Searching for essay help online? How do you write an essay that sticks with the reader? Need essay help and pointers? Here we have provided complete details using which you can write an awesome essay. Before going through the tips we must know the basic structure of an essay. Every essay is divided into three parts i.e. Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Introduction: It includes a hook (first sentence) two or three sentences explaining the focus of the topic and then a thesis statement.

Body: In general, an essay’s body contains three paragraphs which can be increased according to the need (length) of the essay. These paragraphs support the thesis statement with the help of data, facts or examples.

Conclusion: In the ending/concluding paragraph summarization of the overall content is done.

So, to write an awesome essay you have to work in the above mentioned three parts equally. If the introduction, body and conclusion are individually perfect then the overall essay will be the best.

Essay Outline

  1. Introduction
  1. a) Hook
  2. b) Introduce a topic
  3. b) Thesis Statement
  1. Body; Paragraph-1, 2 and 3..
  1. a) Topic sentence based on the argument for the thesis statement
  2. b) Using the data, facts, and examples to Support the argument
  3. c) Explaining the relation of argument with the thesis statement stated in the starting paragraph

III. Conclusion

  1. a) Summary of all the main points of the content written
  2. b) Rephasing thesis statement
  3. c) Lastly adding a question for readers to think or linking the essay with another topic or telling the readers how to apply the given information in daily life

Tips on how to write an awesome essay

Below are the points which if followed step by step will result in an awesome essay-

Step 1 – Understanding the topic

The very first thing is to know your topic well. The writer must know the reader’s age group purpose of writing on the given topic and what is helpful. Also, you must have knowledge regarding the word limit required and how you want the readers to view your essay i.e. entertainment, persuasive or informative.

Step 2 – Drafting Thesis Statement

After knowing the purpose of writing an essay you have to write a thesis statement that will make the readers interested and emotionally attached to your writing. The thesis statement is like the map which provides navigation to the readers. Using thesis statements the essay can be developed in an organized and better way.

Step 3 – Essay Outline

For writing an impressive essay it is a must to draft a strong essay outline. It acts as a foundation for your essay. It includes planning, structuring quick sentences or phrases for points that will be included in the essay. With the help of an Essay outline, you can write your essay faster and better.

Step 4 – Writing Body

Points that you have written in the outline will be explained in different paragraphs in the essay using data, facts or examples. The structure of every paragraph is the same. Give statistics and Relative information linking to the topic in these paragraphs.

Points to remember for Body paragraph-

  • Break down the complex sentences
  • Content must be numbered systematically
  • Don’t repeat the same information

Step 5 – Starting Paragraph

A good essay starts with a hook and ends with a service that the reader would find palatable. Your essay must start with a salad, light on the stomach and inviting to what is to come. It must taste delightful enough to cause intrigue and make the reader stay for the full course. The ending or concluding paragraphs must be like dessert. Tasting like a goodbye – bittersweet. It must wrap all loose ends and end on a note that you would want the reader to remember.

Sit back and try to think of a hook. A hook is similar to the hook in a fishing rod. The fishes get stuck to it, after which in the succeeding lines quickly the reader must be drawn to you (essay). Hooks are without contexts. They seem absurd.

“What! I need to read this.”

They are silly, seemingly impossible or funny. They would look exaggerated but that is what a hook is without context. Hooks are put to context in the next few lines or more hooks are established lest your essay starts seeming fraudulent. An introduction generally sticks to the “general to specific” approach.

Use of Quote…!!!


Some great essays start with a quote. The quotes are relevant to the topic of your essay and they set expectations for what is to come. Essays can start with stats or facts or news or a poem. There are various ways to begin in a good way but oftentimes it can be difficult to find an apt beginning. A poem would not look good in an academic article. Finding aptness and a hook to your essay is difficult and could be left to do till the end but it is worth it. A hook is a strong start to your essay or the star on top of the Christmas tree, everything else matters but the star steals the show.

Hooks could also include rhetorical questions or reveal common misconceptions. While hooks are short, anecdotes or short stories can also be begun with. After the hook, the focus of the essay can be revealed. What is this essay about? Why must the reader proceed to read? It can include background information and set up the context of the essay.


Step 6 – Concluding Paragraph

The first impression is the last impression but the last impression will be the last chance at making amends. The final paragraph is under a lot of pressure to perform. It is the dessert that must have a ring to it that leaves along with the reader. An essay’s middle part will be lost but the ending will be read thoroughly. Henceforth it must include the aim and purpose your essay aimed to establish. It must tie off all ends. An ending could be heavy or light. But it must decide what it wants to be. A conclusion paragraph that is all over the place will confuse its readers.

Strong paragraphs could also end in similar ways as they started coming full circle. Maybe a call back to the hook…

Perfect Ending of paragraph ….

The ending paragraph could be summarized like this. It would include what your reader must take away from the essay. In a way, the conclusion paragraph is the opposite of the beginning paragraph, while the beginning started with a generalization and worked towards specificity the concluding paragraph starts with specific sentences to summarize the essay but moves towards a more general tone. Maybe even towards the abstract.


Reading a Starting and Ending paragraph one must feel that they belong and that will make a strong essay. Once the context is set one must move onto the most important part of your essay. The body of your thesis… purpose of your essay… it must be elaborated upon in a structured manner, keeping to the word count. Essays do not keep the reader in the shade and therefore the thesis must be present in a clear manner. Wordplay and phrases are nice to those who like to read spicy but a thesis is no place for that and therefore a simpler approach is recommended. Hopefully, the essay help provided above is useful in writing a beautiful piece of writing. Follow the steps and make a good impression on the readers.

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