Top 10 Trending Programming Languages Required For All Software Development Company

With the world moving towards digital transformation, programming as a career is blooming day by day. People interested in changing their fields or learning a new hobby with potential in the future should have a good hand in programming languages that are widely used around the world.

The field of development is moving rapidly since almost all businesses are shifting from the offline world to the virtual world. This pandemic hit the world so that users find it easy to search certain products or services online rather than going out and coming in contact with people. In addition, we are facing an infectious virus, Covid-19, that spreads faster than we can imagine.

Shifting to virtual existence is a viable option if companies want the business, and for that, such companies require programmers and developers. You can be in high demand within a few years if you start from today. But the main concern is what language to learn to cope with the constantly changing world.

Well, we prepared a list for you to help you understand all languages to start working on to be a part of the trending software development world.

  1. JavaScript: JavaScript is one of the widely used programming languages that construct responsive and user-friendly websites. Companies prefer to hire people who have experience and skills in the language. It offers both active and interactive applications with CSS and HTML both. Everything you find on the internet has the structural foundation of JavaScript.
  2. Python: Python is a popular open-source programming language that is a must-learn in the industry. One should know how to work with Python as a programmer. Python has easy-to-learn and built-in syntaxes for its users. It is also considered a universal language. This language can be used for backend development, software development, writing system scripts and mobile application development.
  3. Java: Java is the one language that has stayed in the industry for the longest. Many came into the industry and disappeared with time, but Java is that one language that stayed the longest. Memory allocation of Java is a feature that is robust in nature and compatible with android development. Most of the popular websites and apps are built with the help of Java. Some of them are Google, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon and their backend is also entirely based on Java.
  4. Kotlin: Kotlin is one of the highly efficient languages when it comes to functional programming. It is a general-purpose language that is robustly compatible with the popular language Java. Kotlin is a language with good regard for programmers since it is an accessible version of Java. It helps in the android based application and is compatible to work with people.
  5. C#: C# became a famous programming language in the early 2000s. It is an object-oriented programming language that supports working on Windows, iOS and Android Applications. It is a highly recommended language if you are working with all these systems. C# is also considered like C++ and requires a unified environment for development. Bing, Market Watch and Dell are some of the popular websites that have C# as their backend.
  6. Swift: Swift is a programming language that interests people who are into working on Apple’s development. This language is entirely based on the fact that it builds and develops applications for Mac and all the devices related to Apple company. Swift has amazingly high readable syntaxes and runs the codes quickly.
  7. MATLAB: MATLAB is a programming language with a numeric computing development environment and was developed by MathWorks. It focuses on creating an excellent user interface, manipulating the matrix, algorithm implementation and program interfacing. It is an object-oriented multi-paradigm programming language that is widely popular among web developers.
  8. PHP: When it comes to website development, developers choose to opt for PHP as it provides a unique open-source languages system. It was created in 1990, and since then, its popularity has increased among programmers. You can use PHP for desktops, mobile and websites for development. 80% of websites available on the internet result from PHP development, and sites like Yahoo and Facebook are some of those popular websites.
  9. Scala: Beginner developers are recommended to go ahead and learn Scala as it is easy to learn in nature and provides basic knowledge of the programming industry. A lot of companies are looking forward to incorporating this language in their businesses. Scala language is a general-purpose programming language designed to find a solution for problems and issues that developers were facing with Java. This language is used for machine learning, data science and web development.
  1. GO: Go was developed by a popular company Google in the year of 2007. Go is considered to be a top-tier language for programming as it has the capability of executing multiple tasks and processes concurrently. In addition, it provides developers a top-notch system of memory and management. You can learn this language if you think it matches your interest.  


All these 10 programming languages are considered one of the best languages if you are looking forward to programming and developing applications, websites, and software. On the other hand, if you are planning to change your field and wonder what to do, learn at least 3 languages from all the 3 and try your experience and skills in the fields.

But you are planning to improve your resume and attract multiple companies to hire you, and then you must have a good knowledge of all these programming languages and experience. Companies hire people who have knowledge regarding everything that is a part of their field. So it is highly expected of developers who are looking forward to amazing packages.

This blog focuses on all the languages and provides you information that is important for you when deciding what to go ahead with and what not to work on. But, first, you need to research what you want to learn and know what you will do with the future relevance. The future depends on what you choose now. So this is the time you should make your decision based on research.

Author Bio: Alina is professional content; is an experienced entertainment & technical writer, working on behalf of the platform Speedwell it solutions. 

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