How healing yoga cure old diseases


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, which originated in India and was extracted from the word “yoga”. Yoga is considered as the most sacred and unique form of physical as well as mental well being wherein the body and mind work in combination to bring out the best in person or to cure disease likewise. Yoga however, must only be performed unfer complete supervision when done for the purpose of getting rid of any sort of illness. Thanks to the internet it is not impossible to get hold of a guru/ yogi to connect with us and learn under his/her guidance. There are numerous options available in the market, however, we must choose in the most careful manner as to who may help us in learning this art. Thankfully we have researched in advance for you and do have a great recommendation to make, for the best online yoga in Dubai.

Yoga is no more just an exercise for us, it has become a life saving, disease curing practice for so many people living. These days we are all diseased or caught up with few of the common sicknesses that need no introduction. It is like someone in the family is, was, or even will be ( considering the quality of lifestyle we lead) affected by one or many of them. However, gives us the edge to save ourselves from the long due sickness as it has healing and theraputic powers that help with the healing. Let us have a look at certain diseases that may be be healing or their negative effect may be reduced by regular practice of yogic healing sessions in Dubai or rather any part of the world.


Asthma is no alien a sickness in today’s lifestyle. Most of the people around us are suffering from it. People treat themselves to cure asthma at different medical centers/ hospitals, they try Ayurveda or homeopathy, however, one thing they must primarily try and they don’t Nowadays thanks to the progression we are making because of technology, we have yoga at home in Dubai. Irrespective of the continent that you may be putting up in, ia readily available for you at your convenience.

Rehearsing different yoga structures like the pranayama and anulom-vulomserve as the solitary practical solution for asthma. While inhalers fill in as a prompt alleviation during an asthma assault,  gives the lone long haul solution for the condition.

Joint inflammation from yoga

Arthritis is a very commonly found sickness in almost every other home these days. We have become couch potato and it is very difficult for us to move at all. It is still a sickness whose permanent rescue is yet to be found however, yoga does offer major relief and comfort when done under supervision of a guru/ yogi. The best online yoga in Dubai can be searched and under dedicated supervision one may find utter comfort and relief.

Nonetheless, known to the layman is rehearsing suryanamaskar. It is considered to be a flexible, powerful, and normal approach to control the measure of torment brought about by the illness.

Diabetes cure from yoga

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which is widespread not only among the adults, middle aged, senior citizens, but it has now groped the kids as well. It is a severe illness in which body does not produce sufficient insulin as a result of which the sugar levels are imbalanced. This is a sickness that can be brought relief by changing the lifestyle of the ill and practicing yoga in combination of the same to stay off pills / insulin for the rest of their lives. Yogic healing sessions in Dubai must be considered and for treating any sickness like this one must consider a professional advice first. Yoga asanas like the triangle posture can be profoundly powerful in controlling glucose levels.

Hypertension control by yoga

Stress is one of the significant reasons for hypertension. Considering the busy lives we lead and the utter discomfort of becoming an over achiever we live in adds up to the stress that we live in continuously. Reflective yoga asana like pranayama, consistently practiced, may be considered as the lone long haul fix of hypertension.


With the quality detoriation of our lives these days, we tend to become depressed. Most of us are in depression and we do not realize the same until severe or serious depression symptoms begin to show. Social media is of a great help in curing depression, it provides comfort for the depressed to bring out and open up to people about their problems. People tend to take resting pills and antidepressants to dispose of wretchedness. Yoga acts like a bliss in this state, not only is it therapeutic but it also heals internally and spiritually,  asanas like the uttanasana are one of the incredible solutions for the same.

Poly Cystic Ovaries

One of the most common sickness these days among women is PCOS . This leads to unpredictable mood swings, hunger pangs, irritatedness, untimely or no periods at all and might conceivably prompt barrenness in ladies. It is believed that with a combination of proper diet and workout- any form, it is possible to control the same. The objective is to reduce the stress and improve the lifestyle. Yoga is utter bliss for PCOS, as it is believed that attempting the carcass posture can be a compelling answer for ovarian sores without the need of any medical procedure or drug.

Liver Problems

Liver problems these days are no surprise to have. With the detoriation in the quality of lives we lead and the amount of careless consumption of alcohol, it is bound to turn into a disease. What may be considered as helpful in treating or curing liver problems is extension posture or feline posture, as it can build the blood course in the midsection and assist with keeping a solid liver.

Lower Back Pain

We lead very busy lives these days. It is so because we are all working / busy earning a living, and let us admit it is no cake walk to go out and earn money. However, we do have a good grip on our careers but we fail to take care of ourselves as a result of which we tend to develop lower back pain. It turns out to be so severe in so many individuals that they even go through a medical procedure to get alleviation. Different yoga presents like the tree present or the tadasana can serve to be of utter relief for the same.

While we are inclined towards immediate comfort for our pain we turn to allopathic medicines rather than treating the issue from the core , however, practicing yoga can be helpful for the aforesaid and many other persistent ailments. The best part about yoga is that it is a totally regular and complete type of brain and body work out.

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