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Blue Wave Packaging Material Trading LLC is pioneer in the plastic industry having diversified domains in  APET Sheet, Thermoformed, Polyester Strapping and Recycled Plastics polymers production, export and  import headquarter in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are a team of highly professional polymers  engineers, technical engineers, business development managers and lab technicians. 

We provide plastic packaging products to our global customers keeping in view the unmatched product  quality, competitive prices and timely delivery. 


Our APET sheet contains excellent durability with glass-like clarity, providing our customers with a  material that both performs well and is visually appealing. Known for maintaining its rigidity and  flexibility even after forming, APET sheet is becoming one of the fastest growing segments in the  thermoforming industry. 

Our thermoforming grade APET sheet is nontoxic and FDA approved for direct food contact. It can be  processed more quickly and economically than rigid PVC and is an ideal material choice for applications requiring an attractive package with maximum product visibility. In addition, our Apet Sheet offers  outstanding barrier properties which protect the packaged product from external liquids or gasses, while  at the same time retaining the product’s flavors and aromas. Have more questions or enquiries about  APET and Thermoforming products.

Polyester Strapping 

BLUE WAVE Plastic Packaging Company is a leading manufacturer of Polyester Strapping (PET) for a wide  range of Industries & Products. BLUE WAVE has state of the art machinery imported from Europe to  manufacture high tensile PET Strapping. The 250,000 square foot facility has the largest production  capacity in the Middle East and is able to supply a superior quality Strap World Wide. Our strapping  system ensures the protection of your products during handling storage and through the shipping process.  At BLUE WAVE, Our staff of engineers, sales people, equipment service providers and customer service  representatives are available to help you design the most appropriate protective packaging system for  your application. 

Our PET Strap is manufactured according to stringent quality standards. Quality starts with the raw  material: BLUE WAVE uses in house production of high quality granules /flakes for producing high tensile  PET Strapping. BLUE WAVE has a State of the art PET Bottle recycling plant that produces high quality Flakes /  Granules.

Blue Wave plastic recycling division is state of the art and processes a wide variety of recycled plastics  raw materials .We buy and process around 1000 MT plastics waste every month. Our recycled plastics are regrinds and pellets in different grades that match the customers’ requirements. We generally  process.

Blue Wave Packaging Material Company is a leading packaging material manufacturer/supplier equipped with state of the art technology, advanced production line and dedicated team of professionals based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our operations are mainly divided in to

  1. Polyester Strap Manufacturing
  2. APET Sheet and Thermoforming products
  3. Recycled Plastic Polymers

Our core competencies are high tensile Polyester Strapping, APET Sheet and Recycled Plastic Polymers which are processed with imported European production lines. The 230,000 square feet facility is one of largest production capacities in the Middle East and capable of supplying a superior quality Plastic Strap, APET Sheet and Recycled Plastic Polymers WorldWide. Our strapping system ensures the protection of your products during handling, storage and throughout the shipping process. Our production procedure runs fully automatically from the feeding of the processing machines with the raw material until the straps are palletized ready for dispatch.

At Blue Wave, Our staff of engineers, salespeople and customer service representatives are available to help you design the most appropriate protective packaging system, thermoforming products and recycled plastic polymers raw materials for your applications. Our Polymers Experts process suitable recycled plastic polymers for you, keeping in view the recycled plastic raw material quality and competitive prices.

Keeping in view the highest standards in quality; we have developed a state of the art lab at our production facility resulting in exceptional quality standards that are being followed for our customers and partners. Our pride is our state of the art lab that enables us to test for AA levels, IV, moisture, crystallinity,  haze, just to name a few!

Manufacturing top quality products has always been our key priority. To achieve this goal, we have implemented sound engineering policies which are regularly reviewed for improvement. We back our systems up with stringent quality assurance procedures and a comprehensive system of internal and external audits.

At Blue Wave, we have a comprehensive set of engineering tools, rules, processes, training materials, guidelines, operating procedures and other supporting elements to make sure our products comply with all customer requirements as well as health & food safety standards.

PET Flakes and PET Preform Regrinds 

PVC Cable Cover Regrind 

HDPE Inj Grade Regrind/Pellets 

HDPE Blow Grade Regrind 

PP Inj Grade Regrind 

PC Regrind

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