Features That Can Make your Smartphone Perfect Streaming Device

While some switch to OTT platform video streaming and movie streaming, others may watch game streaming or live streaming of different programs. Most people are now turning to their smartphones to stream content on the go, which is only possible for the users like Oppo new mobile.

But, what makes a mobile a suitable streaming device? Which qualities do you need to look for while shopping? Often buyers become confused. So, how to choose your mobile if you live streaming? Are the Oppo phones under 15000  great streaming devices? Here are the top qualities which make a smartphone streaming device –

Screen size 

If you love watching movies or videos online for hours, you should check the screen size of a mobile you plan to buy. Smartphones with a larger screen can be a great choice. These devices, which have a screen size of more than 5.5 inches, commonly known as “Phablets,” are known as great streaming devices. 

Their larger screens allow you to view contents easily without straining your eyes. You can watch videos and movies or even play games with excellent picture quality. Due to their screen size, they allow you to see much more than a small-sized device. 

It is better to go for a device with a high resolution of at least 1080p to enjoy the whole experience with the excellent video quality. Most devices now come with an AMOLED screen or Super LCD or OLED or advanced LED display with new-age technology. In this case, the LCD screens offer better picture quality than the AMOLED screens. 

Such displays have denser and better quality pixels. As a result, the pictures are sharper, detailed, and come with a vivid color scheme. So, if you want to enjoy fantastic picture quality, go for a smartphone with a high-resolution and advanced display. 

Eye protection

Online streaming for hours means your eyes will be in contact with the screen and its harmful blue rays; hours of binge-watching may cause some serious eye problems. Hence, you need to protect your eyes while watching your favorite movie or series on the OTT platform. 

Try to pick up an Oppo new phone which comes with an eye protection feature. Such intelligent settings keep the brightness at the safest and optimal level and prevent the harmful blue rays from damaging your eyes and causing you discomfort in the long run. 


The RAM is another important aspect of a good quality streaming device. RAM or Random Access Memory stores all the temporary data and makes your device function smoothly.

A bigger RAM size means it will store a considerable amount of temporary data. It will also be able to retrieve the data faster. As a result, your streaming experience will enhance, and you will be able to view and stream anything without any hitch. 

In this case, a device with at least 4GB RAM is the ideal choice. Most of the Oppo phones under 15000 now offer such a massive RAM size. You can also opt for a higher and advanced RAM capacity if you desire to increase your budget. 

Extensive Storage

Not just the RAM, the storage is also essential if you are choosing a good quality streaming mobile. If you have more extensive storage, you will be able to download and store your favorite movies, shows, etc., easily on your phone. Besides that, such mobiles are also adept at playing large-sized videos without any lag. So the ideal choice is to go for a device with at least 64 GB of storage. 


Hour-long streaming requires a great battery backup. Hence, your smartphone must be capable of handling the intensity of binge-watching. In the case of smartphones, battery capacity and battery backup are essential. Higher battery capacity makes it count as a good streaming phone. 

Your phone’s charge should be able to last for at least five to six hours to offer you a great streaming experience. Try to get a device with at least a 4000mAh battery to ensure you can stream content without worrying about the battery drainage.

These are some of the best qualities that make a smartphone an excellent streaming device. While shopping, make sure to check these qualities in your smartphone as well.

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