Explore Thailand: One cannot afford to miss out on these specialties

Explore Thailand

The fame of Explore Thailand as a holiday destination is not a secret anymore and why would it be? The beauty of this tropical paradise is unparalleled and every destination has something unique to offer to each of its travelers. If you are under the impression that you can only laze around on your Thailand tour, then think again. Because when in the land of Thais, there’s hardly ever a dull moment throughout one’s trip. Every corner of this country is made up of fun elements and we have curated a list of Thailand Travel Guide to make designing an itinerary easier for you!

Parties in Phuket

For those of you who don’t know, Phuket is a town that stretches along the shoreline of the sea. This means that on one side of the street are the clear blue waters and on the other side you will find the hilly terrain. This makes Phuket a perfect destination for those bohemian parties at the beach that start right from the time the sun starts setting till you see it rising again the next morning. If you are not an all-night party person, simply grab a beer as the pubs here are known for their spectacular locations which you can enjoy and make the most of your stop here.

Explore Thailand Luxurious Krabi

 When you visit Krabi for the first time, you might wonder that the entire town is set alongside one major street. Well that is definitely true geographically speaking but this does not restrict Krabi from offering its tourists some of the most luxurious accommodation options to choose from. Not only are the resorts here exquisite, but you can also find elaborate villas nestled in the lap of nature with a private pool so that you don’t even need to step out for entertainment.

Explore Thailand Nightlife in Bangkok

Apart from being the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is also the most popular travel destination of the country. This is because way before the other destinations gained popularity; Bangkok has been renowned for its nightlife at a global level. And with every passing year, the nights here only get more happening! It might seem that this city never sleeps because every locality is buzzing with some kind of activity or the other. Not only is the party scenes lit here, but also shopping and food outlets are open throughout the night.

  1. Dinner cruises

As Thailand is a tropical country, all popular holiday destinations over here have access to some water body or the other. This is why dinner cruises are extremely popular and easily accessible in this country. Irrespective of the town or city you visit over here, don’t miss out on this fancy dinner experience. Numerous cruises not only offer dinner but the night view of the vicinity around along with live performances that will leave you awestruck! A night of good food, cultural representation, natural beauty, and happy memories will make you cherish it for a long, long time!

  1. Floating market

Thailand is majorly famous for two things among tourists; the first being a tropical country and the second being a great place to shop at. This country takes being tropical very seriously which is why it also offers a shopping experience on the surface of the water. A floating market is when both the things Thailand is famous for come together. Especially in Bangkok, a massive market is dedicated to this style of shopping. You will find all sorts of things being sold on wooden boats; right from freshly cut fruit to artifacts.

  1. Explore Thailand Beautiful island

A number of countries in the world consist of beautiful islands but Thailand takes it a notch higher not just in terms of its beauty but also the variety it offers. In any other country, you pick an island to stay at and can make the most of its beauty. But over here, you stay at a pretty location and can head off via varied types of water transport to explore other picturesque islands around you. Each island has a peculiar physical quality which makes it stand out from the rest and also intrigues the traveler to cover as many islands as humanly possible.


This is a brief list but there is so much more to see and do in Thailand tour packages that no amount of time spent here can ever be enough. But the good part about this country is that it is easily accessible for Asians and also the visa process is one of the most convenient ones a traveler can find. Thailand is a holiday destination which is often traveled to multiple times by the same individual and you will know so when you get to experience it yourself. Pack your beachy clothes, or not if you wish to shop from there, but the sooner you head off to this gorgeous country; the happier you will be!

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