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Essay Writing The importance of writing essays throughout your academic life is usually impossible to grasp until you’ve graduated and are about to embark on a new phase of your life. In fact, Primary Research Group conducted a study on 1140 university students in the US, and the results revealed that almost 30% of students have never written a 10-page paper before.

The more concerning part is – despite the numerous spelling and grammatical errors in their papers, essay writings these students found it unnecessary to seek additional help to improve their writing. Rosanne Drew, an undergraduate at the University of East London, says, “What’s the point? These days, you can just hire an essay writer online. Besides, the coursework is already a headache without additional writing classes for written essay.”

Drew’s views are not astonishing, as millions of students worldwide seem to share the same opinion.

Reasons Students Don’t Bother About Essay Writing Skills


Writing essays is perhaps the most common form of assignment you’d come across in any educational institution. Unfortunately, as a result, students seem to think of the task as burdensome rather than an opportunity to brush up on specific essential skills. On that note, let’s look into the common reasons why essay writing skills aren’t at the forefront of any student’s priorities.

  • The misconception that writing is restricted to academic
  • The easy availability of professional writing services online
  • Repeating topics make the task cumbersome
  • Inability to understand the connection with the course

These reasons have contributed much to diminish the role of essay writings skills in any person’s life. As a result, it’s not too surprising that almost 40% of students who took the ACT in their high school in 2016 lack basic reading and writing skills. Most of these students would be completing their Master’s by 2021, and the reality would hit pretty soon.

Why Essay Writing Skills Is The Secret Ingredient To Success?


It’s not too absurd when experts say that the ability to write well can ensure an enriching career in the future. As you step forth into the professional world, you’ll realise that the soft skills you develop through essay writing are the central pillars to guarantee success in any venture.

One of the common misconceptions is that these skills are only helpful for those who wish to have a career in academics. However, writing is not restricted to academia – a reality most students choose to look away from until it is too late.

Hence, let’s get right down to business and figure out why you shouldn’t ignore polishing your essay writting skills for later.

  1. Demonstrates your knowledge

Clear, concise writing is proof of sound though-out reasoning and demonstrates your knowledge in any sphere. Any person would be able to figure out how well you know a topic as soon as they read the first sentence of your writing.

It is only when you have a lot of essay writing experience that you can articulate your thoughts properly into words. Otherwise, your writing would lack cohesion, making it challenging for people to understand what you wish to convey.

  1. Increases learning opportunities

There is no end to the things you can learn about the world around you. Scientists spend years and years trying to understand the mysteries of the universe. But there’s too much that they have yet to discover and too little time to do so. Therefore, essays provide you with the perfect opportunity to branch out of your comfort zone and explore topics that you wouldn’t have come across in your course.

  1. Helps you impress recruiters

The secret to landing a job lies in two things –

  • The ability to make your resume stand out
  • The power to impress your interviewers

You’d have to understand that recruiters go through thousands, if not more, applications every day, and the chances that they would select your CV for further rounds is minimal. Even if you somehow proceed past the initial screening, you’d need to impress your future employer in the interviews.

During these rounds, the interviewer would thoroughly check your knowledge for the position you apply for. In addition, you can expect them to check on essential soft skills like critical thinking ability and emotional intelligence. In such moments, the way you articulate your thoughts and present yourself owes a lot to your essay writings skills.

  1. Writing is an everyday affair in any career

Starting from writing job applications, essays to proceeding to draft a mail to your clients, director, or colleagues – there is no escaping writing at any moment. It is an essential requirement in any profession essay about writing . As a result, your essay writing skills are sure to come in handy whenever you have to write anything official. After all, there’s a much lesser chance of landing a promotion if your work is full of spelling and grammatical errors.

  1. Improves your critical thinking abilities

The ability to think logically and come up with instant solutions to any problem is one of the most in-demand writing an essay skills employers look for in their candidates. When writing essays, you can develop this skill naturally by critically analysing the topic and evaluating the information you gain from various sources.

Moreover, it helps you understand which information is redundant and how to present your arguments more effectively. These skills are vital in any workforce and can help you climb the ladders to success without facing many hurdles in your path.

  1. Helps to develop better communication skills

Experts cannot stretch the importance of communication in any career enough. No matter which profession you choose, you’d soon realise that the secret to succeeding in any field is to communicate with all your team members effectively.

Your essay writing abilities essay writing help play a crucial role in this regard. It helps you speak naturally and convey your thoughts most appropriately. In addition, the ability to read the room, communicate with your co-workers, and exchange ideas effectively become a vital step into reaching new heights of success in your career.

Summing it up,

An essay assignment is usually cumbersome to students. The thought of spending hours and hours on selecting a good topic and struggling over research would make anyone believe writing essays is a waste of time. However, in reality, the skills you develop through such assignments play a vital role in pushing you to succeed in any profession. Going through this blog, it becomes evident that your essay writing ability is not a throwaway skill but an essential factor to move up in your career essay writing service.

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