How to Pick the Right Wristwatch for Men?

There are just watches, and then there are branded watches. The first one is for telling the time. The latter tells what kind of person you are. Are you into luxurious designer watches worth thousands of pounds? Or do you believe in quality and money well spent on men’s affordable watches?

Regardless of your personality, proper watches—the one that has craftsmanship and class, tells a lot about you.

There is no easy way to do it. You need research time towards becoming a watch collector.

But who has got that time nowadays?

That’s why we have a guide for you. Let’s break down the fundamentals of buying the right wristwatch for men.

The mechanics

The ‘movement’ or the working of the watch is what makes all the difference.

You don’t have to understand the particulars, but a few things should be kept in mind. The smoother the mechanics of the wristwatch, the better is its quality.

Quartz is obviously the first choice. It is highly mass-produced, and since its invention, most watches have used quartz.

There are mechanical watches and automatic ones which are more complex. When it comes to the engine of the watch, the brand doesn’t matter. Be it a cheap branded watch or a designer one; it is the insides that count here!

The budget

This is a pretty fair issue. Not everyone can afford designer watches.

Honestly, being in the industry for so long, it comes down to materials, brand heritage, and quality of the craftsmanship.

Mechanical watches are affordable than automatic ones. There are Sekonda watches for men, which houses beautifully crafted wristwatches for decades.

Made from a long lineage of experts and valuable materials, you can wear these anywhere, from office to parties.

The types

The outside is just as important as the insides when it comes to affordable watches for men.

Different occasions demand different types of wristwatches. You don’t need to be a collector, but there are five basic ones everyone should have.

  • Diving watch- These were built for deep-sea divers. Thanks to their rugged features, luminous dials, and hands, it makes for men’s versatile yet handsome watch.
  • A minimalist watch- Just as it says, these are everyday watches mostly in black or another neutral colour. These cheap branded watches are simple with a contemporary design.
  • A dress watch- Think Roman numerals, beautiful leather straps, and a timeless appeal. That’s a dress watch for you. They are thinner than other wristwatches and are great for formal dinners, cocktail parties, dates, etc.
  • A sports watch- These watches have a ton of functions. They are great for measuring speed, keeping tracks—a much-needed watch for outdoor activities.
  • The aviation watch- Don’t get confused by the name. Aviation watches are incredibly durable, have some excellent functions and multiple dials. Some models are even 100 years old, but they are a great balance of technicality and style.

The size

There isn’t a typical size for wristwatches. Some have larger dials of more than 44mm. Some have 34 to 36 mm dials.

It all depends on the style and the size of your wrist. If you have slighter wrists, standard 34mm dials will work the best. While for rugged wrists, larger dials suit more.

Test some pieces to make sure the dial sits properly on your wrist. Ideally, there should be a single-finger gap on each side after the dial sits on your hand.

Also, dress watches are thinner than sports watches. Formal occasions need a sleeker style than outdoor activities like hiking.

The straps

Straps are the things that bind the watch with your wrist. It also lends a character to the watch.

Different straps send a different message. Metal bracelets look more masculine and businessman.

Chunky brassy straps look more apt for the outdoors, while leather straps give a more conventional, dressy appeal.



Now we guess you have a better idea of what makes for a great watch. For a better understanding, visit a store like Give & Take. They have a massive collection of kid’s watches online, men’s affordable watches, and women’s wristwatches.

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