A Mesmerizing Experience Triund Trek

In Himachal Pradesh, Triund Trek (3 000 meters) is one of the most popular hiking trails in India, located among the picturesque Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas. The major source of appeal is the mild climates, snowy mountains, natural splendor, lush green valleys, and peaceful surroundings. The astounding view from the summit of Triund in the Kangra Valley is fantastic. At every step of the journey, you can enjoy the delicacy of nature. Whereas on the challenging road and tiresome curves the first time trekkers are having problems, the chilly breeze will remove the fatigue as soon as you reach Triund mountain. True, you’ll get spectacular views of mountains, green forests, and water streams, but it is Night-Camping in Triund top that makes the journey a memorable one. The best camping experience ever is an amazing campground among gushing waterfalls and an overnight spent under the dark blanket of the white glazed stars!

Nearby attractions

A day at the Dharamsala stadium: Even if you are not a cricket lover, you don’t have to worry about a trip to the Dharamsala, a pleasant experience. In the middle of the picturesque Dhauladhar Range, the stadium stands 1.457m above Meal. This may not be known but the Australian cricketer Mathew Hayden is a favorite holiday destination. In St John’s Church, offer prayers: Conceived in neo-gothic and Jean-Baptist architecture, it is an ideal site for praying and clicking images. It is a perfect place. The Belgian glass windows are provided by Lady Elgin, wife of Lord Elgin in the Church surrounded by Deodars. Take the magnificent Bhagsu Falls, located right outside the Temple of Bhagsunath, early in the morning. It is one of Mcleodganj’s greatest tourist sights. A waterfall of 20 meters in height offers a breathtaking panorama and holds the interest and attractiveness of its visitors. In McLeodganj, Kotwali Bazaar is an ideal shopaholic destination. The Tibetans sell handmade sculptures, ornaments, and utensils in a magnificent way. The Thangkas prayer can be obtained from here, including Tibetan antiquities and costumes, rugs, tapestry, bronze or silver statues.

Is Triund Trek difficult?

Does Triund Trek have security? This trek is absolutely safe and fairly common for soloists and women trekkers. The beauty of this walk is that even kids can do it safely. Keep bottles of water and snacks in supply and you will travel well. Perhaps the easiest hiking tour in the Himalayas is yours. It is also incredibly attractive with amazing vistas of the Kangra Valley and the snow-capped Dhauladhar. Triund Trek is considered an easy hike and a great starting point. The entire journey is almost 9 miles, 4 km is an easy but steep ascent. But the last 2 kilometers can be somewhat rough. The trail’s 22 curves are known. If you want to see Triund snowfall, January and February are the best times to visit. Moreover, you may even have complete access to the meadow. The Triund Trek throughout the year is worth highlighting. December is, nevertheless, a frigid, snowfall-filled month. Because of this, wearing warm clothes is extremely important.

Why is Triund Trek famous?

Triund is an excellent starting place for several paths up to Triund Hill in the Dharamkot area of McLeod Ganj. Some of the pathways lead to the Indian Point of the big Dhauladhar mountain. Throughout the hike, the views of the whole range of Dhauladhar and the huge, green wetlands give a magical experience for many walkers who search for an easy to moderate weekend walk. A total of 18 kilometers is the journey from Dharamkot, which is indicated by a well-defined route. If this is your first trekking experience as the paths wind between thick trees of rhododendron and deodar that despite their beauty, we recommend you hire a guide/trek operator. At least four hours will be needed for the trio trip, while several will be able to accomplish in two hours. Even for the unseasoned walker, it’s not too grueling. You can also get a cab to Gallu Devi Temple, the site to start the walk, instead of starting at Mcleodganj if you wish to save your energy for the major walk. You will also discover several booths offering food on the route, so that you may even break the tour into portions and relax for a while. Getting to the Triund Valley is a success. However, the more courageous you can try to walk further down to the Kareri lake to discover rock-cut caverns. At least not during the day, there are no wild creatures in the neighborhood so feel free to check out if you are energy efficient.

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