Any person who is related to logistics or shipping services should be familiar with the word NDR. NDR full form is non-delivery report. Non-delivery report or NDR is a term that is used when the courier service is unable to deliver the order in front of the door of the recipient due to some unavoidable reason. In simple words, it can be stated that NDR is a report made by the courier service that express the reason of the details of the non delivered product.

The product that is not delivered by the courier service can get returned to the seller. The returning of the product or the product not getting delivered is a serious issue for the person who is running an online business.

Studies have shown that each day, 3 out of 5 online businessmen face the return of their product. There can be several reasons behind the package not getting delivered, like: the address of the recipient may not be complete, the receiver may not be present in the place, the receiver may not be able to pay the cash during the time of delivery, there are many customers who even deny placing orders, and many more can be the reason of refusal.

But the most critical part of the story lies on the shoulder of the seller. The seller has to bear the shipping charge irrespective of the delivery.

How to handle NDR?

Firstly to deal with NDR, you need to understand the NDR meaning clearly. Whenever the courier company raises the NDR of any delivery, the seller needs to pay attention to it just to avoid an increase in RTO. Any seller can deal with this situation in two ways either resending the delivery by correcting the address of the receiver or any other wrong information that has led to non-delivery of the product for choosing the option of returning. Do the courier service will automatically return the product to the seller after it has attempted to recent the product three times.

What is the understanding behind RTO?

The courier service gives you the option of RTO to the seller whenever they update a package as NDR. Returned to origin can be abbreviated as RTO.  But RTO involves a huge loss because the seller has to bear the cost of packaging, manufacturing, and shipping.

How to decrease the percentage of RTO?

There are a few tips mentioned below that can be executed to decrease the percentage of RTO.The customer often does not favour getting their delivery late. It is seen that most of the customer refuses to take the order whenever the order reaches after the day of the delivery date. It is important to ensure that the product should reach the door of your customer within the date of the delivery.

Place yourself in the position of your customer you will understand that a real tracking system will give you the trust upon the seller. Hence try to choose a courier service that will ensure you with the AI technology that will provide your customer with the tracking system.

Knowing everything there is to know about NDR

To notify the sender that the email delivery was unsuccessful, the mail server generates a Non Delivery Report (NDR) or ‘bounce message.’ An NDR can be sent to a sender for a number of reasons, the most common of which are an SMTP rejection code or a timeout failure to send an email.

In response to the recipient’s SMTP 500 error code, the sender’s mail server frequently generates an NDR. Some examples include an invalid recipient email address, an overflowing inbox, a letter that is too large, and so on. If an email is received and then returned as undeliverable, the NDR is created by the recipient’s mail server.

What is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

A non-delivery report (NDR) is a report generated automatically by a mail server to notify the sender that their email message was not delivered correctly. The NDR is an email sent from the sender’s mail server that contains information on why the delivery was unsuccessful. The most typical causes are an erroneous destination email address in the “To” column or a full inbox that prevents fresh messages from being received. Non-delivery reports are often referred to as bounced messages, non-delivery notifications (NDN), and delivery status alerts (DSN).

What is the process of generating an NDR?

Non-delivery notifications are generated by mail servers using the standard SMTP 500 error code method.


Keeping NDR management in mind is very important to reduce the RTO. But you need to give your customers the freedom to choose delivery time to lower the chance of the refusal of the delivery. Because if you understand the flexibility of your customers then your customers will surely purchase from you frequently.

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