Opal Jewelry vs Silicon Jewelry: Which one is better for you?

What could be major roadblock that could lead to confusion while cherry-picking between opal jewelry and silicon jewelry is that both of them comes in a plethora of colour range.

However, across other factors, there is a bit differentiation between both these jewels that you could take into consideration while choosing between that opal pendant or that cheerful silicon bracelet.

Opal Jewelry vs Silicon Jewelry: Which one is better for you?

1. Colours

One of the most unique factors that stand out opal jewelry from other similar graded jewels in the market is its exquisite and myriad range of hues that brings out their peculiar, yet shimmering beauty.

This varied range of colours in Opal Jewelry includes white opal (crystal opals), grey opals, blue opals, green opals, yellow, red (fire opals) as well as pink opals also.

Amongst all, the most precious and alluring colours of opal tend to be black. These highly precious and valuable black opals, that are mainly found in Australia are priced for their royal and classy dark-wine colour. Due to their unparalleled beauty and sizzling shine, these are exclusively used to manufacture opal rings and opal earrings.

On the other hand, the white opals, or what are known as the milk opals in the market tend to be the most common and abundant variety of opals. Besides their milky and smooth surface, their crystal-clear beauty is what captivates every eye towards them. These are mostly used in opal necklace.

Some opals have just a mere colour on their surface, while others exhibit a variety of multiple hues that could be strikes of secondary shades which adds to the beauty of this crystal. And the most dominating factor, is of course the play of colours which just surge the beauty and elegance when depicted under the bright rays of the sun.

As far as colour combos and variety is concerned, silicon jewelry falls no short to give a nerve-racking competition to opal jewelry. however, the colour of silicon jewelry usually depends upon the manufacturing process as well as the natural occurrence of the stone.

The most popular hues of silicon jewelry in the market are:

  1. Transparent Silicon: With a mystic and alluring crystal-clear beauty and high reflection, these clear or transparent silicon lends a glass like appearance when the light passes through their crystal. Due to their high refractive index, they are exclusively used in making silicon rings and silicon pendants.
  1. White Silicon: Usually, pigments are added to the material or the dye to provide a milky and stunning white colour to silicon jewelry
  1. Bright colour of silicon: Are you fond of bright colours in gemstone jewelry? Well, you would be truly glad to realize that silicon jewelry also comes in luminous hues of pink, blue, green as well as purple
  1. Metallic hues: By coating the silicon material with metallic colours that resembles to silver or gold, a magnificent metallic tone can also be given to silicon jewelry

2. Clarity

Opal is basically a hydrated form of silica with a comparatively high-water content that could range from being around 6%-20%. Moreover, it can be in a crystal-clear form, with almost no inclusions and impurities, lending a beautiful and flawless view.


In some cases, it is also quite common to see translucent to opaque variety of opals. However, the most cherry-picked as well as the treasured piece of opal is the one that has a completely transparent and crystal-clear surface which allows the light to depict a natural play-of-colours.

Besides, the degree of clarity and transparency is also affected by other characteristics of opal like its colour and type. Take for example, a black opal with a lavender to dark-wine colour tone would appear the best when complimented with an opaque surface, with a mystic and alluring colouration on its surface.

On the other hand, silicon jewelry being an artificial jewelry alternate, the clarity and transparency is usually determined by the functions to which it is exposed to during its manufacturing process.

In most cases, silicon jewelry, like that elegant and stupendous silicon necklace comes with a high level of transparency with almost zero degree of scope for inclusions and impurities.

This is so because by its very nature, silicon is a quite transparent material. So, it is quite obvious that silicon jewelry usually has an excellent clarity, sometimes as flawless and clear as a shining crystal.

However, the patterns and designs set by the gemstone jewelry supplier also influence the degree of clarity. For instance, if there are a lot of minute variations and designs included within the crystal of the jewelry, then it may surely reduce the clarity of the stone to some extent. Without compromising the beauty and attractiveness of the jewelry.

3. Durability

For opal jewelry, hardness is the only factor that could present a potential hindrance to the wearer. With a mere hardness level of 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it can’t withstand a rough bang with a hard surface. Even if exposed to water for a prolonged period of time, the crystal might appear cloudy or dull.

While storing your long stud opal earrings or opal bracelet, make sure to pack them separately in air-tight plastic bags to avoid any potential breakage or damage.

The hardness of silicon varies depending on the type and shape of silicon. Crystalline silicon, the type of silicon used in electronics and solar panels, has a mineral hardness level of roughly 7 on the Mohs scale. This means that, in comparison to many other materials, it is relatively durable and scratch-resistant.

Amorphous silicon, on the other hand, which is utilised in thin-film solar panels and other applications, has a lower hardness level and is more prone to scratching and damage. Amorphous silicon’s exact hardness level varies based on its composition and production technique.

4. Lustre

Opal jewelry would usually have a vitreous lustre with a glassy and reflecting surface.

This glassy lustre can be interfered by the colours sometimes which may lend a drab or waxy lustre to opal jewelry.

On the flip side, don’t go for silicon jewelry if you are always impressed by the lustre.

The most common variety of Silicon Jewelry which is the silicon dioxide is not so famous for its reflective properties, which is a foremost trait of a lustre.

5. Price

If you are drawn to the mesmerising and reflecting beauty of opal jewelry, be prepared to set aside a significant portion of your savings to adorn the beauty of opal jewelry.

The average price of opal jewelry in the market ranges between $1,000 and $10,000 per caret. Even more money is required for those gleaming and dazzling black opals.

On the other hand, silicon jewelry is comparatively affordable than opal and other similar graded stones.

Wrapping Up….

Hope this guide would surely help you to make the best and the most desirable choice between opal jewelry and silicon jewelry.

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