Why should Instagram story ads be their placement?

Instagram story ads

Since its inception, Instagram stories ads  keeps going on toward high-end evolution and transformation. It has introduced a huge range of features that are very helpful for brands to make their mark and achieve their marketing goals. Instagram stories are one of the most efficient ways to ignite the performance engine of your marketing efforts.

People on Instagram just love to see content in the form of stories and stories are the content that is widely shared. The people are the main reason behind the unmatched popularity of this content type on Instagram. Buy Instagram comments helps you get more engagement and a strong social presence on Instagram. As we know that stories are widely liked by the audience then why not the story ads? If you decide to show the ads in this format, you are doing a great favor to the performance of your marketing strategy.  

In this blog, we are going to discuss the reasons why we should use this method of displaying ads.

What are the Instagram story ads?

As we already know that Instagram stories are a type of content that is extremely admired by people around the world and research says that around 250 million people watch Instagram stories every day. Also, so many different stories are mixed and they have been used for storytelling purposes. Story ads refer to showing a short advertisement of your brand in the story on Instagram. As the stories can be easily seen by the users, it is a great idea to present your company’s ad in the form of stories. In this way, you will not annoy your audience by interrupting them plus you will be able to advertise as well.

There are given a series of benefits of using best instagram story ads

Instagram story ads allow the targeted clients to shop directly from the application or website and thus increase your reach and growth.

There is a more probability of getting responses from the users with the help of story ads so they are very helpful in driving engagement.

By utilizing the potential of best Instagram story ads, you can reach audiences that are related to your niche but are not following you.

It communicates your brands seamlessly in the relevant searches and feeds. So it increases your brand awareness in the digital world.

How to create a Instagram story ads:

It can be easily created by following the given steps.

Start doing so by creating a campaign

Click on the mode of buying that is preferable to you for example Auction or reach frequency

Choose one of the given objectives on Instagram from the given list of brand awareness, App Install, reachability, video views, conversions, or lead generation.

In the audience section, you can create an ad by clicking on the placements to Instagram stories. You must know that Instagram allows you to go with one placement at a time, it can not be combined with any other placement. Buy Instagram auto likes and create hype for your story ad on Instagram by conveying it to more and more people. 

Go to the ad section of Instagram stories where you can select the type of ad you want to create, i.e., in photos or videos.

Before clicking on the publish button go to the optimization panel and optimize your story ad. You can enable it by turning on the hyper optimization on your story ad to render the best performance of your story ad on Instagram.

Now you are all done. just click on the public button and your Instagram story ad will be published on your account.

Some important tactics while creating Instagram story ads

Now we are going to discuss a few important tips that you need to keep in your mind while creating the Instagram story ad for your business profile. It can maximize the potential of your Instagram story ads.

Use action content

While creating ads on your Instagram stories, you must remember that they mostly consist of real-life experiences. So, you must try to keep them as real as you can. With the help of high-density graphics, you can give an unforgettable user experience to your audience. There must be a unique factor in your story ads that your audience has never seen in other stories before and this prospect can be easily achieved by high-quality graphics that help you to stand out from the crowd.

Engage with your audience

When you focus on engaging with your audience on Instagram, it is likely to drive the attention of your followers toward your story ads. The more you engage people online, the more they are interested in seeing the content you are interested in sharing with them.

Ad creating specifications

Now I am going to tell you some specifications that are highly recommended to consider while you are creating an ad for your business profile.

The average length of your story ad should be 10 photos and you should keep it 15 seconds long if it is in the form of a video.

The recommended aspects ratio while creating the story ad is 9:16

Sound should be enabled with the captions on your story

The recommended format of your story is mp4 or gif

You must keep the resolution of your Instagram story ad to 1080*1067 pixels

The size of your story file should not be more than 4GB.

Track your performance

While you are advertising your brand through story ads, it gives you multiple tracking options. Make sure you have properly placed a call-to-action button that leads the people to your business website. By looking at the performance matrix, you need to timely check and measure the performance of your story ad on Instagram

Wrap Up Instagram story ads

Instagram story ad simplifies the process of advertising your brand and reaching your clients at the same time. It is the most effective way that can easily engage your audience as compared to any other type of content. You must try it and render the full benefit of this outstanding feature.

I hope you find this article so helpful. If you have anything to ask do let me know in the comments below

Thank you 

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