8 Tips for Throwing A Unique Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party for Your Daughter

Unique Unicorn-Themed Birthday Throwing a birthday party for kiddos is one of the best parts of being a parent. It’s fun and exciting! Sometimes, adults seem to be more thrilled than the kids themselves. And as you know, the event’s motif is a major element in creating beautiful moments and memories for the children and for everyone invited. If you and your child want a specific party concept, there are so many options out there. Among the choices present, many girls definitely love a unicorn-themed birthday party. When it comes to themes that little girls dream to have for their birthday celebrations, the most popular include Care Bears, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, Barbie and Disney Fairy Tales, like Frozen, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty or a collection of all Disney Princesses. Without a doubt, they are timeless and always loved regardless of the different generations of kids. Adding to these famous childhood icons, nowadays, unicorns are so much admired as birthday party themes! Basically, unicorns are mythical animals that are illustrated as horses with one horn on the forehead. Oftentimes, there’s no particular unicorn cartoon that attracts kiddos, but rather, the features and the looks of unicorns as seen on toys, on story books, on TV and more are the ones that catch attention. These creatures are usually described as grand, strong, gorgeous, colorful and elegant – characteristics that turn heads and make the tiny girls adore them! Some of them also have wings for flying, which make them look more powerful and graceful! Now, if you want to give your daughter an unforgettably amazing unicorn-themed birthday party, you have to know what to buy, what to prepare and what to do. Actually, you need quite a bit of background information about unicorns too. There are simple and easy tasks for you, yet expect some challenging duties as well, especially if you want to make it a splendid occasion for your lovely tot! Check out these 8 tips to throw a unique unicorn-themed birthday party for your daughter.

1 – Set a colorful unicorn backdrop.

The location of your daughter’s birthday party will determine the extent of your decorating needs. Its features will tell you if the unicorn-themed ornaments and designs you have in mind can be brought to life in that venue. Well, if the place is really an events venue, then it should work well for any birthday theme. Instead of just decorating anywhere and everywhere, closely focus on the front space where all or majority of the programme will happen. Automatically, you should set a colorful unicorn backdrop, ideally with the name of your daughter in the middle and a number that represents the age she’s turning to. This backdrop may display the facial features of a unicorn; of course, the horn cannot be forgotten as that is the signifier that it’s a unicorn indeed. Other possible styles could be putting something like a unicorn world on the background, or a single full-body shot of a unicorn. Emphasis is on the adjective “colorful” because this attribute is what makes unicorns eye-catching and charming for the tiny tots.

2 – Hang pastel colored balloons and marble balloons.

Colors have just been mentioned. Yes, the unicorns that your daughter loves are multicolored and flamboyant! Add adorable balloons to your unicorn decorations. There are many types and styles of balloons to choose from, so that’s good news! But the selection can be so exciting that sometimes you fail to pick the best colors or those that match together. Look at the bigger picture; as in, consider your overall party embellishment and patterns. This is vital, particularly if you will be doing the decorating task yourself. If you’re going to choose colors for the balloons, choose pastel colors. They look pleasant, pretty and calming. Because the unicorn-themed birthday party as a whole is already colorful, you should use hues or saturations that will not make the venue look cluttered or too flashy. Pastel colors do exactly that. Aside from the fact that they are already cute and light just by looking at them, they also help create glamorous photos with pastel colored balloons in the background. Another option are marble balloons. Their designs are like paint that’s being stirred. They are certainly distinct and dainty. You can mix them with plain balloons or hang them on their own. Marble balloons add texture to the designs of the party.

3 – Put custom-made unicorn confections on the dessert table.

As the sweet party goes on, sweet treats make it even sweeter. On the dessert table, a.k.a. the table that nobody skips over, put custom-made unicorn confections. They can be sugar cookies, cupcakes, chocolate cake pops, macarons, ice creams and other delectable bonbons. What makes them spectacular is their toppings that turn them into unicorn goodies, or their unicorn-inspired color combinations that make every nosh unique!

4 – Buy or bake a unicorn birthday cake that’s nothing less than pretty.

Have a personalized unicorn birthday cake for your darling. Contact professional cake shops and bakers beforehand. Let them know your child’s desired cake design or at least the feel of the unicorn kuchen you’d love to surprise your daughter with. Tell them your ideas and wishes. Cake experts will grant them! On the other hand, you can also bake or craft the cake yourself. Although this demands time, effort and, obviously, skills in baking, it makes the unicorn cake extra, extra, extra special. Procure the appropriate cake flour, flavoring and decorations that will give birth to your DIY unicorn birthday cake that’s nothing less than pretty, exclusively for your beloved youngster.

5 – Position unicorn centerpieces on guests’ tables. 

You often see centerpieces at weddings, but you can also do it for birthday parties. Have custom-made unicorn centerpieces positioned on guests’ tables. They can be small pots of flowers with an ornament that resembles the horn of a unicorn. They can be unicorn figurines. For both functionality and fabulousness, transform the simple table numbers into unicorn-designed centerpieces.

6 – Dress the celebrator in her unicorn-inspired gown, and let her wear a unicorn flower crown.

The most beautiful of all must be your sweetheart. Dress the birthday celebrator in her unicorn-inspired dress or gown. If you don’t want to overdo the unicorn images in the party, let your kiddo’s dress be designed with fun colors and glitters instead. Make it unicorn-inspired as the unicorn pictures are not required for your daughter’s outfit. Finish the dashing look with a unicorn flower crown that dolls her up so nicely!

7 – Prepare a unicorn piñata.

Kids and kids-at-heart never back down when it comes to fun parlor games. Both parents and kids are on the go! Now, you can boost the thrill by preparing a unicorn piñata. Your daughter will be blindfolded before she tries to strike the piñata. For more creativity, decorate the piñata stick as a unicorn’s horn. Though your daughter might hesitate to destroy the precious piñata, let her know that it contains yummy treats that she and her fellow kiddos will love.

8 – Prettify unicorn loot bags for guests to never forget. 

With a well-organized programme, a delightful decoration concept, a luscious menu and a dazzling unicorn princess in a good mood, your daughter’s unicorn-themed birthday party will be incredible! It will be memorable for you, for your baby girl and for your guests. To complete it, last but not the least, prettify unicorn loot bags for guests to never forget. Hire the services of a party loot bag designer and creator for such needs. Make sure guests take home a unicorn loot bag in their hands and a bright smile on their face. _____________


Your dearest daughter will absolutely love and enjoy the fantastic unicorn-themed birthday party that you will make happen just for her. She won’t forget a festive and vibrant special occasion wrapped with her favorite unicorns! Plus your guests will be astounded by how a unicorn-themed birthday party can be so enchanting and entertaining! Just be creative, and most importantly, know what your daughter wishes to see or have for her birthday party. In that way, you can combine your ideas as a parent and your kid’s likes as a unicorn fan! Spend an ultimately remarkable unicorn celebration for your girl’s birthday! Go for these unique-horn ideas ready for action!

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