Guide to Exploring Maldives on a Low Budget

Exploring Maldives

The Exploring Maldives is a beautiful island where thousands of tourists held a Maldives budget trip on daily basis. Be it with your friends, family, or spouse; the land will amaze and entertain you to the core. Also, for all the adventure lovers; there are a lot of water sport options available in Maldives; like kayaking, scuba diving, etc. Or just take a romantic and peaceful stroll along the coastline, and dive deep into the magic of the natural beauty of the place. Check out the beach sides, relax, take sunbaths and forget the outside world amidst the natural beauty.

Maldives is also extremely popular for its natural richness and freshness; no matter how many times you visit the place you will find something new. Also for Indian travelers; the country gives you an on-arrival tourist visa. Also to curate a Maldives budget trip; you should check out the different Maldives holiday packages designed by Roaming Routes. Not only you can choose your ideal ones, but you can also get a full-fledged trip to Maldives; according to your own preferences. Also, the company makes sure and follows all the corona guidelines which are given by the government; such as providing you with sanitized stays and transport.

let’s see how you can travel these garlands pearls in an economic way

How to Find Cheap Flights to Maldives-

The best way to get an affordable and cheap flight to Exploring Maldives is to pre-book them; almost a month a two before you plan to travel. Also, the timings from May to August are the cheapest as it is a wet season in Maldives.

Also, if you are booking at the last moment research a lot; check out different flights from different websites; and compare the price. You can use platforms such as Skyscanner which gives you the exact comparison of the prices of the flights.

flight to maldives

You can also bag a cheap flight to Maldives by taking a flight; which has pit stops in between. This will help you save a lot of money as they are preferred less by travelers. All in all, you can easily find a flight to Maldives from India which can range between 5 k to 10 k on one side.

Booking Cheap Accommodation in Exploring Maldives-

The best way to track tour Exploring Maldives budget trip is to get cheap accommodation in islands and visit the place in the offseason. Which is generally from May to August as the place is wet due to rainfall, and fewer tourists prefer to visit the island. So, this is a great chance to save a lot of money; as the hotels generally offer the rooms for around 40 percent discount in these seasons.

While also by booking rooms from Goibibo, and trivago can help you offer the best prices of the rooms. All you have to do is to enter the number of nights you would want to spend in that particular hotel, and do not forget to read reviews and compare the prices with another.

affordable resort in maldives

Generally, a normal room in Batuta Surf guest house, with a 3.5 rating can give you rooms per person in the range of 2.5 k to 3 k of price. Or if you do not want so much of hassle of finding and booking flights, rooms, and food from different places. All you can do is to book a full-fledged pack from Roaming routes which will take care of your stay, food transport in budget and will turn out to be a great hassle-free experience for you.

How to Go for cheap transportation in Maldives-

Maldives, as we know is an island surrounded by a lot of water bodies altogether; thus when it comes to commuting between the islands; the cheapest way to do so is to take a Ferry. Ferries are the cheapest and the fastest way of commuting in the lands of Heaven and costs you just around MVR 30 to MVR 60 for a 5 hours journey.

Maldives island boat roaming

While a ferry from Airport to Maldives via Male just costs you around MVR 30- 75 per person. However, if you want to check out the beaches or the local areas of the place; you can easily do that by walking around; or by renting out a bicycle which is available at extremely cheap prices.

Find restaurants for Affordable meals in Exploring Maldives-

restaurant in Maldives

A meal in Maldives for a day costs around 30$ a day. Which includes your snacks, full 3 meals, and drinking packed water costs. For nonvegetarians, it is quite affordable and easy to find small vendors selling seafood at nominal prices. However, for vegetarians, it is a bit of a struggle.

Food in Fulidhoo is quite expensive, and in Maffushi is reasonable. The best way to get meals at an affordable price is to eat the meals from local and street-side vendors and cafes. One can also opt to have their meals in their guesthouses, or can also opt for full-fledged packages that take care of all your meals.

Take away-

Maldives is home to a lot of natural beauty and beaches; where all age groups can enjoy and relax from children to older generations. There are also a lot of yoga and meditation camps that are timely organized by the locals; which can you rejuvenate your soul and can make you feel peaceful and light.

Also, if you want to experience the magic of Maldives budget trip; try curating your future trip with Roaming Routes. As we make sure to get you the best of the memories in budget and with all the comfort. Mr. Anurag Kothari is the man who curates all your trips in the budget; has a wide experience in the traveling industry for more than 15 years.

So, if you want to enjoy your trips to the fullest and get your trips memorable try out the official website of Roaming routes . Check out the official website and check out the different destinations where we take the trips to both international and domestic. And book your dream vacation with us today.

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