Is demo trading worth it in forex?

Just like writing the first draft of your dissertation before jumping to write the final one is what demo trading is about. Most people start trading all excited and enthusiastically but after some time you get to know that they quit because they simply decided that trading is not their game. Why? It is simple to answer that they decided to dive into the sea before learning how to swim. 

Demo trading is what teaches you how to swim. 

Demo trading will provide you the opportunity to understand the company, market and how to trade before starting with the live trading account. 

  • Practical Knowledge:

Demo trading is a good start to understand the market and test out several strategies before starting trading. It is best to understand what is best for you and what area interests your individual self. 

You can also use a demo account to get a feel for your brokerage account. Getting a sense of it and understanding where to find data, signs, and what matters to help you make better decisions is beneficial. 

Would you want to figure that out while you’re in the middle of a losing trade and trying to cut your losses and close the position? The answer is obvious

  • Risk and Psychological Factors:

By jumping towards the live trading account before even getting a hold of how it works, you are most likely getting easily anxious and losing money on your way. 

It is in fact a great risk that you are taking without any consideration. And this is the core reason why some people leave the trading market. 

Demo trading protects you from making irrational decisions and provides the opportunity to learn and get experienced before going towards the live trading account. 

  • Demo Account Provide More Capital:

Generally, demo accounts allow the traders to select the amount of funds they want to use to simulate trading with. The sums vary, but they are frequently substantial. It will provide an unrealistic safety net for a trader. 

  • Save time and effort:

Demo trading the right way will save your time and effort. Rushing towards the live trading account will cause you loss of money and that can lead you to quit or to return to the demo account. Instead of wasting the time, effort, and your hard-earned money, you can spend your valuable time on the demo trading and first get a hold of it. 

To get a better experience, at least spend six months. Work efficiently and dedicate enough time to your demo account. Don’t get fooled by the brokers who convince and compel you to open a live account. Remember to learn beforehand and save your efforts. 


Forex trading takes time and effort so everyone in the market would recommend taking demo training before setting your feet in the market. With experience and knowledge, you can go miles in the trading market. If you are looking for a platform to start trading read trade nation review and sign up to the website to avail all the bonuses. 

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