5 Lessons Learned in The Escape Room That You Can Apply in Your Everyday Life


An escape room is an adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to discover clues, solve the puzzles, and complete tasks in one or more rooms in order to achieve a specific goal within a time limit. Gamers are set in a variety of different types of fictional locations. 

Escape room games have gained huge popularity within some years and are widely played by people of different age groups. There are also many lessons of the game that let the players learn many things and can also be used in their everyday lives. 

Unknowingly, an escape room supports the mental health of a person. While playing this game, people can leave all their problems aside, and the only problem they care about is solving the mystery and breaking out of the room. This game improves the mood of the people and gives them an opportunity to spend a happy time with their family, friends or dear ones. 

The concept of escape room games came into existence from the early 2000s, and from the very beginning, it has been a hit. Due to its huge popularity, at present, we can find an escape room anywhere in the world. Nowadays, you will definitely find an escape room in the popular cities in whichever countries you go to.  

The people who once got involved in escape room games are bound to play it again and try different types of escape rooms. The experience in an escape room is the main factor for which people keep on visiting different escape rooms. Humans are always in need of some thrilling experiences, and escape rooms are the best places to get that.  

The concept of escape rooms is appreciated and accepted by the people, and the sector is increasing. But also, there are many escape rooms that lack the sparking factor, and for this reason, those escape rooms remain unsuccessful. It happens most of the time due to the lack of good concept, theme, and originality.  

If we get inside the books of history, we can see that the earliest escape rooms were created back in 2006, and they became hugely popular in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Israel, and China by the 2010s. Now we can find escape rooms in more and more countries as people urge to be in the escape room. The scenario of escape rooms is one of few experiences which can provide the same excitement to both kids and adults, teenagers too! It is a strange land where people from all age groups will enjoy the adventurous ride of escaping the escape rooms. 

The growth of technology and the increasing craze of playing escape room games lead the developers to develop virtual escape room games. Virtual escape rooms can be played from anywhere with an electronic device, and they can be played in both multiplayer and solo mode. This concept also gives an opportunity to play with your friends who are not close by, and you and your team can play the game from different locations, no matter wherever in the world. People have hugely accepted this concept, and more people started getting involved in the virtual escape room experience.  

The continuous twists and turns in the game will keep you on edge, along with the enchanting ambiance, making you forget reality and let you dive deep into the world of fantasy. Escape rooms will give you a chance to be the fictional character that you’ve fantasized to be and will let you drift into the wonders of the mystic rooms that will give you a whole new dimension to your imagination. 

  1. Teamwork 

In today’s lifestyle, mostly all of the work that we do is completed alone, from household activities to projects at work. Escape rooms give a chance to people to work in teams to successfully escape the room. When people who are accustomed to working independently come together for teamwork, they begin to think and work differently. The team’s ideas, abilities, and strength is the factor for which a team succeeds in escaping the room after solving the puzzles. The players may realize that because they have a team of people to support them, they can attempt better solutions that require multiple actions, which would not have been possible by a solo player.  

  1. Problem Solving Abilities 

Problem-solving abilities are an important factor for mental growth, and escape rooms definitely help in boosting this ability. The problem-solving abilities get a boost because the players have to work a lot on their thought process to solve those mysteries or puzzles through the help of the riddles. It also results in achieving a thought process that is out of the box. Also, it is an essential ability that can work as a great component in every stage of life. 

  1. Eye For Details 

Having an eye for the clue and precisely finding and solving them is also one of the key factors to solving an escape room puzzle. The players have to use their minds sharply, smartly and fast in order to solve the difficult mysteries. It will result in sharp thinking in many other real-life scenarios in which anyone can get stuck. 


  1. Sharp Memory 

One of the key factors of the escape room game is that the players have to remember each and every clue which they have found in the whole time period. A person’s memory plays a huge role in the game as the person has to remember all the clues they have found to break out from the room. The person has to be sharp to solve the puzzles, and the game also boosts a person’s memory.     

  1. Value Of Time 

While most of the escape room games are of 60 minutes, some go up to 90 minutes. You have to keep a strict focus on time because you’ll not get any extra to solve the mystery if the time runs out. Through this, the players learn the value of time and gain excellence in completing the tasks in less amount of time. So, lastly, it also makes people learn about time value. 

Escape rooms hugely enhance a person’s mood and keep them on edge with their twists and turns. It also keeps them happy. Happiness is the key to a healthy life , and by improving your mood and being happy, you can be healthier, while an escape room adds a pinch in your health by making you happy. A person’s engagement in an escape room game lets them enjoy and feel happiness from the core of their heart.   


Wrapping Up 

Knowing the traits and working smartly as early as possible keeps you a step forward from others in these modern times. The friendly competition in escape room games also provides you a picture of the competition which you will face in reality. From team management skills to accepting hard challenges, escape rooms prepare you to face many different situations, which will definitely help in making your way out from a difficult situation in real life, eventually increasing and boosting the mental growth of a person by keeping the fun factor at a constant high level. 

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