue signifies humility, grey has always been associated with wisdom, and both traits are considered most attractive in men.

  1. Wear that fits perfectly 

While looking for shirts, tops or jackets for your date, you ought to be very particular about the fitting. There is no denying the fact that most women are drawn to men who appear more masculine.

Therefore, you need clothes that enhance your muscles and accentuate your shoulders. Now, this does not mean that you should prefer shirts that make your shoulders pointy and rectangular. Instead, it means that you should simply refrain from making your shoulders appear too rounded.

  1. Take care of your hygiene 

Last but not least, you ought to take proper care of your cleanliness. Nobody enjoys being accompanied by someone who looks dishevelled and does not smell well. Thus make sure you do not forget to take a shower and wear nice cologne.

  1. Refrain from wearing wrinkled cloth

Women love when men dress up for dates. That is because it makes them feel important and worth the effort. Aside from picking the right colour contrast and accurate fit, you should also ensure your clothes are devoid of any wrinkles.

Guys are notorious for roaming around with crinkled garments, which makes them look sloppy. A lot of the women subconsciously translate it as their disinterest. Hence if you want to garner desired looks, put on a crisp shirt.


Most women just want their partners or potential partners to look well put together. Thus, if you look mature, clean and healthy, they will be instantly drawn to you.

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