How are good friends useful for your health?

Friends offer much more than what you think and deserve. Maintaining a good friendship not only builds a strong relationship but also yields long term physical and emotional health benefits. In this blog our allassignmenthelp experts will tell you the importance of good friends and their positive impacts on your health.

According to psychiatrists, good friends can heal the disease which medicines fail to do so. So, without wasting time, let’s check how friendship is important to boost up your health:

  1.   Friends can help your self esteem: ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ this proverb goes here very much. In your difficult situation only a friend can improve your self confidence and make you feel how important and worthy you are. With a good friend you can share your success and failures too.
  2.   Strong friendships help to release stress from your life: friends are the best medicine to remove stress. Wherever you go through a difficult situation a good friend can help you feel comfortable. Their physical touch can make you feel different. In a study it is found that receiving a hug from your bestie will release all negative emotions from your body.
  3.   Friendship helps to protect cognitive health: for elderly women, friendship plays a significant role in protecting them. Having a strong social network offers a protective effect on cognitive health and reduces the risk factors.
  4.   Friends help us to cope with every kind of difficulties and grief: friends are the best medicine if you are going through difficulties in life. In a survey it is found that if you are going through some difficult situation like death of a near and dear one, losing of job etc, if you have a strong bonding with your friends, they help you to decrease your grief. People who are lonely have more difficulties in coping with the challenges of life.
  5.   It Encourages a healthy behaviour towards others: if you are having a positive relationship with others, it gives you an opportunity to make healthy choices in every field. If your friends are engaged in fruitful work, it will attract you to do the same. Feeling isolated leads to depression, increases in stress and it gives a negative impact on your health. In this need of the hour, friends work as the best medicine.
  6.   Strong relationships lead to living longer: in a survey it was found that persons who have strong relationships with friends live longer than those who stay isolated. Persons who are socially active, have a strong involvement with friends and these work as health boosters for them.
  7.   Healthy relationships with friends make us happier: persons who have strong bonding with friends lead a happy life with better wellness than those who keep themselves physically active. Being with good friends makes you happy.
  8.   Friendship gives a sense of belonging: according to psychiatrists, no matter what makes you united with your group of friends, but the feeling of united or your entity in that particular group gives you a sense of belonging. It has a lot of benefits too like it helps to maintain a strong emotional health and decreases the risk of depression, loneliness etc.
  9.   Staying socially active lowers the risk of long term health issues: in a survey it is found that persons who are socially very active and connected with friends have been linked with a lower risk of depression, anxiety, heart diseases, arthritis etc.

Conclusion: after reading the whole blog I hope you will get an outline regarding the benefits of having a strong bonding with friends. If still you have doubts regarding this, you can contact our economics assignment help experts who are very skilled and experienced. For more updates log on to our official website and check the necessary details of hiring them. 


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