How does cleanliness help us to stay healthy

stay healthy

Cleanliness is the state of being clean stay healthy. People should encourage it instead of forcing it. Cleanliness is a pleasant habit that can raise the standard of living as all its variants carry the same burden. Mostly, parents and teachers should encourage this habit from childhood itself. This will create awareness about cleanliness.

Eliminating it is not a difficult task, but it is very easy, and likewise one should not make the mistake of compromising on cleanliness. It is important for the health and well-being of both humans and animals.

Hygiene is very important in the life of every person as it resists the bacteria which can harm our health. Bacteria grow rapidly in dirty places. It is essential to wipe dust off shelves and other items where bacteria can grow.

If we do not keep our surroundings clean, breathing in polluted dust will harm our lungs, body and our health. You should also wash the dishes immediately after eating food.

If you leave unclean utensils unattended, it can cause you food poisoning and illness. Similarly, cleaning your mattress, carpet and upholstery material is essential to maintaining indoor cleanliness.

Carpets can accumulate a lot of dirt, dust and bacteria that is enough to make your entire family sick. Camry is one of the best companies in Sydney that provide carpet and upholstery cleaning services

Keeping your environment, your home and yourself clean is very important. By keeping your surroundings clean, you can avoid any kind of disease.

Following are some basic things that you should keep clean in your daily life:


Baby teeth appear in the first year of a human’s life. At the age of 6-7 years there are a total of 20 teeth. Some of them start falling at the age of 8-9 years. New and adult teeth begin to grow in that empty space. At the age of 10-11 years, all the milk teeth usually fall out and are replaced permanently. 

If a person loses their adult tooth, a new tooth will never grow again. What helps us to digest food? It is the teeth that help in such aspect. The food is filled with saliva in the mouth and gets deposited with the teeth. When you eat, food particles get stuck in the small spaces between your teeth. When you don’t brush your teeth after eating and before sleeping, the food particles rot and bacteria start to grow on it. It can seriously damage your teeth and leave your mouth smelly.


Nails protect your fingers from injury. However, they can be harmful if they are too large, and you don’t cut them regularly. If you don’t keep them clean, they can become a threat to your health. A large number of pathogenic microbes can accumulate under the nails. You should trim your fingernails once a week and toenails once every 2-3 weeks as they grow slower than fingernails. 

Before the procedure, we recommend placing hands and feet in warm soapy water. It makes your nails soft. You should cut them in semicircles. If you don’t trim your nails correctly, the sharp edge can grow into the skin and cause pain and swelling.


It is also important to keep your hair in order. Scientists have determined that hair lives up to four years. For a year they have time to grow 12-15 cm. To make your hair healthy and thick, you need to take care of it regularly and comb it daily. Combing makes the hair frizzy and clean. You must do this daily to maintain the health of your hair. You should wash your hair with a good quality shampoo.

Clear skin

There is a lot of water in the human body. If there would be no skin on the body, the water would evaporate, and the person would become a prune. The skin not only retains water in the body but also prevents it from entering stay healthy. 

It releases a type of lubricant called sebum, which makes the skin waterproof. If the skin was not waterproof, a person would become a sponge whenever he took a bath. The skin provides excellent protection from germs.

Our skin has small pores (pores). Some of them absorb oxygen and others release some oil which moisturizes the skin. Some of them excrete sweat and harmful substances that accumulate in the body. Dust and sweat can clog the pores of our skin. This leads to breakouts of acne and dull skin. It is necessary to clean your body daily to remove dust particles. Take bath daily or after a day to stay clean 

Importance of cleanliness in society

Hygiene skills are a very important part of the culture of behaviour. Due to ethical rules, your body, face, hair, clothes and shoes should be neat and clean. Here, we are directing you not only to the requirements of cleanliness but also because of the norms of human relations. Children should understand and follow these rules of morality and cleanliness. 

The education of personal and public hygiene skills plays an important role in protecting their health. This is contributing to behaving properly in everyday life in public places.

Is cleanliness the key to good health? Most of us would answer, yes! “Purity brings a person closer to a deity”, said a European sociologist. The word hygiene comes from the name of one of the daughters of the Greek god-healer Asclepius – Hygeia. She is known as the goddess of purity and health.

Hygiene tips for kids

Ultimately, not only children but also adults must be fully aware of the necessary hygiene rules and norms of good behavior in public. In the process of daily work with children, it is necessary to ensure and ensure the implementation of personal hygiene rules that should be natural to them. Hygiene skills are constantly improving with age. In the beginning children are taught to follow the basic rules. Wash hands with soap, rinse hands thoroughly and then wipe them thoroughly. Here are the key tips for keeping kids clean:

Use a separate towel, comb the hair, rinse in a glass before drinking water and make sure everything is clean.

The task of adults in the formation of cultural and hygienic skills is to develop self-control when applying the rules and norms of personal hygiene.

Parents have to continuously strengthen the hygiene skills in their children by admitting them in kindergarten. Adults should set an example for children as they always follow their parents or teachers. We hope that our recommendations will help you in any case.

Many parents believe that they should dress their child in warm clothes. Wrapping babies in hundreds of layers can lead to illness. Movement warms the body. Too many unnecessary clothes on your child can overheat their body due to heat exchange of body and clothing. Here, you can learn more about great tips on staying clean for a healthy life.


Make sure you stay as clean and hygienic as possible to stay healthy. I hope these hygiene tips can help you stay clean and healthy.

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