5 Indicators that Tell your Dog Needs Fish Oil Soft Chews

When you check the pet medicine aisles, you will see numerous fish oil soft chews offered by various brands. The vet also recommends them because of the long list of benefits they have. Another reason for its popularity is that it assists in overcoming the insufficiency of omega-3. You have to look out for several indications that can tell you if your pet is in need of such vitamins or not. 

Symptoms that Indicate the Need of Fish Oil Soft Chews

Fish oil constitutes the cell walls in the living body. Thus, if the level of this compound diminishes in the body, your pets will experience dry skin, thin nails, and shedding hair that peels and crack readily. Your pet is also bound to experience rashes and dandruff in their coats. The following symptoms tell you that you need to add omega-3 to your pet’s diet ASAP:

1-     Muscle Cramps and Joint Pain

Fish oil offers joint care chews for dogs as it has excellent anti-inflammatory characteristics. It will reduce the soreness and swelling in the entire body, particularly joints. Even if your dog has not started to encounter the signs, it is better to start them on these supplements with a doctor’s recommendation. It will keep them protected from such health issues in the future.

2-     Disturbed Sleep Schedule or Sleep Deprivation

At times, it can be tricky to determine the reason for sleep problems precisely in pets. Usually, there can be numerous causes, but mainly lack of omega-3 is the culprit. Increasing the amount of omega-3 with soft chews for dogs can help them with their sleeping patterns. It also ensures that they get quality sleep every time. When they get high-quality sleep, you will see other health benefits along with it. 

3-     Lose of Focus & Attention

The low-quality fatty acids present in the body can direct to trouble in focusing and poor memory among pets. Because of such a state, your dog can become irritated and anxious all the time. Thus, if you observe your dog has lately been in a bad mood constantly, there is a high possibility it can be due to omega-3 deficiency. You can add fish oil soft chews to your dog’s diet as prescribed by the vet.  

4-     Bad Allergies & Excessive Ear Wax

If your dog is growing too many allergies at once, it is a common and most alerting sign of omega-3 deficiency. To combat this, you should start serving them fish oil to subdue the issue. Moreover, it will also ease your pet and make them feel relaxed and happy.

Likewise, too much production of ear wax also indicates omega-3 deficiency. It is not a common sign, but if you see it in your dog, then fish oil can help to deal with it. They are loaded with omega-3 that will help to ease the problem entirely. Apart from this, excessive build-up of ear wax can also lead to hearing problems.

5-     Heart Problems

It has been proven that fish oil chews for dogs aid in avoiding heart problems. Thus, if your dog suffers from various cardiovascular issues, it is best to increase its omega-3 supplements. It will help to manage its cholesterol level. However, you must consult a doctor before making any drastic changes in your pet’s diet. 

These are the 5 common signs of omega-3 deficiency in pets. You can consult professionals like IVS Pet to get a better view of your dog’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-     Which vitamins are harmful for pets?

Yes, excessive use of calcium can cause skeletal problems, particularly in large-breed dogs. Likewise, overly consumed vitamin A can hurt blood vessels and provoke dehydration and joint pain among maturing pets. Excess of vitamin D can incite a dog to stop eating, harm bones, and cause muscles to atrophy

2-     How to tell which pet brand is authentic?

You can check the authenticity of any pet brand by looking into their customer’s reviews and number of experiences they have in the industry. Many pet brands claim to be the best but not all are. A great rule of thumb is that if the marketing of a product seems too good to be true, it is most likely that they are claiming the quality they do not have. Many brands only do such marketing to get customers without considering their product’s quality. Such brand marketing is always a red flag.

3-     What diet is best for my pet?

You can not pin down one good diet for all pets. Every pet has their own requirements that need to be catered properly. Only your vet can tell you what diet is best for your pet after thoroughly examining them. Likewise, supplements like joint chews for dogs & cats can only be prescribed by the vet. You should never self-medicate your pets neither put them on a diet with consultation.



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