How Can Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

Extensive growth in weight is very bad for the health of the body and mind. It makes people tired, uncomfortable, and it also becomes the reason for several diseases. There are many ways to control the weight factor of the body. The main question is that does drinking water help weight loss? Water plays a huge role in stabilizing digestion and muscle functions. There are several theories that have displayed that water plays an important role in lessening the weight of the body. The medical community is stating that water has a great influence in reducing weight, and still, they are researching it.

Calorie Burner:

Water has the credibility to increase resting parts of the body and reduce the expenditure of energy levels. This statement is the reason why it can help in burning specific numbers of calories depending upon the amount. There have been different studies in the past that also give proofs of this theory. A study was conducted back in 2014 in which doctors analyzed 12 people. They put those people at room temperature and gave them 500 ML of water. From this experiment, they noticed an increase in the expenditure of energy. The persons lose 3 to 2 percent calories after drinking water within an hour. Drinking cold water is more beneficial in this regard. When you drink cold water, the internal system of the body releases energy to heat water for digestion. This heat can burn calories and cause you to lower in weight.

Appetite Suppressant:

It is a known fact that the stomach sends signals to the brain to stop eating when it is full. In this regard, what water can do is fill the stomach very quickly. From this, the feel of being hungry reduces. That is one of many ways water can reduce weight because it makes a person not eat a lot. Some persons also think that they are in need of food when actually they are just thirsty. Drinking water before eating a meal can reduce the want to eat, which is why water is a natural appetite suppressant. Back in 2014, doctors gathered 50 females that have overweight issues. They let them drink 500 ML water 30 minutes before any meal. After the experiment, a reduction in weight was noticed.

Removes Waste From The Body

Water is a perfect element that can filter waste and toxins from the kidneys to keep the organ healthy. When a human body is in a state of dehydration, it cannot remove its wastes. Water is the reason why our body can have strong digestion and waste removal system. Sometimes, dehydration can be the cause of constipation because dehydration does not allow the body to remove wastes. In this regard, what water can do is soften hard stools from the body and help the kidneys and stomach to work for the reduction of wastes. It also plays a role in keeping the body safe from indigestion and diarrhea. A body gains weight when it has an excess of wastes inside it. Water allows the body to become wasteless and healthy.

Helps With Workouts

Exercise is the core thing that can help a body in losing weight. The role of water in this is that it can help the body to move swiftly. It does that by making joints, and connective tissues move perfectly. During workouts, lungs, kidneys, heart, and other organs can experience the expenditure of energy. Water helps them to maintain their balance and keep them hydrated. Hydration can help a body to go towards the lessening of weight, and water has a huge role in maintaining that in the body. It also keeps the concerns like fatigue and muscle cramps away. Most doctors suggest that drinking water before and after a workout can help the body to go towards waste digestion correctly. So make sure to keep the bottle of water close whenever you are working out.

Reduces Liquid Calorie Intake

Many people go for drinks like herbal teas and soft drinks for the lessening of weight. What they do not know is that if they replace them with water, they can get to see better results for sure. It allows the body to keep its calorie intake at a balance. In the StudyTrusted program back in 2015, doctors made an experiment on two women that are attending a 24-week plan session for losing weight. They give one woman a high-caloric beverage or drink for almost 6 months. The reduction of weight was just 2 to 2.5 percent. On the other hand, they give the second woman 250 ML water after every meal, and that woman gets to see the loss of more than 14 percent of the weight. So stop going after drinks and juices and make drinking water your habit and hobby.

Burns Fat

Water is not just a basic need of the body; it also helps it to strengthen its metabolism. It allows the body to maintain the levels of stored carbohydrates and fats. Lipolysis is the process that is known for the metabolizing procedure. In this process, water molecules hit the fats to generate fatty acids and glycerol. The fat to which the water connects is also known as triglycerides. Water can reduce and store the fat both at the same time whether you are having a beverage or meal. Studies show that drinking a lot of water can cause lipolysis and lead the body to reduce fats at a better rate. This is one of the many reasons why doctors suggest drinking water as much as you can and need in a day.

All of the above-mentioned reasons will show you that there is a correlation between water consumption and weight loss. After checking out, these reasons you will surely get the answer of does drinking water help weight loss or not. So make sure to consider factors like body size, temperature, activity level, sun exposure, and humidity. Consider these factors and make your routine to drink water according to them. This will keep you hydrated and in fit shape as well.

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