Java Development Company: Choosing the Right Framework for Your Project

Java has remained a prevalent programming language for almost two decades and is utilized in small to complex applications across various industries by Java development companies. Its widespread use has led to the creation of multiple Java frameworks.

With a multitude of options available, it can often lead to confusion, making it difficult to choose the most suitable framework for your needs. And it’s common to feel uncertain when faced with many popular choices.

Although all frameworks are developed to simplify the development process, reduce developers’ workload, and provide a user-friendly development environment, they have different capabilities and advantages over each other.

Some of them allow you to write large applications with ease, while others provide you with a fast way to develop apps. Each framework is created to address a particular issue that developers face during development; this is why we have a large number of development tools today. 

The right framework choice depends on your objective and the problem you want to solve with your digital product. Whatever your reason is, below are a few popular frameworks that you should know.

What are Java Frameworks? 

Java framework facilitates developers with plugins, tools, and a rich ecosystem to accelerate application development. They also provide an architecture to manage and maintain the codebase, which is why they are popular. 

They consist of pre-writing functions, tools, templates, and components to help build Java applications in less time. Though there are many Java frameworks out there, the best Java frameworks are well-tested and updated with new features over time.  

Also, when choosing a framework, it is recommended to check the community support, which plays an important role. The more active and large community, the better support you receive. So when you are stuck, you can seek help from the developer’s community.  

In this article, we have listed the popular framework that has well-documented resources, tutorials, and excellent community support.


If you have experience in Java development, you may have heard of the Spring framework. It was created by Rod Johnson in 2002 and later acquired by VMware, an American company that specializes in cloud computing and virtualization technology.

The Spring framework is a lightweight and open-source Java framework that includes aspect-oriented programming, dependency injection, and plain old Java object. So if you are familiar with aspect-oriented development, it should be your first choice. It is popular among developers for its user-friendliness and easy-to-use interface. This is why it is recommended for new users, as you can start using it without learning how to use its features. 

Key features

  • Dependency Injection 
  • Aspect-oriented programming 
  • Data access
  • Easy integration with popular frameworks
  • Testing


Struts is a Java framework that follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and is available as open-source software.  With pre-built themes and templates, you can speed up your development process. You can find a number of pre-built templates in Struts to use. Along with this, it offers support for AJAX, REST, and JSON. 

So in case, you are looking for a framework that can speed up your development process, Struts can be a perfect choice.  

Additionally, Struts can be extended through plugins, and the development team consistently provides updates and new features to simplify building modern applications for developers.

Key features

  • MVC architecture 
  • Customizable 
  • Internationalization
  • Integration with other frameworks
  • Action mapping


Grails is built on top of Spring Boot, which extends the capabilities of the Spring framework. It is lesser known but powerful for software development. It uses Groovy programming language, an optionally typed and dynamic programming language, which has a fleet learning curve. 

Grails has asynchronous capabilities, allows the use of dependency injection, and it can also easily integrate with GORM (Golang ORM). Overall, it is an excellent framework for Java developers for backend web application development.

Key features

  • Convention over configuration 
  • Object-relational mapping
  • Plugins
  • Testing
  • Integration with other frameworks 


It is an open-source ORM framework that offers robust APIs to work with relational databases, eliminating the need for writing SQL queries manually to communicate and manipulate data in the database. So if your app heavily relies on data manipulation, Hibernate can handle the communication with the database while you focus on writing business logic.

Key features

  • Automatic table creation 
  • Lazy loading
  • Caching
  • Querying
  • Object-relational mapping


Micronaut is a modern and lightweight framework that is widely used in serverless application and microservices development.  

It has support for reactive programming, and you can use Kotlin and Groovy along with Java. Ahead of Time (AOT) and dependency injection can amazingly reduce your development efforts. If you want to leverage futuristic features and modern tools, Micronaut can be an excellent choice for full-stack Java developers. 

Key features

  • JVM-based framework 
  • Develop serverless application
  • Microservices development 
  • Fast startup 
  • AOT (Ahead of Time) Compilation support
  • Aspect-oriented programming 
  • Low memory footprint 


Spark is a lightweight, fast, and MVC framework that facilitates writing code by splitting the codebase into three key components: model, view, and controller. As MVC architecture is prevalent, you can quickly start with Spark. In addition to this, you will have an ecosystem with robust APIs for building Java applications. 

 Key features

  • Lightweight 
  • Scalable
  • Libraries 
  • Integration with technologies and frameworks
  • Easy-to-use


This article has mentioned some popular Java frameworks for Java app development in 2023. If you are looking for a Java development company or services, you can connect with us, and we will guide you in choosing the right tech stack for your new project. 

If you’re looking to develop a new Java application, you can hire Java developers on a project basis or a full-time basis. Our team of experienced developers will assist you in developing a Java application tailored to your specific needs. 

You can contact us to learn more about Java software development services. Also, we can help you achieve your goals with our innovative digital solutions. Let us know your requirements. 

In this article, we have mentioned the popular Java frameworks for Java developers. While many other frameworks are available, it’s impossible to summarize them all in one article. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or recommendations in the comments section below.

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