Eight Wonderful Novel You Must Read

A good love tale is something that readers adore. Love stories are popular among readers. If you look at the bestseller lists at any time of year, you’ll almost always see one or two romance novels rising the ranks. 

Books that are based on actual events have a bit more depth. They may make us laugh, cry, or jump for pleasure, and they’re often inspiring, even when tragic. They help us appreciate the past while learning something new as we gaze to the future.  

Some of the best dramatic romance novels, best based on true storybooks, are as under: 

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks 

Noah and Allie had the perfect whirlwind romance, but they had pulled apart when family and expectations came in the way. This novel will show you the harsh side of love and expectations. Their agonizing path to love will undoubtedly leave an impression as their narrative is portrayed in the past and the present. 

Lord of Scoundrels  

Scoundrels are novels that have many series. You can read the complete series or the best book of the series. The best one is lord of scoundrels. This is a fantastic novel, and many people have not read it. Once you start reading this book, you might come back and re-read it to learn new things and enjoy the experience. 

“Seven Days in June” by Tia Williams 

Eva and Shane spent a week as teens hopelessly in love, so it’s no wonder that when they run into each other 20 years later at a literary event, their chemistry is instantaneous. Eva and Shane meet during seven days in Brooklyn in this warm and heartfelt romance, rediscovering the flame between them while addressing the questions that have remained unanswered after all this time. 

Romeo & Juliet By Shakespeare 

Romeo and Juliet are two of Shakespeare’s most famous characters. Shakespeare crafts a violent and generational struggle in which two young people fall in love and die due to their passion. The story is unusual because it depicts the typical challenges young lovers confront on a vast scale. The Montagues and the Capulets are on opposite ends of a bloody war and are attempting to kill each other on the streets of Verona, not only because the lovers’ families disapprove of their love for each other, but also because they think that they are not made for each other. This is a story that many people can relate to, and it can show you the harsh reality of life. This is an eye-opener and shows how love can lead to the ultimate demise of two people.  

Because of the hate, if Juliet’s family discovers Romeo with her, he will be killed. Once Romeo dies, Juliet’s sole option for avoiding being married to someone else is to drink a potion that kills her, causing her to be buried beside the bodies of her dead relatives. In this violent, death-filled world, the story’s progression from love at first sight to the lovers’ deathbed reunion seems all but inevitable. This novel is the best dramatic romance novel based on true storybooks. 

 All These Bodies by Kendare Blake 

This book was published in the summer of 1958. A terrible killer haunts the Midwest, leaving behind a trail of dead utterly drained of blood. 

Michael Jensen, a budding journalist whose father is the town sheriff, never expected the Bloodless Murders to come to his neighborhood. It wasn’t until the night of the Carlson family’s murder that they were discovered in their home. Marie Catherine Hale, a petite fifteen-year-old, was drenched in blood at the crime site. She is the only suspect who has been apprehended. This is a highly mysterious book which you can read as many times as you want, without getting bored. 

Texas Destiny 

This book is about a boy whose name is Houston Leigh. He is scared as he has passed through a civil war. The book tells about how he trekked to Texas with Miss Amelia Carson. 

Heartbreak For Hire, by Sonia Hartl 

Heartbreak for hire is an adult novel that talks about a breakup agency. This breakup agency provides girls to make people move on from their exes. They provide all the services to make you feel good about yourself. Brinkley Saunders is a girl who works in this agency. Although she is persuading an unethical profession, this is all to fulfill her dreams. She dreams of opening an art gallery to easily exhibit her work. 

Everything appears to be going according to plan until Brinkley’s boss decides that their heartbreak agency could use a little more male energy —and When Brinkley meets her new coworker, she learns that Mark is someone she was hired to exact vengeance against once upon a time.  

This is an adult novel; it tells about the harsh realities of life. Brinkley had to adopt a profession that was not considered ethically correct. It reveals how a girl can emotionally and physically trust a guy in a hotel room.  

Hartl deftly weaves a romance into a story about learning to love and prioritize oneself, all while tackling real-life workplace issues. The result is a rom-com that desperately needs to be adapted. 

Something Wonderful 

Something Wonderful is one of Judith McNaught’s most renowned stories. It tells the story of Alexandra, an innocent country girl who saves jaded aristocrat Jordan from a highway robbery — and then gets married to him after a misunderstanding. On the other hand, Jordan is unsure what to do with his young and unexpected bride. 

Bottom Line: 

In conclusion, we can say that we can’t get enough of literary fiction at Early Bird Books. However, some of us are addicted to an even more powerful genre: true-love fiction. These books not only read like the best works of fiction, but they also have a surprising basis in truth, which adds to their emotional impact. 

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