5 Things to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

Air pollution levels, both outside and indoors, are causing rising worry. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be five times as contaminated as outdoor air, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since interior air is not as well circulated as outdoor air, many airborne contaminants thrive indoors. However, with the myriad of air purifiers available on the market, it could be quite a challenge to choose the best one that is the most suitable for your lifestyle. So here are 5 things to consider when buying the best air purifier.

Indoor air can be filthy and full of inflammatory particulates like pollen and dust. Thus air purifiers are the best method to clean it. Find the leading air purifier brands from the Blue Star air purifier to the Mi air purifier, all available through Bajaj e-Store.  Head over to your favourite online retailer and browse the home appliances department for the best air purifier for you!

Look at the various considerations that should be made before buying an air purifier.

  1. Why do you need an air purifier?

Before buying the best air purifier, you must know why you are buying it. You might have allergies, asthma, or react to smoke. Thus, some models are created with a specific purpose in mind:

Allergies: If you suffer from allergies, you should opt for an allergy-friendly air purifier. To eliminate indoor allergens, they usually include many filters, including HEPA filters.

Asthma: If you have asthma or if odour and chemical pollutants aggravate your symptoms, you should consider using an asthma air purifier or an odour and chemical air purifier.

Smoke: Smoke air purifiers are designed to eliminate smoke, fireplace soot, and other related pollutants that might aggravate respiratory ailments or generate unpleasant smells in your home.

  1. What is the perfect size of air purifier for your needs?

Purifiers come at various sizes and prices, depending on the technology employed and their coverage area. To choose the best air purifier, take into account the room’s square footage and choose between compact and hefty options based on that. You should choose a model that can cleanse the air in a somewhat greater area than the real room size.

One of your best bets in the air purifier market is the Blue Star air purifiers. Get them on the e-store and avail exciting discounts and offers.

  1. What features are suitable for your needs?


  • Opt for air purifiers that are Energy Star-rated by the EPA to save energy and costs.
  • Wi-Fi air purifiers that you can operate with your phone are also available.
  • Air quality indicators provide real-time information on the quality of the air you breathe.
  • Caster wheels, grips for easy mobility, remote controls, different fan speeds, and filter change indicators are among the other features.

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  1. Where can you keep the air purifier?


It is recommended to place your air purifier in the room where you spend most of your time.

Take into account that portable air purifiers are only meant to filter the air in one area. Therefore you might have to purchase extra purifiers for the other rooms.

Whole-house air purifiers have now become increasingly popular as a way to ensure that you have fresh air in every area of your house. As you heat, chill, or ventilate your house, these devices connect to your current HVAC system to purify the air.

  1. How frequently do you have to get the air purifiers serviced?

The most common sort of air purifier maintenance is the replacement of air filters. When do you think you’ll need to replace them?

  • HEPA Filters: Depending on usage, HEPA filters last roughly a year.
  • Carbon Filters: Activated carbon filters have a six-month lifespan.
  • Pre-filters: Most pre-filters last three months. However, others are washable for long-term filtering.

Other air purifiers, such as our AirFree air sterilisers, filter the air using heat or UV light to remove bacteria and allergies. For your convenience, these models never require filter change. One of your best bets in the air purifier market is the Blue Star air purifiers. Get them on the e-store and avail exciting discounts and offers.

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