Top Applications You Need for Cooking and Food Related Secrets

When it comes to cooking everyone needs a little help in the kitchen. The right cooking app can make you cook the best food in simple technique and add flavor to your meal. You can feel the chef of your kitchen when you follow these apps and prepare your meal in less time than the original time. Previously, we used to have small books where every item had its own ingredients and procedure. Nowadays, the task has been made easy with these simple apps. Before we start, we want to inform you that we have the best content on different topics like technology, home décor, education, yoga, travel, food, etc. to keep you updated through our site, Essay writing service Canada. We also provide different assignment help for the students to make them score high marks and you can get them on GotoAssignmentHelp platform.

Let’s start with the apps!

  •       Epicurious: The app version is available on iOS only and provides thousands of recipes with flexible search options. It has been a very popular app for online recipes and comes with a new feature called the “Smart Timer” which gives you simple food recipes to cook without a recipe. Price: Free
  •       SideChef: This app is specially made for beginners as each recipe has detailed instructions with photos and built-in timer for each step. The app also features how-to videos for learning new skills with different kinds of meal planner and grocery lists. It is available on both iOS and Android. Price: Free
  •       Tasty: Tasty is a part of Buzzfeed and uses its own style for engaging videos which describes each step of the recipe smartly. You can easily search dishes by cuisine or ingredient, etc. and there is a feature that generates recipes with the ingredients you have at home through “What’s in Your Kitchen”. Available on both iOS and Android. Price: Free
  •       NYT Cooking: This app makes the best easy to follow recipes which combines the New York Times’s food expertise with designed recipes. Available on both iOS and Android, it is downloaded by 113 million users to access expert-tested recipes, and learning culinary skills. Price: $4.99/month or $39.99/year.
  •       Forks Plant-Based Recipes: If you want to make recipes which are plant based, then this app is for you provided by Forks Over Knives. It is currently on #2 position in the App Store’s “Food & Drink” category. Users love it for the different easy instructions and shopping list features. It is available on iOS and Android. Price: $4.99
  •       Kitchen Stories: It is the best app for the aspiring food influencers who want to make recipes as well as share them with others. This app provides free tutorials and shopping lists and gives instructions on how to photograph your own recipes. It is available on iOS and Android. Price: Free.
  •       Big Oven: Like many other cooking apps, it has the same features and apart from that the app remembers each little detail of the user. It has a grocery list tool which is shareable and comes with a meal planner which is simple. If you have “zero-waste goals”, this app is ideal for you as it comes with a “Use Up Leftovers” feature. It is available on iOS and Android. Price: Free.
  •       Weber Grills: If you are interested more in non-veg recipes then this one’s for you. This app stands out as it provides different recipes and grilling techniques which will help you in managing the time. It features a built-in timer. It is available on iOS only. Price: Free
  •       Yummly: Having more than 2 million recipes, the app is among the top recipe sites as it builds recommendations on the preferences you have made and has lots of search options to look for the recipe that you actually want. It is available on iOS and Android. Price: Free
  •       Tastemade: Tastemade is like an entertainment channel that makes content related to food and travel. This app has different shows which feature making meals on a budget, etc. It is available on iOS and Android. Price: Free or $19.99/year with a premium subscription.

These were the best applications to have for your kitchen purpose. If you have liked our content, reach us at GotoAssignmentHelp for more such interesting contents. We also provide assignment writing services to the students who want high marks in their assignments at a pocket friendly price so do not forget to visit Online Assignment Help platform.



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