A complete travel guide to South-East Asia

South-East Asia

South-East Asia being one of the most incredible parts of the world is home to ancient temples, lush green forests, temples, adventures, tropical islands, and much more. From the crazy parties of Bangkok, the heritage life of Cambodia and the stunning beaches of Thailand South East Asia have it all for all kinds of travelers. Southeast Asia spans 11 countries, 1000 + islands, and different cultures all these together never fail to allure travelers. Plan your tour to South East Asia and make your trip memorable with your friends and family and Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages.

Culture of South-East Asia

Southeast Asia has unique cultural rules and etiquette that tourists may not be aware of. Most of the culture comes from the ethnic Thai people and the major influence has been Buddhism. Hinduism has also made important contributions to Thai culture which can be compared through art, literature, and many other Thai customs.


Southeast Asia is widely known for its history, culture, and heritage i.e. influenced by Indian and Chinese culture. The countries of Southeast Asia are extremely diverse as more than 650 million people follow Buddhism, 50% of them follow Hinduism, and the rest of them follow Islam followed by other religions like Christianity.


Thai is the national language of South East Asia followed by Lao, Burmese, Malay, Indonesian, and many more. It is that as it may, by all accounts, not the only language is spoken however in certain parts of the nation you may likewise hear Isan, Phu, Phuan, Thai Dam, Galtung, or different tongues and minority dialects. The Thai letters in order have their foundations in the Khmer content of neighboring Cambodia. Composed Thai started to show up around 700 years back.

Major destinations to explore in South-East Asia


Singapore is the only country in Asia and one of the major financial and shopping hubs. It is a blend of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Arab, and English Cultures. Being known as “Lion’s City” it lights up South East Asia with its exciting nightlife and delightful experiences. If you looking for a budget trip with your family and friend, Singapore is a perfect option for an exclusive holiday. Some of the best attractions to cover in Singapore are:

– Marina Bay Sands

– Gardens by Bay

– Singapore Botanical garden

– Singapore flyer

– Chinatown

– Singapore zoo and many more


It is amongst the major and favorite countries of South East Asia. It is loaded with cultural heritage, wonderful cuisines, traditional architecture, and festivals. You will find astounding natural beauty including beaches and rainforests. The national parks of Malaysia are best for trekking and wildlife watching. Some of the best attractions to cover in Malaysia are:

– Kuala Lumpur

– Petronas Twin Towers

– Kuala Lumpur bird park

– Batu Caves

– KL Tower

– Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. It is considered a jewel of Southeast Asia. It is developed and is studded with an incredible cultural and historical site which also includes remains that stretch back hundreds of years. The destination has something for everyone. It is very well known for crystal blue beaches, dense jungle, delicious cuisine, shining temples, inexpensive beachfront bungalows, and also some of the best luxury hotels in the world. Some of the best attractions to cover in Thailand are:

– Floating Markets

– Phi Phi Island

– Phuket

– Koh Samui

– Chiang Mai

– Ayutthaya

– Hua Hin

– Bangkok


The mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of paradise. It is alluring, it is an inspiration, it is a mood, and other than this it is a tropical state of mind. Bali is one island but has many soulful destinations which will take your mood on cloud nine. Bali is known as the Island of Temples and is a small home for the Hindu community. The rest of the others follow Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. The popular image of this island is that is rich with sophisticated arts like traditional and modern sculpture, painting, dance, and music. Some of the best attractions to cover in Thailand are:

– Tanha Lot Temple

– Mount Batur

– Uluwatu Temple

– Tegallalang Rice Terraces

– Ubud

– Nusa Penida

– Seminyak

– Bali Swings

Best things to do in South-East Asia

Explore Gardens by the Bay, Singapore:

Gardens by the Bay is home to a diverse collection of over 1.5 million plants and also acts as a game-changer as it is made up of temperature-controlled domes. This place has changed the vision of Singapore and has made it a global city of the 21st Century. It is a seamless blend of surreal design, state of art engineering, and lush greenery that never fails to attract travelers from all corners of the world.

Get a Thai Massage, Thailand: 

The vast majority visiting Thailand have a daily agenda of things that they need to experience, and Thai back rub is generally exceptionally near the first spot on that list. With such a wide scope of back rub choices accessible to guests, it very well may be challenging to track down the exact thing they are searching for. The Thai back rub centers around pressure focus, not at all like Western back rub styles. The treatment frequently initiates with the feet and bit by bit moves upwards towards the head. Cadenced compressions and maneuvers are methods utilized to unwind and realign energies in the body.

Swing over Balinese Jungles, Bali: 

At Bali, you can find any kind of things to do such as playing on the swing with breathtaking views as background. And it should be on your bucket list on your Bali trip. The Bali Swing is the new popular tourism activity in Bali. However, it originally started at Ubud, but now hundreds of others have sprung up all over Bali with breathtaking sights. This is worth a visit if you’re looking to experience the freedom and thrill of swinging high above the lush green forests, rice fields, river valley, awesome cliff view, and much more. Get ready for a thrilling experience, adrenaline rush, unforgettable feelings, and Instagram-worthy photographs.

Have some fun at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Malaysia: 

With an assortment of watery rides on the deal and a lot of dry-land exercises as well, there could be no other fun way than to go through a day chilling off at Sunway. Water slides that spin, an artificial ‘stream’ ride, a surf ocean side, a wave pool; a 360° rotating privateer transport, the rundown of fun attractions at the 80-section of the land park is broad.

Best time to visit South-East Asia

As Thailand is located between vast areas of land and water, it is heavily impacted by monsoons. Its weather consists of six months of the rainy season from mid-May to mid-October, three months of the cool season from mid-October to mid-February, and three months of the summer season from mid-February to mid-May, with April being the hottest month. The average temperature of Thailand ranges from 18 to 38°C.

If the clear blue skies and waters have your fancy you should travel in the summers as the bright sun makes everything gleam. For the lovers of the hills, the recommended period is the cool season while the wet season offers spectacular views of green forests. However, the seasons aren’t too extreme and you can visit the country all year round to explore its exquisite temples, street, and floating markets as well as traditional villages!

Must try cuisines in South-East Asia

Experiencing and trying the local food is the key part of any trip. Each dish of South East Asia offers a unique taste and sets a benchmark. Apart from places to see and things to do South East Asia is loaded with some of the most delicious cuisines that will surely add some crispiness to your trip. Here is the list of different cuisines bifurcated by different countries:

  1. Malaysia: (Malaysian Noodles, Malaysian Indian food, Nasi Lemak)
  2. Thailand: (Pad Thai, Thai Curry, Thai street food)
  3. Singapore: (Laksa, Char KwayTeow)
  4. Indonesia: (Fried Rice, Nasi Goreng)

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Final Words 

I hope this guide to South East Asia helped you to plan your trip. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with family this destination will surely make your trip worthwhile. This summer explore and wander the best of South East Asia.

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